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21 July 2006

Who wants to be photographed by dashiv? party. San Francisco meet-up. Next week. Cuz I'm turning old, and I need back-up. Dates?
Is Thursday night good for people?
posted by DaShiv 21 July | 01:18
Thursday night is good for me.
posted by occhiblu 21 July | 01:27
Anyone want to do Tuesday? That's a lot better for me as I'm expected at a friend's place Thursday night.
posted by ooga_booga 21 July | 01:32
Birthday girl votes are worth forty joe schmoe votes, of course, if not more.
posted by ooga_booga 21 July | 01:33
Thursday is the one night I absolutely can't do. Anything else would be fine.
posted by tangerine 21 July | 01:46

I can't do Tuesday, I have to report for jury duty on Wednesday. I can probably do Thursday, provided that my raging liberalism gets me dismissed from the jury pool.

Friday's best of all for me, but most of you probably have lives.

posted by mudpuppie 21 July | 01:47
(I guess the above also implies that I can't do Wednesday. Which I can't.)
posted by mudpuppie 21 July | 01:48
I have no life. Well, I have a life, but it's an uplanned sort of life. Can others do Friday?
posted by occhiblu 21 July | 01:52
I'm in.
posted by getoffmylawn 21 July | 09:50
I vote for Friday. Not that it matters....
posted by getoffmylawn 21 July | 11:22
I might be able to make a brief appearance Friday. Sounds like Friday's better for folks, too.
posted by ooga_booga 21 July | 12:27
posted by Triode 21 July | 12:38
In my book, "having a life" means you do go out and help people celebrate their birthdays!

Is there anyone who can't do Friday?
posted by tangerine 21 July | 12:55
*does happy friday dance*
posted by mudpuppie 21 July | 13:15
Friday works for both me and wimpdork. Might I request a place that's a) has some light to shoot by (which rules out Zeitgeist), b) has enough space to accomodate a large party, and c) is BART-accessible? We can throw things up on the gray once we have the details settled.
posted by DaShiv 21 July | 15:09
Yay! Birthday bunnies!

BART-accessible pretty much leaves us with the Mission and downtown, and I don't really know downtown nightlife, so...

How much light do you need DaShiv? Are we OK with moodily lit bars? Cuz I'm a fan of moodily lit bars.

Maybe the Elbo Room, which is having free funk music upstairs (AWESOME!) that night? And has pool? I've done 12-ish person gatherings there, and if someone gets there early enough to grab the tables in the little nook, it's been OK. I think there are also tables by the pool tables (it's been a bit since I've been there).

I also love that place on 22nd (or 24th?) Street whose name is otally escaping me... Something Social Club? I'm not sure if they have big tables, but there's lot of room to move around.

I do, however, often avoid bars on Fridays because they're so overcrowded, so I don't know what these places are going to be like then. If people have other suggestions based on that (or anything else), or if DaShiv wants to nix something due to lighting concerns, I'm all ears.

Bunny ears!

(Sorry, I'm hyper today.)
posted by occhiblu 21 July | 15:29
(Also, if we do the Mission, I may be able to convince some of my non-MeCha friends to join us, and then WORLDS WILL COLLIDE!!!)
posted by occhiblu 21 July | 15:34
Oooooooor, we could make DaShiv happy and go to the Lexington...
posted by occhiblu 21 July | 15:39
Found the other bar I was talking about. The Latin American Club.

And now I will stop with the serial posting. Really.
posted by occhiblu 21 July | 15:42
I like the Latin American Club, too.

I too have reached the age where "quiet" is my figure of merit for drinking establishements. Are there any good VFW Posts available? ;-)
posted by Triode 21 July | 16:59
I don't need a lot of light -- just that Zeitgeist's patio is basically unlit. Most anywhere indoors should be fine, as long as there are actual, you know, lights nearby.

As far as location goes, I'd be more concerned about space and noise issues (it being Friday night, after all). Lightwise, as long as there's some light, I'll deal with the rest.
posted by DaShiv 21 July | 17:31
I think the trick with "quiet" is just going to be starting fairly early.

Shall we say Latin American club, then?
posted by occhiblu 21 July | 20:03
posted by tangerine 21 July | 21:18
All we need now is a starting time and a post to the gray and we're all set.
posted by DaShiv 22 July | 02:06
7pm, maybe?

I seem to have posting rights again; I'll post.
posted by occhiblu 22 July | 02:11
Apologies Triode: I am not a lone bunny in Marin.
posted by getoffmylawn 22 July | 19:16
No, getoffmylawn, you are not a lone bunny in Marin!
posted by Lynsey 23 July | 22:39
/me boggles ... Waitaminnit! Who's Lynsey? Where's Lynsey?
posted by Triode 27 July | 00:21
Lynsey! Woohoo! Are you going to the meetup?

me/ loves Lynsey

(and you will, too, Triode!)
posted by taz 27 July | 00:48
Yeah, I was wondering who this mysterious lynsey is too. Triode are you going or what?
posted by getoffmylawn 27 July | 12:46
Lynsey was kicking ass when we were still swimming in our daddy's balls.
posted by danostuporstar 27 July | 12:54
OMG!!! CRUSADER RABBIT!!! || Radio LT On Now until the wee hours for those inclined to bleep, rock, what-have-you