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28 July 2006

Guy finds out neighbors are using his WiFi network. Decides to mess with their heads. "Honey, why is the internet blurry?"
That is beyond awesome! I wish I had the code-fu to do stuff like this to people.

But my Wifi network only allows machines I've added to the list in so there ain't no stealing my pipe!
posted by fenriq 28 July | 17:03
Oh my god that's awesome.
posted by Specklet 28 July | 17:11
This is brilliant.
posted by ooga_booga 28 July | 17:13
My internet truck has an alarm so no one can hitch a ride.
posted by mullacc 28 July | 17:14
I love it. If you don't pay for it, you should expect something a little defective.
posted by muddgirl 28 July | 17:14
I love it. If you don't pay for it, you should expect something a little defective.

That true-ism applies to most of my exes as well.
posted by mudpuppie 28 July | 17:26
Oh, you payed for those alright, you always do.

Fenriq: Just because you're doing MAC filtering doesn't mean people can't get on your wireless network. It just means they have to make an effort. (The least you could do for those people kind enough to make an effort is the mess with their heads)
posted by fvw 28 July | 17:31
fvw, I hate to knock my neighbors but I highly doubt anyone near enough to do it has the knowledge of how to do it.

But maybe I'll encrypt the Wifi to make it that much harder anyway.
posted by fenriq 28 July | 17:35
So why does a guy smart enough to do all this leave his wifi wide open to begin with?

Answer: To bait the trap.
posted by puke & cry 28 July | 17:58
There's been emerging reports that the RIAA has been dropping cases outright if you emphasize the fact that an IP address doesn't automatically translate to a person, and that running an open (or segmented and accessible) WiFi node is a way to enhance this defense.

In the past I've run segmented WiFi networks. It's pretty easy to do on most modern access points, and handy and safer, too. If someone you don't know is hooked up and leeching too much bandwidth it just makes it easier to lock that segment down temporarily, shape the traffic - or do pranks like this.
posted by loquacious 28 July | 19:05
Ethic of mooch, meet ninja-like skill.

Hilarious! I had no idea you could pull shit like this on the network level.
posted by scarabic 28 July | 23:25
can someone please redirect my internets to show me nothing but BBW porn, please? Thank you.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 29 July | 21:33
That is the coolest thing I've seen all week.
posted by dg 31 July | 04:07
Pips is back home and resting || Today's dose of cute: the pygmy marmoset.