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03 June 2006

been there, done that.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by puke & cry 03 June | 02:16
Yes, but that was the full version that I posted. Thank you for posting it in the thread though. If anybody gets pissed off you can get the lecture and not me. =P
Is one of those dogs crying or something?

The first time I saw that gif I almost chundered.
posted by loquacious 03 June | 02:38
No eponysterical comments, puke & cry.
posted by stilicho 03 June | 02:45
I would rather have not seen that. And no, I didn't click on the link.

*lectures pukey, to no avail*
posted by mudpuppie 03 June | 02:53
LOLOL, just what I needed to see before breakfast.
posted by essexjan 03 June | 02:59
Brilliant. Just brilliant.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 03 June | 03:03
The gif is a good edit. Isn't that dog voiced by Adam Corolla on Drawn Together.
posted by dgaicun 03 June | 03:26
Man, I hate it when that happens
posted by dodgygeezer 03 June | 05:05
sorry. I couldn't help myself.
posted by puke & cry 03 June | 08:34
I love how the girl dog turns around and goes something like "What... what the fuck, man! SICK! Oh, god..." and just takes off.
posted by loquacious 03 June | 09:44
weretable, you are in sooo much trouble!
posted by deborah 03 June | 10:04
This could only be grosser if the dog got his chow on afterwards.

I've seen that happen. It's sick to the max.
posted by muddgirl 03 June | 11:44
weretable, this is god speaking. Step away from the internet videos and no-one gets hurt. Okay?
posted by elizard 03 June | 11:47
Yeah, what's with this bum rush (no pun intended) of weird animal fucking vids? There's this and the bunny mounting the balloon in another thread.

posted by Lipstick Thespian 03 June | 12:15
you can see the poor guy's dilemma - he's like "damn, I'm finally getting some, but Jesus, I think I have to puke...maybe I can hold it long en- nope, aw shit."
posted by Hellbient 03 June | 12:46
Oh man. At least it turned out better than I thought.

And no, you don't want to know what I was thinking.

Oh man.
posted by bdave 03 June | 21:33
This could only be grosser if the dog got his chow on afterwards.

Umm, either I'm retarded or that's exactly what the dog does. I thought that was part of the whole funny.
posted by dgaicun 04 June | 04:28
Ok, thing is, is that the gif leaves off with the dog licking his mess, giving the grosser (i.e. funnier) impression he's digging in with gusto, while the video shows he quickly lost interest. The gif is a better edit all around. I'm actually not glad I saw the video; you killed the magic! Next you'll probably tell me that Goatse Claus isn't real.
posted by dgaicun 04 June | 04:37
So I was reading the local rap sheet || 100 Slaps