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10 July 2006

Need a little something to restore your faith in humanity? Nice story of how one person's ice cool favor (literally!) seems to have inspired a new MeFi subsite.
Yes, I enjoyed that story too. There's a severe Tastykake shortage in the Bay Area...

I think I prefer Metafavor over Metakarma. Metakarma, which people will call MeKar, sounds like an automotive site, not a place to do nice things and favors. But, I only lurk MetaFilter so what do I know?
posted by getoffmylawn 10 July | 21:35
Keep your karma off my filter! I don't like the idea of "karma" because it suggests you're only doing something to get paid back down the line. Just do it for the sake of doing it, geez. Religions are so wacky with their need to justify everything. Everyone should just follow the teachings of Bill & Ted and "be excellent to each other." That's all. No castle in the sky or pit of fire; no turning into a snail. Just a lot of people running around being nice.

Gah, anti-religion screed filter. I promisd my Atheists Anonymous sponsor I wouldn't do this in public again. Oh well, back to step three.
posted by Eideteker 10 July | 22:14
Aw, Eid, don't rag on Portland. There's lots of other people there besides hippies, y'know.
posted by matildaben 10 July | 22:22
Meh, I didn't say it over there, but I'm a little catious about some sort of MetaFavor. I can imagine a disturbing potential for abuse, and it seems to me that Mr. Haughey is stretched pretty thin as it is at the moment.

But who am I to stop other people from having fun?
posted by muddgirl 10 July | 22:47
3 words. U.N. Owen.
posted by matildaben 10 July | 22:55
mats, I sort of thought so too, but I think there are lots of favors that can be asked/offered that have much less potential to be abused. I mean, offering to deliver ice cream to somebody's sister is a lot different than being hit up for cash because someone is claiming they can't get to "Jeopardy" tryouts.
posted by scody 10 July | 23:09
Eideteker: I think you're grossly misdefining the definition of Karma - but to be sure, so are almost all of those coffee-house working soul-patched patchouli wearers you rail against.

Karma just is, man, and it's not to be manipulated like some kind of cosmic piggybank.
posted by loquacious 10 July | 23:41
I really hate the entire idea, truthfully.
posted by puke & cry 10 July | 23:52
Aw, fuck. I thought it was cool, and I still do, but then I'm just some dimwitted glassy-eyed pollyanna who doesn't know what karma means and who's laboring under the delusion that people can be nice to one another now and then. Never mind. I'm taking a break. See ya.
posted by scody 11 July | 00:05
I hope mathowie names it Karma just to stick it to Eideteker.
posted by mullacc 11 July | 00:12
Even money says he will, mullacc. Just to spite me.

What we need is a subsite where members can volunteer to do things for elderly members who don't get around much anymore. We could call it MetaMucil.
posted by Eideteker 11 July | 00:18
People who hate the idea so much need to realize one very simple fact - you are not compelled to contribute. Shocking, right?
posted by SassHat 11 July | 00:59
At this point, it's a purely ideological battle, Sass. And yes, to remain a member of the community, you will have to interface with it, or at least be reminded of its presence. I choose to avoid AskMe, except when you cats link me to it. But then, AskMe usually doesn't leave an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

I don't hate it, personally, but I do think it's lame. Mefi Classifieds? Buh, okay #1, whatever you want. It's your site.
posted by Eideteker 11 July | 01:11
What's the un owen story?
posted by mullacc 11 July | 01:18
Nevermind, I found it.
posted by mullacc 11 July | 01:27
see here.
posted by puke & cry 11 July | 01:28
well shit
posted by puke & cry 11 July | 01:28
Thanks, p&c, I owe ya one.
posted by mullacc 11 July | 01:34
There used to be a pretty brutal account of the u.n. owen debacle over on the I Eat Tapes Wiki but it and a few other user pages seemed to have been removed.

Interestingly, antifreez wants root here. Maybe he should post it to MetaKarma.
posted by loquacious 11 July | 01:47
Loq, to answer your question over there - no, people do not offer blow jobs for weed on Toronto CL. They offer weed for blowjobs, silly.

do not even think I'm kidding about that fact, though.
posted by SassHat 11 July | 02:14
We could call it MetaMucil.


Sorry, can't type, laughing.
posted by GeckoDundee 11 July | 05:25
scody is awesome. you got scody mad. you are lame.
posted by matteo 11 July | 08:08
I don't like it. It takes the fun out of surprising someone with a nice gesture if they're expecting it and actively seeking it. Meh. On a practical level, sure, it's a good idea. I'm talking about the unpractical, fun level, which won't exist anymore. I prefer the fun level. Maybe it's just me.

I don't know why you're taking someone's dislike of the idea personally though, scody. It's not you we dislike, and it's not your post we dislike, it's the idea of the site that we dislike. (we meaning the people that don't like it, just to make that clear)

I wonder why would antifreez want root here? o_0
posted by iconomy 11 July | 08:13
and of course I have faith in humanity, as of late
posted by matteo 11 July | 08:14
I would be more than happy to ship Tastykakes to anyone requiring such.
posted by jrossi4r 11 July | 09:11

WTF? Iconomy said it better than I ever could, but while I agree random acts of kindness are just about the best thing in the world, but a big part of that is the "random".

You're entitled to your opinion, so do me the same courtesy. And please, when forming that opinion of me, base it on what I've actually said and not what you heard. Reread and relax. I'm sorry if you felt there was a personal attack involved. Come back, scody! Come back, scody's sister!
posted by Eideteker 11 July | 13:26
Make Headlines Believe Them....Come Back! (to IRC....LT is there, you know!) || Radio Lazy Twit now on in IRC and all points vague and wandrin'....