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08 May 2006

I just got home... from a ten hour drive from Washington, D.C. It seems like I have eaten nothing but beef jerky for days. My hair smells like teriyaki. I have to go to work tomorrow, but I'm going to go in late.

I am very tired and sunburnt. How's your Monday starting?
Well, I'm still awake and can't picture getting tired soon. Trying to put myself to sleep by listening to American talk radio, but it's just angrying up the blood instead.
posted by Space Coyote 08 May | 02:07
I got up an hour ago, need to get ready to go to the doctor's. I can't drive for a while so a neighbour (aged 84) is picking me up. It's raining, looks like it's going to be raining alllll day.

I think it'll be a quiet day, reading, computer, TV. I have a lot of old paperwork I can shred for recycling. They collect it tomorrow. I'm somewhat confined to barracks at the moment. A friend is coming over later this evening.

That's the plan, anyway.
posted by essexjan 08 May | 02:35
posted by seanyboy 08 May | 02:43
I have a cold and a stuffy nose. It's 2:38 am and I'm wide awake.

Hmmm, I haven't taken a sick day for over a year. There's an idea.
posted by tangerine 08 May | 04:39
3:30 in the AM and I'm supposed to be writing a paper. I had written up a whole mecha post about it, but it failed to post and now it won't let me post again. So yeah, monday hasn't been too good to me so far.
posted by kosher_jenny 08 May | 05:40
It's published now, ko_jenn! Good luck with the paper.
posted by taz 08 May | 06:10
Thanks Taz! :)
posted by kosher_jenny 08 May | 06:18
I went to bed at 8 pm (still light!) and got up at 1 am to go pick oysters. It's still VERY dark and very very quiet.

I'm writing a presentation for a group I belong to: "In Over Our Heads". We choose topics totally out of our area of expertise and present an extended "briefing" to the others. I'm a medical type, and enjoy microbiology and chemistry, so I got Astrophysics. I have almost 30 pages of explanations of the Chandra astronomical satellite.

It's going to be a good day. I have coffee AND oysters.

Laugh with me, friends, as I type and type and ALMOST understand what it's all about.
posted by reflecked 08 May | 06:45
I just got up - my right arm is killing me and I feel old.

Today I hope like hell that the checks I was promised Saturday arrive today. And thanks for the reminder to implement some scripty things for our conference website (cmonkey!!!).

We got almost 2" of rain yesterday which is good - we're down almost 6" for the year.

Off to the shower.
posted by chewatadistance 08 May | 07:01
Badly. Today, I hate my life.
posted by rainbaby 08 May | 08:41
I got back from Vegas at 2am this morning. Work is less than fun right now.
posted by gaspode 08 May | 09:35
Reflecked, what a great idea!!!

It's just before 8 am here, and I'm getting ready to take Rupert the Woolsucker to the vet to get his surgery stitches out. The sun is shining brilliantly, and I think I'm returning to a normal mood from the foul mood that had me in its grip almost the whole weekend.
posted by matildaben 08 May | 09:56
It's Teacher Appreciation Day. There are meatballs and salad in the breakroom. So not so bad, I guess.

*craves jerky and slots*
posted by Pips 08 May | 09:58
Got laid last night. . .OK in an LTR that can be of note. . .

Trying to get some traction this morning with some real work.

So far, posting here, talking in the hallway, reading the news, etc.
posted by danf 08 May | 12:28
I did not get laid last night, but I did start catching up on the current Sopranos season, which is really about as best as a guy can hope for.
posted by cmonkey 08 May | 12:38
My Monday has been all about running to the bathroom and/or destroying my pants.

Where this stomach virus came from, I don't know, but I'd like to send it back now and spend some quality time with my cat.
posted by grapefruitmoon 08 May | 22:30
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