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20 April 2006

Should I sell some t-shirts and stickers and such? How the heck do I go about it? [More:]
For example, I did these updates to the ubiquitous Xtian and Darwin fish stickers a while back, and I think they're fun (rough sketch follows):
≡ Click to see image ≡
(Xtian; Mean Xtian; Cannibal Xtian.)

I've done other fun stuff too, maybe clever enough to sell a few here and there. I'd just be happy selling them, 'cuz somebody actually bought my stuff, ya know?

Also, I did the "Cannibal Xtian" ages ago, but I almost think I saw it on a bumoper sticker since. Has anyone else seen it?

posted by shane 20 April | 11:10
Shane, I think there are a LOT of AskMeFi threads on sticker reproduction. Maybe check there?
posted by Miko 20 April | 11:11
The easiest way to get rolling is CafePress but they take the lion's share of the profits from these ventures.

Best bet is to find some pricing online, then find a local place and negotiate a deal with them based on what you can find online. Its alot easier to deal with printing issues if you can go into the place rather than online.

Which reminds me, I need to get a run of shirts done for the summer season.
posted by fenriq 20 April | 11:13
THANKS! i know i should go to askme, but, well... you folks are the best distilled cream of AskMe, and AskMe is the best of MeFi, and MoFi falls in here somewhere too... i love our little bunny community.
posted by shane 20 April | 11:15
Yeah, I used to have these stickers made for my friends' band, and was joyous at the results. Super cheap and the quality is astounding. I found stickerguy through the various mefi posts.

I have a bookmark folder at home of a bunch of threads. If you don't want to go looking, I can send you everything I have this afternoon.
posted by mike9322 20 April | 11:15
You're a lifesaver, Mike, if that's not too much trouble. I've given up on more than four hours of sleep per night for the near future.

I figure I can get 100 stickers for $25 bucks and maybe pick up a dozen tees, then offer mugs by request. I have other art and ideas too, some of which are pretty catchy, if'n I say so m'self.

I've wondered about fooling around with Threadless as well, but I believe they want full rights to whatever art they accept.
posted by shane 20 April | 11:24
I want a t-shirt of the "Traditional Marriage: One Robot, One Octopus" graphic that I found on cmonkey's website.
posted by matildaben 20 April | 11:28
shane, please drop me an email (in profile) so that I'll remember when I get home this evening.
posted by mike9322 20 April | 11:31
Maybe you saw one of these?
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by box 20 April | 12:33
I use Spreadshirt. Last I checked, they have more possibilities that CafePress (more ways to print), and they have lots of different quality shirts. CafePress, as I understand it, does not offer decent quality shirts. Just what I heard, though, and things may be different over there now.
posted by Hellbient 20 April | 12:42
bean, I insist you link to that image.
posted by richat 20 April | 13:40
awwww, fuck, box. i never saw one of those, but now mine would be seen as plagiarism. i think? mine's different. theirs is pro-christian and mine is, well... not ANTI-christian but definitely VERY cynical, LOL.

i'm screwed. on my fish, at least. maybe there's still a market for the "mean christian" one.

oh well. "I got a million of 'em" is what the old guys always say.
posted by shane 20 April | 14:13
how about:
≡ Click to see image ≡
1 - Xtian at Disney World
2 - Rapper Xtian
posted by Hellbient 20 April | 16:37
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