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06 May 2006

Is it strange that my first reaction wasn't oddness at the pony play, but that they're all just going at it together in some field?
I mean, if that's what gets you off, wouldn't it be the equivilant to a bunch of couples just screwing each other in the same room? (which is a whole other fetish in and of itself, upon reflection.)

posted by kellydamnit 06 May | 19:44
Well, it's probably just the case that they got together at this gathering because it's probably some national or regional gathering that happens every once in a while, and that just happened to be where the filming takes place, since the documentarian could get a wider variety of participants at such a gathering. Since it's a less-common fetish, probably back in their own hometowns they practice it just as often with just their partners in the privacy of their own homes, or at play parties in private BDSM clubs where various other role-plays are enacted as well.
posted by matildaben 06 May | 19:53
Pony play is not my thing, but I thought the video was really sweet. It shows one of the aspects of BDSM role-playing that I really like, which is just people being goofy and enjoying themselves, being creative and having a laugh with their partner.
posted by matildaben 06 May | 19:59
This blew me away. At first I thought it was hilarious, until the blonde girl pony with headgear had her meltdown and had to be calmed with a steel brush. That was way too Silence of the Lambs for me. Creeped me the fuck out. And I say this as someone who would voluntarily enjoy having someone carve a piece of art or burn one into my skin for the fun of it.

The actor part in me enjoys the dress-up and "scene-y" stuff, but this was really too freaky to watch all in one sitting.

I dunno, but for me it seems that BDSM stuff is like inverted acting. You're doing scenes, and dressing up, but it always comes off to me like the people involved, even though it's an extroverted activity, are still way, way up in their heads. It feels cold and icy and creeped-out for me. Too voyeuristic for me to get off on it sexually.

But good on 'em for it. As bizarre as it seems for me, I love that it's there for them and they obviously are totally down and trusting and enjoying it. More power! Happy people are happy no matter how they get there. You can't fake joy and trust.

posted by Lipstick Thespian 06 May | 20:22
Too voyeuristic for me to get off on it sexually.

Well, it wasn't a 'pornographic' film, it was a documentary. They showed the one girl with the dildo on the saddle, but that was about it. You don't see anything other then breasts.

It seemed like an honest look into a lifestyle.
posted by delmoi 06 May | 20:57
No, not the video, man! The video was fine. Interesting, even. Totally honest and funny look into an alternate trip. No problemo.

What I meant was that BDSM and role-playing in a sexual situation seems voyeuristic to me, like you're part of two people being "up in their heads" rather than just letting go and whatever. But I'm sure any BDSM person would tell me otherwise, and that's totally cool.

For me, it's cringe-worthy a lot of the time. And not for the pain or the humiliation, just the feeling of disconnect I get from it.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 06 May | 21:52
A large part of sexuality is in the brain. If people can find a way to connect with each other on that level, in addition to the more physical levels, that can be really great.
posted by matildaben 06 May | 21:55
That clip is from HBO's Real Sex series. I remember seeing this one last year some time.
posted by agropyron 07 May | 10:40
When I see stuff like this, I just think it looks like too much work.

That was fun and curious, but I'm not gonna be headed for ponyspace.
posted by Miko 07 May | 12:57
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