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14 June 2006

If you wanted to post an Ask Metafilter question that would generate a lot of controversy, a flamewar, or just incredulity, what would you post? Please don't actually post anything that gets suggested here. I just love to think of bizarre questions. The ideal candidate would cause an uproar, but wouldn't violate the guidelines or otherwise be considered delete-worthy.
Here's mine:

Who should I say is my favorite composer if people ask? I want an opinion that's easy to defend by bullshitting, but not one that I have to make any effort for, like listening to actual classical music.
I want to marry a very old rich man, so I'll be rich once he's dead. How could I go about meeting one?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 June | 12:48
Why is polygamy morally wrong? What if one wife doesn't know about the other?
posted by Capn 14 June | 12:50
I would like to move soon. What major urban area in the US has the lowest population of [insert name of ethnic group of choice here]?
posted by kellydamnit 14 June | 12:50
Anything about PETA or smoking.
posted by shane 14 June | 12:51
I am a married male who is in love with a lesbian co-worker. How can I convince her to have an affair with me?

I just know that she's biding her time with the chicks, waiting for the right man.

Any suggestions?
posted by danf 14 June | 12:53
I just found out I have herpes, but my girlfriend cheated on me first, so I shouldn't have to tell the bitch anything, right?
posted by Lipstick Thespian 14 June | 12:53
I have budgeted around $70,000 for a new car. H2 or Escalade?
posted by Capn 14 June | 12:54
I'm thinking of killing my fat friend by running her over with an SUV full of meat while listening to Creed. When's the best time of day, do you think?
posted by jonmc 14 June | 12:55
When is it okay to hit your spouse?
posted by betty 14 June | 12:55
Title: How smart are you? How dumb am I? ... I Will Dare.

Post: I'm researching internet group dynamics for my PhD in Sociology. What questions could ask on an online forum (that is duty-bound to be helpful) that are guaranteed to tweak the community? I'm looking for something that stays within the guidelines and yet is disruptive in the extreme. Please give me examples of the questions and the type of forum I should ask them in. TIA!
posted by safetyfork 14 June | 12:58
Not to imply that agro is doing that here, but it would be a great stir-pot question!
posted by safetyfork 14 June | 13:00
I'm really tired of my cat and I want to give her an overdose of heroin. Where can I buy the heroin and how much should I give her? She only weighs about 3 pounds since I stopped feeding her a while back.
posted by mygothlaundry 14 June | 13:01
I'm overweight. This is not a health issue, as I am pretty happy with my weight, feel really good, and have no desire to lose any. It's a problem when I fly though. My girth sort of spills over onto the seat next to me, and sometimes whoever is sitting next to me gets a little snippy at having part of their seat taken up by me. The last time I flew, the skinny woman sitting next to me got really annoyed after I elbowed her for the 10th time, and she asked me if I could please move over a little in my seat. Can you believe it?! I have just as much right to fly as skinny people, and if I end up crowding them in their seat, I guess that's too bad for them; maybe next time they should try taking a Greyhound. So, smart people of AskMe, what are some clever things I can say to the skinny person sitting next to me that will make them shut up and mind their own business? Thanks in advance!
posted by iconomy 14 June | 13:02
Capn's winning. It's 'cause he's got all that time to think now that he doesn't have to work while at work.

Mine: After a long and complicated battle, my partner and I (we're lesbians) finally have the opportunity to adopt. We've just found out that the child is black (we're white) and only has one leg. Should we go on with the adoption?
posted by Specklet 14 June | 13:03
P.S. Agro's is really good too.
posted by Specklet 14 June | 13:04
I was banned from a web-forum, and now I want to get them. Where can I find samples of DMCA take-down notices to send to their ISP? Are there any other effective tools like this that I can use against them?
posted by Capn 14 June | 13:06
Yeah, capn's is great. I can see that mine's too tame!
posted by safetyfork 14 June | 13:07
Let's just say that was supposed to be plural.
posted by safetyfork 14 June | 13:07
My girlfriend won't put out. Why can't she respect my need for sex?
posted by halonine 14 June | 13:08
After fuming about the rhetoric from the left for years, I've decided I want to help this country by getting active in the Christian community. What churches do the most active work against the encroachment of gays and feminists in society, and against the erosion of our country's moral values?
posted by occhiblu 14 June | 13:08
I don't understand why women get upset when I approach them in bars. A woman that goes to a bar is asking for men to approach her, right? There is NO other reason for a SINGLE woman to be inside a BAR. How can I make them understand this?
posted by halonine 14 June | 13:12
Unbelievably, yet another item I shipped to a winning bidder on eBay has been opened in transit! The $5,000.00 laptop I sent someone has been replaced by a box of rocks, for, like...the hundreth time! Do the people who I keep sending boxes of rocks to have any legal recourse, or can I just keep the money they've paypalled to me?

Also, just out of curiosity, which rocks shift the least in a box, and most resemble the shape of a laptop? Anyone know?
posted by iconomy 14 June | 13:13
I think my latino neighbors are using my BMW for drug deals. They spend a lot of time staring at it, and don't seem to have jobs, and every time I walk by they smile at me funny. The police are useless. What should I do?
posted by occhiblu 14 June | 13:13
So what is it with breeders? Why would anyone want to have a kid? I'm curious.
posted by iconomy 14 June | 13:16
Holy shit. The output so far has exceeded my wildest dreams. Hilarious. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. And safetyfork... that's so meta.
posted by agropyron 14 June | 13:18
Greenpeace has put up a billboard on my block and I want to deface it. What's the right way to go here? Black house paint and a roller? Spray gun? Poster-glue and large paper sheets?

occhiblu, iconomy and halonine, the doctor called, and you have all tested positive for accute mischeviousness, type A
posted by Capn 14 June | 13:19
My neighbors belong to different socioeconomic and cultural groups than I do. So, obviously, I think they're drug dealers, or terrorists or child molesters or something. I've been using their wireless access for months. Recently, though, I've been suffering from impotence. I bought an SUV, but that didn't restore my erections. Worse, my neighbors continue to go about their daily business, and my calls to Homeland Security go unanswered. So I've decided to take matters into my own hands. What kind of pistol has the power to kill one of my neighbors, then keep going until it kills an innocent bystander?
posted by box 14 June | 13:19
Why are really fat people so grumpy? Did they lose their sense of humour when they became morbidly obese? I mean, what's up with that?
posted by cmonkey 14 June | 13:22
I'd like to erect a memorial to Hilter in my backyard. I'm starting out with a 20 x 20 foot free-standing swastika made of wood, and could use some suggestions as to which wood would be the most durable and hold up the best, weatherwise. Cedar? Pressure-treated pine? Appreciate the help.
posted by iconomy 14 June | 13:24
What's with the pink ribbons? I mean, I support breast cancer as much as the next person, but isn't pink demeaning to women? Also, not my color. Is there someplace, I can like, send a check? Thanks.
posted by rainbaby 14 June | 13:24
How can I hide my record as a sex offender when applying for day care jobs? [More Inside]

I'm not going to lie: what I did was really, really bad, like nightmarish. You probably heard about it on the news. We're not talking being caught peeing in public or even statutory rape here. Ever read Lolita? Worse. Ever read Maldoror? Worse. I really need to hide this. Partly so I'm free to do it again, but also because... No actually, I just want to do it again, like, a lot more and landing a job in day care would really help. TIA!
posted by PinkStainlessTail 14 June | 13:28
I cheated on my girlfriend with her sister, and now the sister's pregnant. Also, my girlfriend is blind. Where can I find a crack for Firefox?
posted by box 14 June | 13:29
Title: Help me shake my baby.

Post: It's laundry day, and my two-year-old just swallowed my last three quarters! I've already tried holding him upside-down by the ankles and shaking him like a beach towel, but so far nothing doing. MetaFilter: What's the best method for (safely) extracting coins from a toddler?
posted by Atom Eyes 14 June | 13:30
My wife is always reading my email, and says that it's okay because loving couples always should keep tabs on one another's activities. Is she right? I'm afraid she'll intercept one of my girlfriend's emails before I get a chance to delete it!
posted by JanetLand 14 June | 13:32
My usual birth control method of just fuckin' the chicks in the ass has failed. Where's the best place to punch my girl in the stomach to ensure a speedy miscarriage?
posted by Johnny Cakes 14 June | 13:35
I need help setting up a community web site [more:]
Obviously I want it to be more like Fark, bOINGbOING and k5, and less like Metafilter. How best to go about this?
posted by Capn 14 June | 13:38
I'd like to cut off my husband's cheating penis. Which garden tool would cause the most pain the fastest? Also, any good disposal hints? I don't want the fucker to get it reattached.

Johnny Cakes
posted by Johnny Cakes 14 June | 13:40
How long can a normal, healty 8 week old kitten survive inside an adult python? URGENT!
posted by Capn 14 June | 13:43
Mudpuppie is a total bitch! Let's ban her! Who's with me?!?!?
posted by pieisexactlythree 14 June | 13:43
I'm a parent of three, ages 5, 9, and 11. I believe that Mother Nature has given children have an innate sense of what's good for them, and I try to guide them in life experiments that will help them learn and grow. As such, I have been letting them try alcohol, marijuana, and other "light" drugs. My oldest wants to try LSD, but I'm worried about possible flashbacks being disruptive in school. My question is: When you're having LSD flashbacks, can you just sit there quietly and let them happen, or do you tend to freak out?


I'm trying to raise my children in a mixture of Native American shamanism and traditional Christianity. Our family worship services consist of taking peyote and trying to communicate with Jesus Christ. My younger son (age 9) has been getting sick after taking the peyote, and tends to vomit a lot for the next day or so. I know excessive vomiting can be harmful, but how much is too much? He tends to vomit about 5 or 6 times, but it's only once a week, on Sabbath. Also, is there something we can mix with the peyote to make it more palatable to the children?
posted by agropyron 14 June | 13:44
Ha! I love that last one, agro.
posted by occhiblu 14 June | 13:46
*is going to be an awesome parent*
posted by agropyron 14 June | 13:47
My doctor says I have high grade non-Hodgkins lymphoma and that he can fix it with western medicine. My friend has had her toothache cured with Color-puncture and I would like to try it. Does anybody have and experience with this or other non-western therapies?
posted by pointilist 14 June | 13:51
Wow! some of these are deliciously mean! My favorite however, is from jonmc:

I'm thinking of killing my fat friend by running her over with an SUV full of meat while listening to Creed. When's the best time of day, do you think?
posted by jelly 14 June | 13:53
Help me put the 'fun' back in our relationship [more:] my girlfriend recently kicked heroin, which is great, but now she's really boring and frankly, kind of depressing. Does heroin have a taste? And if so, what foods will best mask that taste? Also, what is the 'normal' daily oral dosage for a functional user?
posted by Capn 14 June | 13:53
You're pure evil, Capn.
posted by agropyron 14 June | 13:55
I'm considering joining the military. How can I best hide the fact that I'm gay? Especially when my boyfriend comes to visit? (He loves the thought of me in uniform!) Also, how much trouble would I get in if I slept with Iraqi men between his visits? I'd use condoms, of course, and I can't see any way that he'd find out.
posted by occhiblu 14 June | 13:58
I'm really interested in getting into a religion that's normally considered 'evil', such as Satanism or some sort of occult group. I strongly feel that there is no such thing as evil, and that it should be possible to contact higher powers through occult means.

I'm looking for 100% serious groups that commune with demons or Satan. Can anyone recommend one? Have you ever dabbled in this sort of thing? What have your experiences been? I'm not squeamish about animal sacrifice.
posted by agropyron 14 June | 13:59
I'm not squeamish about animal sacrifice.

posted by Specklet 14 June | 14:01
Who is 'dios?'
posted by ericb 14 June | 14:03
Do you find Ann Coulter attractive?
posted by ericb 14 June | 14:04
I just love that YouTube thing. I've got hundreds of videos that I'd just love to post to Metafilter. What's the best way, single link post or one big post with individual letter links?
posted by tommasz 14 June | 14:04
I wanted a clitoral piercing but couldn't afford to get it done professionally, so I did it myself using a safety pin which I sterilised with my lighter. The piercing went septic and I have no health insurance. Can I use Neosporin on such a sensitive part of the body?
posted by essexjan 14 June | 14:05
Which mefi member is the most influential? Kottke?
posted by betty 14 June | 14:10
I'm a teenager, and my rich parents bought me a car that's nicer than yours. I've got a book report on 'The Great Gatsby' due in half an hour, and so I'm going to convince some nerd to write it for me. Would I have better luck by threatening a boy with bodily harm, or tricking a girl into thinking I'm interested in her?
posted by box 14 June | 14:11
My girlfriend says that her hypnotherapist has discovered she was ritualistically abused as a child. How reliable are these "recovered memories?" Has anyone else had experience with this?


I just started dating a very nice woman who believes we live inside a hollow earth. She's very sweet and I like her a lot. But there's this problem with her hollow earth ideas. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

(sorry about that, but life is stranger than art.)
posted by warbaby 14 June | 14:11
My cat seems to be watching me more than usual lately, especially when I'm doing something I know I shouldn't. Do you think God is watching me through my cat? Or is it possible someone could be seeing through his eyes psychically?
posted by agropyron 14 June | 14:12
What really gets me is that I suspect agropyron has probably been thinking about these things for some time and may even be considering some of them. Or else his job is just really boring.
posted by matildaben 14 June | 14:14
Title: Help me with my crush!

Post: I've got a huge crush on a neighbor, and I don't know how to let him know. [More inside] I drive by his house every day and have figured out that between 4:56 pm and 5:39 pm, he's home alone before he leaves in his SUV to pick up his wife and kids. I can tell that he's a very traditional guy, so going up to the front door to invite myself in for coffee won't work. Do you think that anonymous letters left in his car around 5:30 would be the best way to go? I can also send them via email; I've got tons of anonymous accounts!
posted by TrishaLynn 14 June | 14:15
I've got a big dog with a long tail, and I live in a very small apartment. My dog is kind of hyper, and I'm trying to train him not to jump up on me when I'm walking around. I put a shock collar on him and turned it up to the highest intensity, and I've been zapping him every time he looks like he might jump on me. This works ok, but he's still kind of hyper. I've thought about trying to hit him with a stick or something, but I don't want him to be afraid of me. What other kinds of indirect punishment can I try? (I know that people say you can help reduce his hyperactivity by taking him on regular walks, but since this is a behavioral problem, shouldn't I be able to train him out of it?)
posted by agropyron 14 June | 14:19
Mr brother an I want to conduct an experiment with our Mom's 10 year-old tabby cat. She's about 20 lbs. Which should we feed her first? The Diet Coke or the Mentos?
posted by ericb 14 June | 14:21
My husband has promised me a diamond ring if I can find a way to get our SUV to run on breastmilk!

How would I go about refitting the engine for this purpose and how much soda will I need to feed my infant now that we need my boob juice for fuel? Can you recommend any tv shows he could watch while I'm busy lactating into the gas tank. TIA!!!
posted by jrossi4r 14 June | 14:22
I think the folks at the Westboro Baptist Church are doing some good work and I'd like to help them advance their righteous cause. So it looks like I might be spending a few days in Topeka, Kansas. Can anyone point me towards some good restaurants and attractions in the area?
posted by LeeJay 14 June | 14:28
The image of a woman suckling a Jeep Cherokee is magnificently terrifying
posted by Capn 14 June | 14:29
I got double dates with my boy tonight. Think we look hot enough to get them bitches to give us some switch action?

I'm the one on the right.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by I Love Tacos 14 June | 14:30
Since it's bad to use the word 'nigger,' how should I refer to 'negroes' when talking about those people?
posted by ericb 14 June | 14:33
What sort of drink, alcohol-wise, would best hide the taste of rohipnol?
Bonus if it's opaque!
posted by kellydamnit 14 June | 14:34
Apple announces a new iPod...for obese people.
posted by horsewithnoname 14 June | 14:48
Title: He's Gonefilter

I still have not gotten over Jerry's death, lo all these years. The new band is just not the same. Even the acid feels different, watching the guys play on without him.

I am at wit's end. Can someone tell me something to help me move on with my life?
posted by danf 14 June | 14:52
Oh shit, wrong thread. . .sorry. . .
posted by danf 14 June | 14:53
My best friend has been offered two new jobs -- one in New York, the other in L.A. I agree with him that people in New York are 'loud and rude' while those in L.A. are 'plastic and not-so-bright.' Of the two choices where should he move? Any personal experiences are welcome.
posted by ericb 14 June | 14:54
*imagines much trouble coming out of this*

posted by warbaby 14 June | 14:59
Is it possible to circumcise a cat?
posted by dame 14 June | 15:04
I've noticed that most community-weblog administrators tend to be frequent bedwetters. Without naming names, haughey would I be able to send anonymously a rubber mattress cover to my favorite admin?
posted by horsewithnoname 14 June | 15:09
essexjan! That was naaasty! Brrrr! I am frankly shocked, young lady.
posted by rainbaby 14 June | 15:17
How can I find Google's top results for a particular search term?
posted by box 14 June | 15:19
I live in NYC and recently my upstairs neighbor expired and rotted through my kitchen ceiling. Before I could get it sanitized, my tabby got into the mess and now is ignoring his kibble. The good news is he's put on weight, but now is territorial about the "area".

Any help is great, thanks!

p.s. his pelt has also improved.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 14 June | 15:26
I have a number of atheist friends about whom I care deeply. I'm terrified that they may die unconverted. How can I convince them that they need Jesus?
posted by Orange Swan 14 June | 15:41
I'm dating two men and can't decide which one I like better. So I slept with them both so I could find out which one was better in bed. But they were both great at it, and then I really couldn't decide and I just kept letting the situation slide. Then I got pregnant. I don't know who the father is, but they both want to marry me. The weddings are both set for this Saturday, a casual one in the morning and a more formal one in the afternoon. My question is, can I wear the same wedding dress to both weddings, or should I get two different dresses?
posted by Orange Swan 14 June | 15:45
ericb you read my mind!

Also, thanks Capn!
posted by halonine 14 June | 15:50
I'm in love with a man I'll call Mr. Dreamboat. I'm sure we'd be the perfect couple if his wife weren't around. So what's the best way to kill her? I heard $500 will get you two Vietnamese guys and an alibi. Is that true? If it is true, please also feel free to give me suggestions on how I can get that $500 together. Mr. Dreamboat probably won't contribute because we haven't actually met yet, and my job working as a mentally handicap support worker doesn't pay very well. Do you all think maybe I should just get the retards to give me some of their money? It's not like they need it for anything important.
posted by Orange Swan 14 June | 15:54
Based on reading this thread, I would elope TODAY with Orange Swan. What a beautiful, sick mind.

Of course, my body would be found much later, if at all. . .
posted by danf 14 June | 16:04
I bought an SUV, but that didn't restore my erections.

Man, if word of this gets out, the American auto industry is dead. Dead!
posted by Miko 14 June | 16:20
IJustKilledADrifterCha: My DeadDrifterFu Fails me. After sliting a drifter's throat to maintain an erection, steel drum or raging bonfire?
posted by KevinSKomsvold 14 June | 16:32
Mudpuppie is a total bitch! Let's ban her! Who's with me?!?!?
posted by pieisexactlythree 14 June | 13:43

Hey! That's not even a real question!
posted by mudpuppie 14 June | 16:41
oh. my. god.
These are awesome.
My creative wickedness wilts in the presence of such a display of collective evil genius!!!
(And the only two ideas I could come up while reading the thread were used - and probably worded better than I could have - farther down the thread.)

I've given up on being a thinking secular humanist and want to just hand my life over to some nutball religion. I've kinda narrowed it down to Islam, Catholicism, Morman and Scientology, but I'd be willing to consider others. What do you think?
posted by wendell 14 June | 16:47
How do you do one of those DDOS website attack things? (I promise I won't use it on MetaFilter. Honest.)
posted by wendell 14 June | 16:49
I can't decide which TV doctor is more of a cutie: Patrick Dempsey on "Grey's Anatomy" or Hugh Laurie on "House". What do you think? And once I decide, where can I get his home address?
posted by wendell 14 June | 16:51
I have a flight layover in NYC. I'll be there for about 3 years--what should I do?
posted by mullacc 14 June | 16:52
Your preferred suicide method: Gun, poison, hanging, bridge jump or Barry Manilow's 50's Album?
posted by wendell 14 June | 16:54
posted by cmonkey 14 June | 17:14
I'm trying to find a dyslexic albino hooker who is between 5'9" and 5'11 and weighs between 89 - 104 pounds (*ie no fatties*). Basically I'm planning to lock up and torture this paid slut in the basement of my grandma's nonprofit daycare center while Nana's three-legged blind cockapoo puppy watches. This would be a totally consensual situation, and would most likely involve forced choking (shoving hard boiled eggs down a lady's throat gives me a huge boner! ;)

Anyway, my question is this: I found a dyslexic albino hooker the other day, and I'm wondering if I should tell her that I want to do these things or spring it on her when she gets to the daycare? What if she says no? My dreams would be shattered! Also, she ways 106 and is 5'8", should I settle for this cow, or keep waiting and hoping? Tell me your experiences with prostitution and whether it's worth holding out for the perfect cut of meat.
posted by SassHat 14 June | 17:16
Do I look fat in this?
posted by wendell 14 June | 17:26
The following is a suggested AskMe question, NOT a comment on the thread...

And if so, what kind of nuts do you prefer? Peanuts, cashews, macadamias...
posted by wendell 14 June | 17:28
Does wendell look fat in that?
posted by Specklet 14 June | 17:29
I just got sentenced to several years in prison. How can I make someone my bitch?
posted by sisterhavana 14 June | 17:37
How can I make someone my bitch?

Okay, I think I just peed my pants.
posted by horsewithnoname 14 June | 17:50
I believe in corporal punishment for kids. My twelve kids are not allowed to sit down for dinner-they must stand and wait their turn to eat. Which is better for keeping them in line? A metal belt buckle, wooden paddle, or a whip?
posted by redvixen 14 June | 18:10
Oooh, yeah, more bad parenting questions! Let's see...

I was raised in a nudist home, and I would like to raise my children nudist as well. My wife has been living a nudist lifestyle with me for the last six years (we even had a nude wedding with over 100 guests), but she doesn't want to raise our children as pure nudists because it would probably mean homeschooling. Has anyone here had experience homeschooling?
posted by agropyron 14 June | 18:28
I really want to have kids, but my wife's doctor told her that becoming pregnant will kill her. Where can I buy some (more or less) harmless tablets that are identical to her contraceptive pills and how do I get them in the foil packet without it showing?

Also, she insists that I wear a condom when we have sex because of my genital warts. How should I convince her that this is wrong, because you can't pass genital warts to someone you are married to?
posted by dg 14 June | 19:11
Which is better for keeping them in line? A metal belt buckle, wooden paddle, or a whip?
I don't know about the kids, but I would prefer the whip.
posted by dg 14 June | 19:34
What is the normal kitten:rock ratio when using the bag-drowning method? Is it 1 bag 1 rock 1 cat or can I put all 6 of them in there with, like, a couple of big stones? Fast-flowing river, if relevant. TIA.

posted by blag 14 June | 19:36
What are your favorite insults for when a fat chick tries to talk to you? I'll go first:
posted by blag 14 June | 19:38
blag, I laughed so hard I passed something.
posted by LeeJay 14 June | 20:06
OK, now we need to select two winners: the best question and then the sucker who gets triple-dared to post it.
posted by dg 14 June | 20:20
I'm about to go to my first NAMBLA meeting. What can I expect?
posted by sisterhavana 14 June | 21:46
I'm getting married in a few weeks to my soulmate. My problem is with my maid of honour. She keeps telling me I shouldn't marry the groom because he slaps me around, tells me what to do, rapes me, and because I don't like his five-year-old daughter. I tell her she doesn't know what love is and that she's probably jealous, but she doesn't listen. I really don't need her negativity around on my special day. How can I politely fire her from being maid of honour?
posted by Orange Swan 14 June | 22:31
The question:

Recently my girlfriend took (some drug) at a club for the first time and that night she was totally up for anything. It was great but she keeps asking about what happened and I think she might be remembering some things I do not want her to. And to make matters worse, since that night she has been late so she might be pregnant. (more inside)

The more:

First off, the memory thing. That night a couple of guys were admiring her and I told them that for a couple hundred they could enjoy every part of her. She was out of her head and just giggled and nodded stupidly (she ain't that smart to begin with). The next morning I told her that the bruises and soreness were because she was really wild in bed, no mention of what really happened. But now I am worried that she might remember some things. Who has experience with (the drug)? Do you tend to get your memories back? I really would like to start doing this regularly for a while since I need a new ride. But not if she might remember. I am not worried about diseases, I doublebag it and she is black so I wouldn't marry her anyway.

Secondly, I am concerned about her being pregnant. I know it ain't mine if she is, so I can either dump her and lose that potential goldmine or do something about it. I have been reading about this plant that you can make a tea out of to cause an abortion, does it work?
My dad always told me that nobody knows how to make money like the Jews. How do I go about meeting a hot Jewish chick? I don't like to work.
I have this sore on my leg that I think is a brown recluse bite. It is horribly painful but I have no insurance and I am having to self medicate. As the flesh is rotting I am scooping out the nastiest stuff with a plastic spoon and then putting some salt on it. I have to drink a lot of alcohol first and bite down on something while I work on it, but I think it is getting better. I was reading that you can use a modified taser on these bites. It said right after you were bitten, but I wonder if it would still help. I do not have a taser but I was thinking about just tossing a toaster into my bathtub and then sticking my leg in the water. Anything else that might help it heal up?
I have a big dog, he is part Great Dane and part wolf. Sometimes I let him do me in the butt. He often gets stuck as dogs have this knot on their penis and I was looking for a way around that. It sucks having to wait and he keeps trying to pull out anyway. It hurts!
I ♥ Mecha!
posted by deborah 14 June | 22:50
Hi, I want my girlfriend to dress up like a Wookie in bed but she will not do it. How can I change her mind?

I was peeing at the side of the road a few minutes ago and a rattlesnake bit me on the tip of the penis. It would be very embarassing to go the doctor and tell him. Do I have to? I am very flexible so I could suck out the poison if that will work.

My cat's bed has some blood in it and my cat isn't moving much, I think she feels bad. Should I switch her cat food?
Circumcising fat guys. Is there a point? It's not like they can see it, and it's not like anyone else will see it either. But my dilemma is the health issues. If the can't reach to clean it, then they get sick, they're a drain on the medical system. So you see the issue, right? (ha, ha - like you could with a magnifying glass)
posted by Zack_Replica 14 June | 23:03
What else is necessary for entertaining little boys? I've already got a clown suit, a bag of lollipops and a roll of duct tape? What else might be helpful to have in my kitbag?
posted by ericb 14 June | 23:25
I ♥ Mecha!

Seriously. This is the funniest thing I've read in days.
posted by LeeJay 15 June | 00:07
RelationshipEtiqueteFilter: So I peed in my g/f's vagina[more]...

While we were having sex I paused. She seemed concerned and asked me what was wrong - I said "Oh, nothing. I'm just taking a pee."

She flucken *exploded*.

Is this "normal behavior?"

(I was just joking. But some pee did get squirted out.)
posted by porpoise 15 June | 00:35
My wife is 5' 7" and 146 lbs. What is the best way to let her know she is getting a bit chubby and encourage her to work out?
posted by arse_hat 15 June | 00:50
At what age should we circumcise our daughters? My eldest wife’s brothers say two is too young, but my youngest wife’s father says it’s the perfect age, and that’s how it was always done in their village. Also, would it be too ostentatious to slaughter a goat for the celebration party?
posted by misteraitch 15 June | 02:21
congrats, mecha, for making me cry!

I need to tell my best friend she's a fucking bitch without pissing her off. Bonus points if I can get her to cry, and apologize to me.

My great aunt is a very wealthy woman. As a child, she thought anything I did or said was cute. But the old bag is really cranky now that she's in the wheelchair. What are some cheap easy things to do to impress her and stay the main beneficiary in her will?

Alternatively, how many stairs would someone have to fall down to be sure they're really dead, and not stuck in a coma for another ten years?
posted by overanxious ducksqueezer 15 June | 04:31
Wassup, MeFites?! Just found out I'm being posted to Basra, and I'm planning to start a blog. But how do I refer to our gallant allies in Iraq? "Camel jockey" is so last century. "Raghead" was limited to Gulf War I. And now "Hadji" has come under fire too. What's a tyro journo to do? Hope me strike oil, Hive Mind! What's your favorite term of endearment for A-rabs?
posted by rob511 15 June | 06:27
I've got a ninth grade history essay to write by tomorrow on the American Civil War. Can anyone tell me, in 500 words or more, why the Northern forces lost? And you better make it snappy. I paid $5 for this and I want to go out with my buddies, but my mom says I can't until I get my homework done.
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 08:28
I've written a really cool book about a Australian girl named Peggie who falls in love with a Roman Catholic priest and has his baby, only everyone thinks Peggie's husband is really the father. I had to work really, really hard on it and do all sorts of research about what it was like to grow up in Austria and ride horses and herd sheep and everything. My friends say wow, it's just the best thing they ever read. My mom and dad say they're really proud of me. I think it could like win the Noble prize for books or something. How do I apply for that?
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 08:46
My computer doesn't work right. How do I fix it? And don't give me a bunch of Internet dweeb IT Star Wars Dr. Spock FORTRON MySpace Mom's basement mumbo jumbo about error messages or the precise nature of the problem or what kind of computer it is. Can you do that, you sexless freaks?
posted by box 15 June | 08:48
Thinking about getting my mouth wired shut for weight loss(for about a month or so)--good idea or bad idea, you make the call. Um...
posted by matthewr 15 June | 09:06
Who likes to fuck? Discuss.
posted by cobra! 15 June | 09:06
I think I need a breast enlargement. Here's a picture of me naked. What do you all think?
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 09:08
How can I get my boyfriend to start smoking? His ass is so fat that the sex I'm having with my drug dealing neighbors is better than with him. I don't want to leave because he's rich and I know smoking makes you thin and glamorous. Can I just apply nicotine patches to his back with increasing frequency until he starts lighting up?
posted by Cunning Linguist 15 June | 09:10
I want to have a child. Specifically my neighbor's little girl. Do I have to soundproof my basement or will duct tape work just as well? And what are the best free video editing programs? I'm on a mac.
posted by Cunning Linguist 15 June | 09:16
What's your favorite color?
posted by omiewise 15 June | 09:16
Which is better Mac or Wintel?

Help me decide H2 or Expedition?

Why won't the Palestinians just shut up?

Why are fat people so lazy and why don't they just eat less?

Is it OK to make fun of the kids on the short bus if their feelings aren't hurt because they really think you are just being friendly?

Of course, the real trick would be to get one that isn't deleted before the party starts or even never gets deleted. I am not sure if any of the suggestions on this page would meet that standard.
posted by caddis 15 June | 09:19
I work with a lot of people who have HIV. Because of confidentiality issues I'm not suppossed to reveal their names to anyone else. HOWEVER, I think God gave them AIDS to punish them for their sinfulness and I think part of the punishment should be that everyone else knows that they're sick. How can I reveal their names to as many people as possible without getting caught? [names inside]
posted by omiewise 15 June | 09:21
I work in human resources for a large company, my boyfriend- who just might be the one- committed a minor crime that he didn't report on his application 25 years ago. Should I get a Brazilian wax?
posted by drezdn 15 June | 09:23
I'd like to adopt a child. I think I'd like a little black girl because they're so cute when they're small. When they get older they have too much attitude and get fat and wear stupid turbans and caftans, but if I bring her up right, that shouldn't happen. Anyway, I'm told I could go to Africa and adopt a child, but I don't see why I should make the trip over there when there are plenty of black kids here. Why can't I just go to a ghetto and grab a kid? Everyone knows that black people don't care about their kids - that's why so many children starve to death in Ethiopia. (It just breaks my heart that their parents can't be bothered to feed them.) So I guess what I really need to know, is where's the nearest ghetto? I'm in Alabama.
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 09:26
I'm fat and sometimes my cat will cut me when it gets trapped in one of the rolls. I can't afford a vet because I got a really good deal on a $5000 laptop on ebay. Unfortunately all I got was a box of rocks, but the seller- who was a great guy, told me the mail people must have switched it. What's the best way to declaw my cat at home. Also, when I get bored I try to stare at my penis, I think it would be prettier circumncised, should I tell my hot asian neighbors?
posted by drezdn 15 June | 09:28
Which kind of chicken that I can buy at the supermarket has the tightest cavity? I need to know for an experiment I'm doing. Are Perdues good? Are fryers better than roasters? You wouldn't get salmonella by putting body parts into raw chicken orifices, right? Thanks for the help.
posted by iconomy 15 June | 09:31
I'm visiting New York tomorrow. What should I do? I don't really have any interests so anything is fine as long as there aren't any brown people there.

I work at the NSA and I've been bugging this guy's apartment and cell phone and tapping his land lines for several years now. I think he's starting to suspect the truth and the suspense is making me chew my nails. Should I look into cognitive behavior therapy?
posted by Cunning Linguist 15 June | 09:34
I planted marijuana in my neighbour's cornfield and then he ran over it with his combine. Can I sue him? I'd just like to work it out, neighbour to neighbour, but he's being a real prick about it and won't even talk to me.
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 09:35
I hate Hispanics. What other races/ethnicities would I also hate? (sorry for the ChatFilter.)
posted by mullacc 15 June | 09:37
Which kind of chicken that I can buy at the supermarket has the tightest cavity?

What I do, is wear a raincoat shopping. . .(even in the summer, I say that the produce misters cause me problems).

Then I select a few whole chickens (don't avoid the ducks, if you can find whole ones. .really) and put them under my coat (I have installed "hangers" there for the packages) and go into the restroom that is always at the back of the store at the entrance to the stock room.

With practice, you will learn to avoid detection. Also, with practice, you will learn the fine points of repackaging and restocking.

As to which fowl, I have found that it is a highly personal choice and I would not think to recommend one over the other.

Hope this helps.
posted by danf 15 June | 09:41
If Orange Swan and Capn have children, this planet is in for a world of hurt.

agropyron gets a gold star for this post.
posted by warbaby 15 June | 09:52
I am a memeber of a website. There's another member who I totally hate; let's call him/her 'Dickhead'. (Get it? Member? Dickhead? HA!) I have a chicken and a recumbent bicycle. How can I convince the owner of the site to ban Dickhead using the tools at my disposal? Barring that, how can I calculate the angle of light refraction from my monitor when waving my dick in front of it?


How can I get the blood off my clown costume before my next nursery school show?
posted by romakimmy 15 June | 09:55
My chapter of the KKK wants to put together a fundraiser. What makeup does one actually use for "blackface" in a minstrel show?
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 10:03
My chapter of the KKK wants to put together a fundraiser. What makeup does one actually use for "blackface" in a minstrel show?

It depends. . .if we think that someone is making fun of us, we use a burnt cork, but still burning.
posted by danf 15 June | 10:05
Hi everyone, thanks for all the helpful answers I got to my last question, the one about which supermarket chicken had the tightest cavity. I have another question, and this time I'm asking for a friend. He'd like to learn more about pie. Specifically, which pie would be the most lubricating if a body part just happened to interact with it. He heard that warm peach pie was really good, but someone told him that cherry pie is more viscous. Thanks in advance!
posted by iconomy 15 June | 10:10
Oh wow! MeTa!!
posted by JanetLand 15 June | 10:31
I work in an open plan office.

Thanks to all the advice I get here, I can surf and chat and my screen looks like it's a spreadsheet.

Right now I guy I met online is on the phone masturbating for me. It's hot. Of course I can't say much but my generic statements, in his context, are keeping him going.

Do you think that the other girls around me would get a kick out of it if I put the phone on speaker? Most of the bosses are gone, and I think that most of them want to bang me, anyway.

Please advise.
posted by danf 15 June | 10:33
I'm travelling by train from Dallas to San Francisco, leaving at 4:30 p.m. Coincidentally, a friend of mine who lives in San Francisco is travelling by train to Dallas, on the same day, leaving at 5:00 p.m. My train travels at 50 mph, his at 65 mph. What time should I look out of the window to see him as we pass? This is not a homework question.
posted by DevilsAdvocate 15 June | 10:48
My nephew wants me to help him join the NAMBLA Mile-High Chapter. Any other members have tips they'd like to share?
posted by cobra! 15 June | 10:49
My stupid parents just bought me a new BMW. It's not even a convertible!!! All the other kids here drive Porches and Ferraris. As you can imagine, I'm kind of embarrassed to go anywhere. How can I talk them into trading this soccer mom POS in on a cooler car?
posted by iconomy 15 June | 10:51
Who make fuck and dick fall off, I make fuck try to have dick stay on? Is a patent medicine for fuck dick stay on? Because dick fall off and never get married.
posted by Hugh Janus 15 June | 10:52
At the outset I want to make clear that I do not have medical coverage, so I need advice on what to do bearing in mind that I can't get to a doctor right now. Ok, so I was doing a little sexual experimentation and got my johnson caught in the vacuum cleaner. No shame, right? While I was trying to get it back out, I tripped over the cord and cracked my head on the corner of the coffee table. My head is bleeding like a stuck pig, I have double vision, I'm hyperventilating as I type this, and I can't feel my penis anymore. Now I can't remember what my question was.
posted by overanxious ducksqueezer 15 June | 10:56
I'm trying to scam some trim off of CraigsList. What lighting scheme would best work for taking a picture of my luscious meatpole in my mom's windowless basement with a Motorola V557? Also, any horny bitches in Omaha, or possibly Lincoln (if you're hot enough), my e-mail's in profile.
posted by ufez 15 June | 11:00
Got any Australian in you? Want some?
posted by cobra! 15 June | 11:16
Where can I buy Olestra in bulk? I am not obese (5'7", 2220 pounds) but I wanted to eat healthier. Ideally I could get it at a drive-thru within an hour of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Tips for a career at Wal-Mart?

I have been coughing up blood for a couple of months. I'm looking for advice on a herbal remedy. It wouldn't be a problem but it stings the little sore patches on my tongue.

My neighbour's tree blocks my view of the ocean. He never seems to do anything with the tree, so I'd like to get rid of it. What is a good herbicide? I think its some kind of oak or cypress or something. This is in Kennebunkport.

posted by rumple 15 June | 11:27
My neighbor's cats crap all over the place, plus they don't take good care of them and the beasts are skinny and greasy and obviously miserable. What common household poisons would work best to kill them? I don't wan them to suffer long.
posted by LarryC 15 June | 11:30
I just got sentenced to several years in prison. How can I make someone my bitch?

No joke, I just heard this topic explored as an essay on This American Life. It was more from the point of view of how to choose whose bitch to be, though.
posted by Miko 15 June | 11:53
[I told a friend of mine about this thread, she said we had waaaaay too much time on our hands, but then came up with this one]

I am part of a family-values organization who would like to heavily influence the selection of the leader of the Liberal Party. I understand that various ethnic groups in Toronto like the Tamils and the Sikhs in Vancouver have been successful in hijaking their local riding association, taking over the nomination process and installing their own candidates as MPs. Would anyone have any advice as to the dirty political tricks that they used in order to achieve their objectives? We figure if the ethnic vote can be pandered to, why not us!
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 11:55
I'm director of security for a large building in San Francisco. What can I do to keep pesky photographers from taking pictures of my building? Aren't they just aiding terrorism?
posted by dmd 15 June | 12:12
I make a nice bit of money hanging around subway stations and telling people I'm a college student who lost my bus fare and can they give me a little change so I can get home. It's been working well for months now. But more and more often lately people keep coming up to me when I'm asking someone else for money and they tell the person I'm always hanging around the subway station and telling people I lost my bus fare. It's really starting to affect my income level. How can I get these people to mind their own business?
posted by Orange Swan 15 June | 12:18
The other day my girlfriend and I were minding our own business, taking a nice walk around the neighborhood. Then we heard a rustling in some nearby bushes. I went over to investigate, and discovered a naked guy totally lurking and spying on us! He started to run away, so I whipped out my firearm and shot him. He's ok and everything, but now they've taken me away. They really want to know why I shot the dude? So, like, what should I tell them, considering I want to get out of this joint pronto?
posted by overanxious ducksqueezer 15 June | 12:44
I think it would be really useful if sets could contain other sets, so you could have a nesting structure for your photos. Anyone else think this might be a good idea?

Oh, sorry, wrong thread. Thought this was FlickrIdeas.
posted by dmd 15 June | 12:52
Orange Swan is so evil it makes me want to move to Canada.
posted by warbaby 15 June | 13:44
Can you point me to some pleasing and effective uses of the [blink] tag on the web?
posted by rumple 15 June | 13:49
A group of women are petitioning for entry into my Golf and Racquet Club. I am sure many of these girls are very nice but really, this is a private club and we want to keep it serious, a place we can talk sports and business. Can you suggest strategies for keeping our club the way it is without riling up the womenfolk?

An old lady in the park hit my pit bull Buddyboo -- who was just trying for a friendly sniff - with her cane. Buddyboo over-reacted a little and bit the attacker in the face. Now the police want to have Buddyboo put to death. Animal lovers: what recourse do I have to save my little Buddyboo? This is in The Hamptons.

My therapist recovered some memories I have of my Uncle anally raping me when I was in the cradle. Now the uncle has died and left me a significant sum of money. I am thinking of turning the money down, but my therapist says I should take it. What does the Hive Mind say?
posted by rumple 15 June | 13:59
What's 337 plus 517?
posted by Jasper 15 June | 14:31
How do I talk my girlfriend into going on the Pill?

...oh, wait.
posted by jokeefe 15 June | 15:11
When I married my wife, she was really hot, but now she's put on weight and is really grumpy all the time. I don't know what her problem is, all she does is stay at home all day with the kids (we have three or four, it's hard to keep track) while I work my butt off to support her lifestyle. I take care of myself, and it's frankly depressing to come home to a fat cow complaining about having no life. Lately I just head down to the basement and fire up the computer, but now my credit card bills are through the roof from all the porn sites I've been visiting (heh). I'm thinking of secretly taping my wife and putting the videos up on a web site called "Fat Cow Housewifes"-- there have to be some pervs out there wiling to pay, right? If she finds out, great, maybe she'll get off her ass and lose weight, if she doesn't, I could be rolling in the dough, which I need, because the stripper I've been seeing is expensive (but so worth it!) and anyway I'll need a divorce pronto so my wife doesn't get her hands on any of it. Also, my wife was just diagnosed with some long term disability thing and I don't want to be on the hook for the med bills. Please send me the name of a lawyer who can take care of all this for me, pls kthx.
posted by jokeefe 15 June | 15:27
I'm trying to find out more about Rachel Corrie, but my internet connection is too slow. What baud modem should I upgrade to? I really just want to see a picture and find out if she's sexy.
posted by Hugh Janus 15 June | 15:41
I was installing a ceiling lamp and the cat got up in the hole and now she is glaring at me and hissing. I can feel her eyes staring at my back as I type this. What should I do?
posted by By the Grace of God 15 June | 16:47
Is the term "Drama Queen" disparaging toward homosexuals?
posted by vapidave 15 June | 16:54
Suparnova is posting these to Ask Yahoo:

5 (best)

Genius. Best answer so far:

maybe try to massage the kitten out but i would go for a vet or stick ur hand in the mouth and pull it out but hurry cus it mite not be able to breath
posted by blag 15 June | 16:55
On preview -- what blag sais! ;)
posted by ericb 15 June | 16:58
Ooooh, I know the answers to these questions!
I like Generalissimo Franco and El Capitan. She prefers Sancho Panza and El Taquito. Help me and my Spanish girlfriend find a name for my penis, por favor.
posted by horsewithnoname 15 June | 17:34
I have tears rolling down my face because I'm laughing my ass off reading the Yahoo answers.
posted by deborah 15 June | 17:35
And the Jessica Fletcher, Colombo, Sherlock Holmes Award goes to iggy465 over at Yahoo! Answers. Looks like he's onto Suparnova.

In the Python/cat thread:
"You know what, this one stinks worse then an outhouse, I think you are baiting all these people who have good intentions. There are too many inconsistencies here, why would you post this question when you should have been taking action, and about the chewing would you have sat there to watch this? and any moron would know if this had happened it would have been adios python. nice try.

Check out this guys Q&A and see for yourself check the times of different questions."
posted by ericb 15 June | 17:36
MetaChat to MetaTalk to Yahoo Answers! to MetaChat!

You spin me right round, baby, right round!
posted by ericb 15 June | 17:37
EthicsFilter: is it wrong to sleep with someone who may indeed be your real sister? [MI]

I've been having wild-and-crazy sex with who I thought was my 14 y.o. step-sister (I'm 17). Long story short -- I think my Mom lied to us and told all us kids we each had separate Dads. My guidance counselor thinks otherwise. Anyhoo -- should I keep 'stoopin' her, or what?
posted by ericb 15 June | 17:57
I was really hoping the MeTa link "dregs" was going to me to my post. Were, you lucky beast.
posted by SassHat 15 June | 18:13
How can I be more like Cory Doctorow? He is totally teh coolest and I'm setting up my own web-page thing, inspired by him called "Sproing Sproing." Can you teach me HTML?
posted by SassHat 15 June | 18:26
I am looking for something pretty but not associated with gayness that I can paint on my kid's wall. I used to like rainbows but now they are all faggy and I don't want my kid to become a gay. Any ideas?
I wish someone would post the "god is watching me throughy my cat's eyes" question.
weretable and the undead chairs -- I hope you're open to their suggestions:

"you need to open your eye's may god open jesus name.

There most definately are evil demons - dark energies - out there that you do not want to be communicating with. Trust me.

May God Bless you!"

posted by ericb 15 June | 18:54
I am taking notes. =)


hi, i want to know if jesus has to come back as a man?

i did not used to believe in the lord but i now do because i think he is back. but the bible just says he will come back doesn't it? satan can be like a snake so surely jesus can do whatever he wants to? my neighbor has this fat kitty and i am pretty sure he is jesus. one time he climbed up on the water tower and lightning struck it and he fell! but he ran off like he was fine. i have seen him work miracles too. he was playing with a couple of mouses and they looked dead as dirt. but then he slapped each one with his paw and then the mouses got up and they ran off! i know he brought the mouses back to life! also one time i locked him in my tool shed and he was there for two weeks and when i found him he was still fat. there is no cat food in my tool shed so i know this is a miracle too. should i call someone??
just posted: i went to a satinic high mass last week as a joke but now i think a demon is in me how do i exercise it away?

(I must say it felt strangely cathartic to engage in such bad spelling.)
posted by scody 15 June | 20:37
I was out hunting Quayle, and I shot my friend in the face.

How can I cover this up so the press doesn't find out?
posted by filmgeek 15 June | 20:40
(p.s. yes, the use of Quayle vs. quail was intentional)
posted by filmgeek 15 June | 20:41
I'm looking to star in some german schiess films. Is there an easy way to get the taste out of my mouth?


When sodomizing my cat (he's male) he screams too loud. Earplugs or a gag, which would be best?


I'm trying to become rich via someone else's will. What would be the best method to kidnap paris hilton and what method of death would keep me out of jail, yet get me my inheritance?


OK, I followed the instructions on The cat's breath is fogging up the canister. What's the easiest way to move it without breaking the glass?
posted by filmgeek 15 June | 20:42
Speaking of this question...

I'd like to erect a memorial to Hilter in my backyard. I'm starting out with a 20 x 20 foot free-standing swastika made of wood, and could use some suggestions as to which wood would be the most durable and hold up the best, weatherwise. Cedar? Pressure-treated pine? Appreciate the help.

Check out this story - Iconomy, is that you? ; )
posted by sisterhavana 15 June | 20:49
Oh good christ. The yahoo answers....I am dying...
posted by iconomy 15 June | 20:49
Haha no, but that's what gave me the idea, sisterhavana!
posted by iconomy 15 June | 20:49
I don't give much of a fuck about Yahoo Answers, but aren't the fake questions being posted there starting to turn into mass shitting-in-someone-else's-pool? Yeah yeah, internetcomedyrolfol and all that, but it's starting to feel like a forum invasion.
posted by cmonkey 15 June | 20:57
I felt the same way until I read the Yahoo Answers, especially the 'haha prison rape' comments. Now, I must admit I'm divided.
posted by box 15 June | 21:17
Some of the answers in the satanic posession thread are cracking me up. And no, I do not feel bad about it. I feel gleeful like an insane little imp brandishing a tiny pitchfork and poking people in the ass and flying off before they can catch me.
That's what you get for trying to commune with Satan, weretable.

Source: Bible.
posted by agropyron 15 June | 22:09
I wish someone would post the "god is watching me throughy my cat's eyes" question.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 15 June | 18:43

Man, don't tempt me weretable. This thread has brought tears to my eyes as it is!
posted by kosher_jenny 15 June | 22:42
When I was reading the answers earlier I knew the Ewok dude had to be one of us.
posted by deborah 15 June | 23:39
I agree with cmonkey. I'm also extremely uncomfortable with the idea of metachat as a platform for any kind of "invasion" or goofing on any other site. Very.
posted by taz 16 June | 00:19
My impression was that the trigger for people to start posting the questions on Yahoo! was more the MetaTalk thread than this one (not that that really matters in the end). Without disagreeing with you, taz (because you are right, of course - this is not good behaviour), I think the scope and duration are not significant in the context of such a huge and diverse site as Yahoo!. In another few hours, all those involved will have found another shiny thing to peck at and it will be nothing more than a blip on the radar at Yahoo!.

Either that, or they will find you and sue your arse off for hosting what they convince a friendly judge is a DDOS attack.
posted by dg 16 June | 00:35
Okay this is the one I wrote out a few hours ago, when I first starting reading this thread, I figured it would be a total shitstorm of a thread but maybe maybe not get deleted...

"Help a would-be illegal immigrant!

Hey, folks. I'm planning on moving to a country in the EU and overstaying the three month no-visa period, because I hate the US government and cannot bear to live here anymore, but I've heard it's really hard to get a work visa for the EU, especially when you've recently dropped out of college. So, can anyone tell me about European anarchists and other radical anti-borders activists I can hook up with, who can help me get settled without too much hassle? Thanks!"
posted by jann 16 June | 01:01
You're probably right, dg... I hadn't checked that MeTa thread since yesterday afternoon, but now I see the first mention of YA.

But I'd like to say that my point regarding mecha still stands, just as a general rule of thumb. Plus my schoolmarm waggling-finger was getting flabby and needed some exercise. (Thumb, finger? What's up with my digital metaphors this morning? Things are getting out of hand.)
posted by taz 16 June | 01:07
I got yer back, taz. Stone cold.
posted by cmonkey 16 June | 02:28
Sorry Taz, Dodgy - Didn't mean to be mean. Mea culpa.
posted by blag 16 June | 05:07
I am finding this to be such great stress relief. But I will refrain from posting links to my questions/answers here.
I have to agree with dg, people will move on (probably already have) and any damage is minimal. Not that it makes it right, compared to some a lot of the "legitimate" questions asked at YA, the Mecha questions were downright normal and maybe even plausible*.

*I participate at YA on a serious level so I know wherefore I speaketh.
posted by deborah 16 June | 13:28
I don't think we are making any diffrence in the forum. There are something like 20+ questions a minute and we have posted about 15 or so total.
posted by Suparnova 16 June | 14:47
i hate coffee. but || Happy Birthday Eideteker!