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01 June 2006

Metafilter is becoming more and more like a monstre sacré of postmodernism wanking.
posted by Miguel Cardoso 01 June | 22:55
Use as directed. Consult a physician if snarking occurs. May cause quonsarism. Offer void in the Virgo Supercluster.
posted by Eideteker 01 June | 23:03
i was promised "free quonsar"
posted by Wedge 01 June | 23:05
wait, wait. ^ is that really monsignor cardoso?
posted by Wedge 01 June | 23:08
Must take a dios with the quonsar. May cause stomach upset.

(Hi Miguel)
posted by caddis 01 June | 23:13
Holy shit. It's a Miguel. Is it the real thing? Let's taste and find out...

Are you sure you're not mixing up your surrealism with your dadaism, and maybe your situationism?

Postmodernism never really held any appeal to me. I mean, how can you be postmodern, anyway? Isn't tomorrow always a day away?
posted by loquacious 01 June | 23:28
Let's test and find out. Miguel, tell us about all the different kinds of Portuguese sex. Either that, or mix us a cocktail.
posted by taz 02 June | 00:13
I vote for a Portuguese sex cocktail!
posted by arse_hat 02 June | 00:33
This is the nicest thing anybody on MetaFilter has ever said about me.
Except it's not the lambada, it's SUPPOSED to be the hokey pokey.

Wait a minute...

Who was that masked gentleman in the smoking jacket?
posted by wendell 02 June | 01:57

*bursts into tears of joy*
posted by sciurus 02 June | 06:42
The Migsmeister is here! Happy dance! Happy dance!
posted by JanetLand 02 June | 06:55
Even I have heard of Miguel (rumours of his demise seem to have been premature). Welcome to the place where people don't wank. Not in any way previously known, at any rate.

i have a quonsar knock-off. You can't tell the difference, honest. Well..... unless you push it over; mine doesn't bounce back, so I keep it in a large fishbowl up to its ankles in sand.

wendell... warty cocks? You, my dear, are in serious need of some quality nicety.
posted by reflecked 02 June | 07:40
It can't be the real Miguel; everyone knows there's no space in his name.
posted by yhbc 02 June | 08:04
No wanking?
posted by agropyron 02 June | 09:33
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