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31 July 2006

Paging sisterhavana: you know when I said "damn, it's earleee"? Well, the draft date pickings are growing slim, so I take it back. Let's hop to some bunnyball.
Works for me - I can set up the league today.
Do we want a live draft or an autodraft?
posted by sisterhavana 31 July | 11:25
Personally, live and as late in the preseason as available. (And yahoo default scoring configuration pisses me off, so maybe we can have a discussion about that after teams have signed up.)

Thanks, sis!
posted by danostuporstar 31 July | 11:28
Ditto what danostuporstar sez!
posted by rainbaby 31 July | 11:30
OK. The Metachat league is up at Yahoo. After you sign up, go to Join Private League, then enter these where it asks:
League ID: 308928
Password: bunnies
League page is here.
As of right now I have the draft set as an autodraft. Once we pick a draft date, I can change that. (I can continue to tweak league settings for a while!) I set the league maximum amount of teams at 12, but if more people want to play I can change that too. I'm pretty flexible. : ) I did make it an IDP league as opposed to team defense because I think it's more fun that way. If you have any suggestions, let me know.
posted by sisterhavana 31 July | 11:40
I'm getting an error when I try to join the league:

There was a problem
* There was a temporary problem with the server. Please try again shortly. (Error #115)
* The password is incorrect. (Error #109)
* The league is not in pre-draft mode. (Error #209)

Maybe the server error is causing the other two. Are you sure, though, that the ID and password are correct, sisterhavana?
posted by danostuporstar 31 July | 12:08
It is correct. I just verified the email message Yahoo sent me.

I just sent you an invite to the email in your profile. Let me know if that works.
posted by sisterhavana 31 July | 12:20
Oh, and the game is Football '06, not Football PLUS '06. (Football is the second game down on the fantasy page)
posted by sisterhavana 31 July | 12:21
Hmm, yep user error . . . I was trying to sign up for PLUS.

I'm in as the Beltway Bunnyskins.
posted by danostuporstar 31 July | 12:40
Fucking piece of shit firewall blocking my shit. Save me a spot till I get home!!!
posted by mike9322 31 July | 13:43
Nearly everyday I find another reason to set up a VNC server at home.
posted by mike9322 31 July | 13:44
I'm in as Frank!
posted by rainbaby 31 July | 14:41
I'm changing my name, but I'm not thinking of one now, so now I'm I'm chagning my name. Hee hee fooootballl!
posted by rainbaby 31 July | 14:53
I'm in, biatches!!
posted by mike9322 31 July | 15:40
And I agree with dano, live draft for sure, last week of August or (preferably) first week of September.

Dude, the first preseason game is on Sunday!!
posted by mike9322 31 July | 15:52
In fact, let me suggest a time to get things rolling: Sunday, September 2, 10pm eastern.
posted by mike9322 01 August | 07:35
I'm going to get owned like Nat Turner, but I'm in.
posted by mosch 14 August | 09:51
I'm in.

Not sure I understand it.

But I'm in.
posted by grabbingsand 14 August | 10:10
Dear Chococat || The Freeconomy has been very good to me this week.