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07 May 2006

They're made of meat! (youtube) A short based on Terry Bisson's story.
Um, look down.

posted by arse_hat 07 May | 21:03
Or here.
posted by arse_hat 07 May | 21:04
Thanks for the link to the story. I saw the video when amberglow posted it - it's awesome.
posted by mullacc 07 May | 21:17
Thanks. Nice link...
posted by AlexReynolds 07 May | 22:04
Yeah, what mullacc said. My hubby recognised the story when we watched the video, but he had no idea who wrote it.
posted by tracicle 07 May | 22:53
posted by dhruva 07 May | 23:37
I like how at the end, they're presumably exchanging long protein strings.

Now how do I get the music to stop? Seriously. It will not stop despite the fact that the movie has ended. It's freaking me out a little.
posted by jrossi4r 07 May | 23:55
I love rewatching this. It's when I watch such an adaptation that I can appreciate what extra nuance an actor can bring to the role, nuance which may have been missing from the source material (of course, some of this may also come from the screenwriter or director, but the point still stands). Take, for example, when at about 3:31 the be-fezzed character says "Oh my god, you're serious. They're made out of... ... meat". Or when he says later "the ones you... probed" with the slightest hint of a smile. I love it.

In one of the comments on the YouTube link, there's a mention made of a reference in ths short to Douglas Adams's Restaurant At the End of the Universe. Anyone know what it is?
posted by ooga_booga 08 May | 01:36
Just compare this adaptation with a fan adaptation of the story here. It's much more faithful to the source material, being a direct reading of the story, but in my opinion it's poorer because of it. The fact that the direct reading doesn't sound as good may be due to the skill of the person doing the reading in this case, but I would think that it is also probably due to the reasons explained in that thread about how science fiction usually isn't good literature.
posted by ooga_booga 08 May | 02:02
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