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21 June 2006

Chicago meetup! Oh, yes. It's about damn time. [More:]

I promised certain folks at the last meetup that I'd make whiskey slush, so I was thinking maybe we could meet over at Hopleaf for starters and then head to my place for slush and Karaoke Revolution. Say 6pm?

Plus, a SPECIAL GUEST will be in attendance! Suck it, porpoises!
So, uh, dates?
posted by kyleg 21 June | 21:56
Whoops! July 7th!
posted by eamondaly 21 June | 22:03

Though probably not right at 6. More like 7. How long will you likely be there?
posted by me3dia 21 June | 22:21
I was thinking we'd probably be at Hopleaf for at least an hour or two. Folks who might be late can email me (eamon at eamondaly dot com) for my cell phone number and directions to the hizzy.
posted by eamondaly 21 June | 22:28
I'm IN! : ) Yay meetup!
posted by sisterhavana 21 June | 22:31
Oh I see how it is: "special guest" is too good for us Bay Area people now? See if I take any more pictures of her again.

Have fun, bunnies! And have a safe trip, Fris!
posted by DaShiv 22 June | 03:12
Aw, DaShiv, I'd go to a meetup if there was one held at a time that I could make it. Plus, some turn about would be fair play with my newest baby. Honestly, it would be a great way to get practice shooting people - at which I royally suck, unless I'm shooting their feet, apparently.

I really miss having the dinners, too, but things (in my most humble of opinions) have become too violent to risk it lately, with a stabbing under my window and then a shooting about 10 yards from my front door the night before last. I would be absolutley mortified if someone got hurt as a result of coming to Chez Fris.
posted by Frisbee Girl 22 June | 08:04
I'll be there AND I will also bring food! For any vegetarians or folks who like black beans with mango and coconut milk....oh man it's good!

Should I bring liquor? Or do you think we'll be set? Will someone make me a silver gin fizz? I just heard it's the best drink ever!

Me3dia you better bring your brand new wife! She's fun!
posted by Mrs.Pants 22 June | 09:29
I'll have whiskey, vodka, and beer at the house. If there's anything else that tickles your fancy, feel free to bring it over. There's also a liquor store or nine along the way back to my place if you don't feel like schlepping bottles around.
posted by eamondaly 22 June | 12:14
So jealous!
posted by mudpuppie 22 June | 13:43
posted by halonine 22 June | 15:05
I will lurk my way over to hopleaf; I am intrigued by the slushy. When I arrive is dependant on traffic; Will the appropriate authority send me an e-mail with germane info in the event that traffic is ape shit? Thanks! I look forward to it.
posted by AllesKlar 01 July | 22:39
Why do you people meet so early?
This gives me no time to steal a car.
posted by ethylene 06 July | 13:43
Finally, a good reason to buy a cellphone. || NIN's