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19 May 2006

Matt pulled my image... but that's ok. I figured you guys might be interested in this follow-up. It is chock full of legal threats and crazy conservative cartoonists.
Hi, sasnak. Welcome to MetaChat. I'm afraid I don't know the background for this post, would you fill us in?
posted by agropyron 19 May | 18:04
Sounds like he's talking about something from That Other Website.
posted by matildaben 19 May | 18:07
I read the mefi thread. Good for you sasnak, are you really prepared to fight it all the way?

We gotta fight
for our right
to paaaaaarody!!!

forgive me, forgive me, couldn't help myself.
posted by mygothlaundry 19 May | 18:12
Insane guy draws shitty drawings of people like Rush Limbaugh, George Bush and Man Coulter and has them wearing capes, beating up liberals, whatever. Lawyer makes a parody out of one of this insane artist's works and it gets posted in the Metafilter thread.
It is explained pretty well in the link (I think). It started with this MeFi thread. This image was in the original thread, but Matt pulled it when Mr. Noel started whining about it. I totally understand Matt's decision, but thought people might be interested in the story.

Thanks for the welcome. I have been lurking for a while.

On Preview: What they said. And, yes. I have no doubt that my image is fair use.
posted by sasnak 19 May | 18:17
Just be aware that not everybody on Metafilter reads every thread (in fact a number of people read the posts only), and certainly here on Metachat ... well, if there's a spat between longtime MeFites, we're all right on it, but don't assume too much. We're not "about" being a back channel for Metafilter, basically because it can cause headaches for mathowie, dodgy, and taz.
posted by stilicho 19 May | 18:23
If this post causes any problems for anyone, then I would have no problem if it was removed. I wasn't really trying to start a back channel per se, but thought that the people who might have seen the original thread would be interested. I'm sorry if I have caused any problems.
posted by sasnak 19 May | 18:31
stilicho, the story and the path to the thread were all in the link sasnak provided. Yeah it wasn't a simple link to a picture of a cute bunny and involved actual reading, but it was all there. I found the story entertaining, and I appreciate the follow-up. Man that cartoonist is a weenis. I guess he's sensitive about his "art" but sheesh... Too bad Matt wasn't in a position to tell him to "fuck off", and I can understand that. I'd like to see this guy's stuff parodied all over the internets. Anyone have a Fark account that can start a Photoshop thread?
posted by eekacat 19 May | 18:54
Hi sasnak!
posted by gaspode 19 May | 19:34
I love the word weenis.
posted by iconomy 19 May | 19:53
wow is that guy wacko or what. and his "comics" are atrociously bad.

great find, sasnak
posted by Wedge 19 May | 19:57
Fun link sasnak. Welcome to the bunny place.
posted by arse_hat 19 May | 20:07
Welcome to metachat, sasnak. Please keep Metafilter stuff on Metafilter if you can. Thanks.
posted by AlexReynolds 19 May | 20:09
Unless it is funny like this.
Welcome to metachat, sasnak. Please keep Metafilter stuff on Metafilter if you can. Thanks.

Usually I'm inclined to agree with you about that, especially when people assume that we actually care about zomg internetz drama or whatever other stupid shit is going on over there, but this isn't that kind of a post. MetaChat is still the place that people point to as the place to post things that don't belong on Metafilter, and the tops of all of the pages reflect that. This post seems perfectly appropriate here. Anyway, welcome to MetaChat, sasnak.
posted by cmonkey 19 May | 21:33
Now, iconomy, is that pronounced weenis or weenees?
posted by porpoise 19 May | 22:15
Oh, right.

Bunnies and... er, tigers...

≡ Click to see image ≡

Why the hell is my backspace button mapped to "back" in Mozilla?! <grumble>
posted by porpoise 19 May | 22:19
I love those fools who try to disable right mouse click and/or saving of images. When they are the type who are "don't even try to save an image or I'll have the FBI/CIA/MIB all over your ass" I tend to download the image out of spite; along with their entire website, twice.
posted by Mitheral 19 May | 23:30
same here Mitheral. I also enjoy dumb screwheads threatening legal action over parody cases. Then they demand that you contact them or their lawyer.
posted by puke &amp; cry 20 May | 00:22
More than bad, bad art, more than Bush fan boys, more than awful, ugly ca.-1997-style web sites, or barfy have-your-lawyer-call-my-lawyer suckage, I hate disabled right click, since I use it constantly for opening links in new tabs/windows, going back/forward, copying/pasting text and a bunch of FF plugin stuff like looking up definitions. And so, he must die.

Also? These are very bad penguins. He should hope the penguins don't have a lawyer.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by taz 20 May | 00:59
Just saw this and kudos to you for sticking it to the Man. I'm also glad that you understand why Matt can't back you up; most people would flail and make "OMG, the sky is falling!" noises.

Welcome to MetaChat!
posted by TrishaLynn 20 May | 07:14
I love this! I've had a fair number of "libel" threats from asshole wingers over my various exposes. My standard reply is "Thank you for volunteering full disclosure. If you can find an attorney stupid enough to take the case, I look forward to counter-sueing your ass ragged and disbarring your shyster for barratry." It works like a charm except for publishers running like whipped curs.

Bring on the noise.

posted by warbaby 20 May | 07:53
≡ Click to see image ≡

Look at "The Trial Shark" on this page. Cos frivolous law suits suck.
posted by dodgygeezer 20 May | 10:50
It's strange that this fellow is so interested in copyright infringement, considering his "portraits" section.
posted by Uncle Glendinning 20 May | 10:52
Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I'll let you know if I hear from Mr. Noel, or his counsel.
posted by sasnak 20 May | 13:42
I MeTa'd this. So sue me.
posted by theora55 20 May | 20:40
Let's play a game || kitty cat talking in tongues