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11 April 2006

U.S. Government Issue Coloring Books Some, like Billy and Maria Learn About Tornado Safety are PDFs and some of them such as Mushrooms Good and Bad you can even color online! via

Fantastic! I love it!
posted by viachicago 12 April | 00:03
Cool. I'll be coloring tonight. BTW, that's my alma mater you're linking to (in the .edu). Omnia Extares!
posted by safetyfork 12 April | 08:23
Excellent. "Noxious weeds are everybody's problem."

safetyfork-You went to Evergreen? I went to Hampshire College which is basically the same place, just in Western Mass. A lot of people I know from the DC punk scene went out to Evergreen.
posted by omiewise 12 April | 09:19
Yeah, from '93-97, there's a huge crossover between Oly and D.C. -- it's possible that we know or rubbed shoulders with some of the same people.

My best friend's sister went to Hampshire in the mid to late 90s. He and I met at Evergreen.
posted by safetyfork 12 April | 09:52
It's possible, although I'm a bit older. I graduated in '94, and the biggest Oly-DC crossover I was associated with was during the summer of love, which was either '89 or '90 (wasn't it? I can't remember any more), when Bikini Kill moved East and Kicking Giant (ok, an NYC band, but connected through Simple Machines, and the NOU nexus) moved West.
posted by omiewise 12 April | 09:57
I made a MeFi post out of this. I couldn't resist.
posted by omiewise 12 April | 09:58
That was just a bit before me, obviously, but it's remnants were still felt in Oly by the time I got there. I used to see Kicking Giant at house parties a fair bit. (As well as some great Fugazi shows thanks to the DC/Oly connection.) Tae I mostly knew from afar, but I know the nyc guy that put out Kicking Giant's Halo. I wasn't quite cool enough for Kathleen Hanna, but the ladies from Sleater-Kinney were still walking among us -- so to speak. Damn, there was a lot of amazing music around.

Great Mefi post, too.
posted by safetyfork 12 April | 10:16
Its/It's will be the death of me.
posted by safetyfork 12 April | 10:21
Man, I need some crayons.
posted by deborah 12 April | 11:52

I'm from downtown DC, and I presently go to Evergreen! As long as DCTAG exists, there will always be plently of DC people at Evergreen.

I'll have to tell the guys in the library that put this together how much the internet appreciates them!
posted by blasdelf 12 April | 17:25
Black & White Cookies || Worst music video ever to brighten up your day, bunnies!