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13 April 2006

posted by Specklet 13 April | 12:38
All babys are ugly.
posted by dame 13 April | 12:51
Baby Death Match!
posted by mike9322 13 April | 12:57
would that have included baby dame? just askin'?
posted by jonmc 13 April | 12:57
Who cares if they're ugly when they're so fucking cool? Those crazy little babies turn into funny-as-shit toddlers, and then into easily manipulated children who think the world of you, and then into stupid kids who do the same things you did but get caught (by you. When will they ever learn?). Eventually they get a brain on them and act like they're hot shit, but they're still just a cold booger on a silver platter.
posted by Hugh Janus 13 April | 13:02
They're getting competitive at WAY too early an age these days...
</old fart>
posted by wendell 13 April | 13:07
a cold booger on a silver platter.

My day has been made.
posted by danostuporstar 13 April | 13:10
So, um, speaking of. . .how's it hangin' danostuporstar?
posted by rainbaby 13 April | 13:14
Reprieve! I accidently took (blood thinning) aspirin the day before the snip was scheduled. It's been rescheduled for late May. I will, of course, post pictures when the time comes.
posted by danostuporstar 13 April | 13:20
*waits for the "oh shit she's pregnant again" post*

It's like every movie about a cop on his retirement day...
posted by mike9322 13 April | 13:28
For real! Good one, mike. Or maybe he's just chicken.
posted by rainbaby 13 April | 13:36
Maybe. It wasn't conscious, really. I thought I was taking tylenol, but it turned out to be one of those pain reliever combos of tylenol, aspirin and caffeine. I'm not all that surprised that I did something stupid to mess it up, though, perhaps subconsiously deliberate.
posted by danostuporstar 13 April | 13:54
Frogboy is Obviously photoshopped.
posted by me3dia 13 April | 13:59
subconsiously deliberate

Oooh, I'm filing that one away to use next time I'm in a jam.
posted by Hugh Janus 13 April | 14:00
Ugly baby.
posted by porpoise 13 April | 14:07
Yes, jon, it would include baby dame. Toddlers? Cute. Babies? Ugly squished up little things with the most annoying communucation apparatus on the planet and no way to bring you beer.
posted by dame 13 April | 14:53
porpoise - I'm sending you my psych bills.
posted by deborah 13 April | 15:55
Who are these people that submit these pictures? Seriously. That's ri-goddamn-diculous.

And dame's right about the infants. Not much fun to look at and very little ROI. They're cool once they start laughing, though.

Dano's mating season has been extended!
posted by jrossi4r 13 April | 22:30
GAH!!!! I'm sick of feeling this way! || OMG, Easter Bunny hates you!