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13 April 2006

Yikes. Thanks for ruining Creamsicles for me, you monster.
posted by jonmc 13 April | 10:41
"the sassy metallic orange leotards of our young feminine gymnasts who are eagerly busting their fresh asses to make every American proud"

Ok, so it's obviously a fake. But where'd that picture come from? A kiddie porn mag?
posted by agropyron 13 April | 10:43
I'm a retard! Way to read the fine print. Live journal images:
posted by dgaicun 13 April | 10:45
I suppose after this gem, my advertising skepticism was pretty much destroyed forever:
posted by dgaicun 13 April | 10:48
Also from LJ images:
posted by agropyron 13 April | 10:50
Geez. For a second there I thought there was a serious psychological correlation between pedophiles and ice cream sticks, pedophiles obviously being the target audience of the 'ad'.
posted by shane 13 April | 10:55
dgaicun, scary find! I posted it on my adnerdblog with hat tip to you. :) Thanks.

By the way, McD's do love it too much - check out this headline: stop staring at me....
posted by dabitch 13 April | 11:08
wow. LOTS of sex in McD's ads. i never pay attention to them, as i'm a vegetarian.

ask, have you read fast food nation? you'd love it.
posted by shane 13 April | 11:17
dabitch, agropyron totally called it, it's absolutely a spoof. ("fine young asses", etc. in the small text)

the fake Puma blowjob ad was ironically actually much less believeable, because this one takes a dirty mind to spot the joke. Or at least you could *imagine* an ad like this managing to slip through corporate obliviousness.
posted by dgaicun 13 April | 11:22
dgaicun the Puma ad (posted on the web first on my blog thankyouverymuch) wasn't fake, but an actual pitch (done up by an ad agency to get the business). I've promised not to tell who dunnit. And, no, they didn't get the account.

Of course I read fast food nation. :)
posted by dabitch 13 April | 11:27
Wow, does anyone else see the big red keener lips and clit in that McDonalds ad?
posted by Specklet 13 April | 11:34
Specklet, you put Packard to shame. :))
posted by dabitch 13 April | 11:40
Sort of on topic: I use Firefox and I have to load IE (barf) because I can't see the images at ad-rag. I can't seem to find a way to enable them. Any ideas?
posted by deborah 13 April | 16:15
Who are your top twenty Last.FM overall artists? || Camera help !