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05 April 2006

You, From A - Z A meme for a Thursday afternoon. [More:]Blank, for easy cut n'paste.
Accent --
Booze of choice --
Chore I hate --
Dog or cat --
Essential electronics --
Favorite cologne --
Gold or silver? --
Hometown --
Insomnia? --
Job title --
Kids --
Living arrangement --
Most admired trait --
Number of sexual partners --
Overnight hospital stays --
Phobias --
Quote --
Religion --
Siblings --
Time I wake up --
Unusual talent --
Vegetable I refuse to eat --
Worst habit --
X-rays --
Yummy foods I make --
Zodiac sign --
Thursday? What time zone are you in?
posted by matildaben 05 April | 12:44
Isn't today Wednesday?

(A for Anal.)
posted by mudpuppie 05 April | 12:45
Oh shit, it's Wednesday?!
posted by cmonkey 05 April | 12:47
GOD DAMN! IT IS WEDNESDAY! oh well. Meme for a Wednesday then. What, I'm supposed to keep track of what day it is? Y'all are such sticklers. Time is imaginary.

Accent -- vaguely Southern, I think. Not sure.
Booze of choice -- PBR
Chore I hate -- laundry. Floors. All housework.
Dog or cat -- Both
Essential electronics -- Oh beloved computer
Favorite cologne -- right now, something from MAC. Before that, hippie stuff in a blue bottle from the healthfood store called Roots that was lovely.
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Moved too much to have one. I say Charleston, SC for convenience' sake.
Insomnia? -- Nope, never. Waking up is the problem, not going to sleep.
Job title -- Unemployed lazy ass worthless slacker
Kids -- 2, mostly grown
Living arrangement -- rented uninsulated yet charming bungalow
Most admired trait -- laugh like a crazy Chinese woman, according to my brothers & kids
Number of sexual partners -- classified. ;-) More than I should have, less than I might have wanted.
Overnight hospital stays -- Only to have the kids, one night each.
Phobias -- Mice, rats, squirrels, car going off bridge.
Quote -- "This isn't my nose, it's a false one."
Religion -- Buddhist Neo Pagan and/or Does Not Apply
Siblings -- 2 brothers; I am the classic troubled middle child and only girl.
Time I wake up -- 9ish. Ah, sweet sweet unemployment.
Unusual talent -- I can write backwards very quickly.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- lima beans
Worst habit -- procrastination & laziness
X-rays -- Had a chest one a couple years ago, discovered I had in fact smashed two ribs a few years before that.
Yummy foods I make -- I am the soup & casserole queen.
Zodiac sign -- Taurus. Virgo moon, Cancer rising. I am kind of ashamed that I know this.
posted by mygothlaundry 05 April | 12:48
Accent -- Texan, sometimes
Booze of choice -- Any (especially beer and Irish whiskey)
Chore I hate -- raking, washing dishes
Dog or cat -- Like 'em all, currently have cats
Essential electronics -- computer with internet access
Favorite cologne -- The absent kind
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Podunk, Texas
Insomnia? -- Since early childhood
Job title -- Bum
Kids -- I'm opposed to them
Living arrangement -- Roof over head
Most admired trait -- Um... Not knowing/bragging about what's especially admirable?
Number of sexual partners -- Not telling
Overnight hospital stays -- Zero
Phobias -- Snakes, heights, bridges, being locked in a public restroom stall
Quote -- "I'm going to kick your ass."
Religion -- Past tense
Siblings -- Older brother
Time I wake up -- 10:30 or 11:00
Unusual talent -- I can pick things up with my toes?
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Eggplant
Worst habit -- Sloth (file also under favorite deadly sin)
X-rays -- Many; I glow in the dark
Yummy foods I make -- Apple pie, tomato sauce, soups from scratch, fried okra, garlic cheese grits
Zodiac sign -- Virgo
posted by mudpuppie 05 April | 12:52
Accent - English, with flat Derbyshire vowels.
Booze of choice -- None, sober seven years
Chore I hate -- Putting away the dishes
Dog or cat -- Two cats, Bailey and Lucy
Essential electronics -- Computer, TV
Favorite cologne -- Agent Provocateur
Gold or silver? -- Both
Hometown -- Grew up in Derby, UK, so I suppose that's my hometown. Not lived there for a long time, though.
Insomnia? -- Sometimes, when the loneliness gets too hard to take
Job title -- Senior Adjudicator
Kids -- None, thank Gawd
Living arrangement -- Solo, plus cats, in a nice 2-bed flat on the edge of the forest
Most admired trait -- Kindness
Number of sexual partners -- Um, I'll take the 5th on this
Overnight hospital stays -- Two
Phobias -- Daddy Long Legs (crane flies)
Quote -- Unquote
Religion -- None
Siblings -- One sister, we don't get on too well but I only see her twice a year. Another brother and sister died before I was born.
Time I wake up -- about 5.30
Unusual talent -- An inability to accept that I have no unusual talent and will thus embarrass myself in any number of situations
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Is tofu a vegetable?
Worst habit -- Interrupting people
X-rays -- There's some nice ones of my tits doing the rounds at the moment
Yummy foods I make -- Apple crumble & custard, Mediterranean chicken, curry
Zodiac sign -- Gemini
posted by essexjan 05 April | 12:54
Oh wait, "number of sexual partners" refers to total, or current?

This game is hard!
posted by mudpuppie 05 April | 12:54
Ah, what the hell, I have a few minutes left on my lunch break.

Accent -- American TV with a little Chicago mixed in.
Booze of choice -- Scotch. (Dingle!)
Chore I hate -- Bookkeeping.
Dog or cat -- Cat (2)
Essential electronics -- Computer w/internet connection
Favorite cologne -- For me, an obscure one from Crabtree & Evelyn. For her, pure magnolia or rose scent.
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Chicago
Insomnia? -- Occasionally. Mostly just late-skewed circadian rhythm
Job title -- Pick one: "Associate" or "Editor & Publisher"
Kids -- Someday, hopefully.
Living arrangement -- Living with partner of 10 years.
Most admired trait -- Uh... my writing skills?
Number of sexual partners -- Around a dozen.
Overnight hospital stays -- None that I remember.
Phobias -- slight aversion to heights (only if there's no barrier to me falling), car problems (I'm an auto-hypochondriac).
Quote -- Just one?
Religion -- Pantheist.
Siblings -- Two brothers.
Time I wake up -- 8ish.
Unusual talent -- This tongue twister.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Anything mucilaginous.
Worst habit -- Joint cracking.
X-rays -- Teeth only.
Yummy foods I make -- Lots!
Zodiac sign -- Aries.
posted by me3dia 05 April | 12:55
I want to look up mucilaginous in the dictionary now but I am strangely afraid.
posted by mygothlaundry 05 April | 12:57
Accent -- Standard Northern Californian
Booze of choice -- Monopolowa
Chore I hate -- I don't hate chores
Dog or cat -- Both. With the cat on the dog's back.
Essential electronics -- My sweet, dear, MP3 player
Favorite cologne -- None.
Gold or silver? -- Neither. Gimme some chipped iron and I'm happy.
Hometown -- Berkeley, California.
Insomnia? -- All the goddamn time
Job title -- Software Engineer
Kids -- Sent them all to work in the mines
Living arrangement -- Getting worse daily
Most admired trait -- My alcohol tolerance
Number of sexual partners -- Right now? None. Unless my hand counts.
Overnight hospital stays -- Hate them.
Phobias -- Confined spaces, telephones
Quote -- \"
Religion -- None
Siblings -- 2
Time I wake up -- 5 or 6 am, by choice
Unusual talent -- I really can't think of one. They're all mundane.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- None
Worst habit -- I procrastinate too much
X-rays -- I didn't keep them :(
Yummy foods I make -- I can't cook
Zodiac sign -- Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp something something something
posted by cmonkey 05 April | 12:58
I'm so glad I have a day to do this. Damn! Deadline changer!

Accent -- The west coast kind.
Booze of choice -- Make me another Boilermaker!
Chore I hate -- the dishes
Dog or cat -- cats in the city, dogs in the country, snakes on a plane!
Essential electronics -- Hi-Fi
Favorite cologne -- No effin' way.
Gold or silver? -- Late night commercials say gold.
Hometown -- Tacoma, WA
Insomnia? -- Yes
Job title -- [REDACTED]
Kids -- No.
Living arrangement -- Left side of the bed, next to someone.
Most admired trait -- physical: maybe eye color, definitely not eye sight.
Number of sexual partners -- Less than 10 unless you get liberal with your definitions.
Overnight hospital stays -- None Yet. Knocks on wood.
Phobias -- Many
Quote -- Something pithy no doubt.
Religion -- 100% Quaker as of two(?) days ago. Non-practicing.
Siblings -- One.
Time I wake up -- Usually around 5:30 or 6am
Unusual talent -- Define Unusual.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- It's green and I can't spell it.
Worst habit -- I don't know.
X-rays -- Dental.
Yummy foods I make -- Lemon Zinger Salad, & the potato custom stack...I think both are in MeCha recipes.
Zodiac sign -- Leo
posted by safetyfork 05 April | 12:59
Accent -- There's no "ell" in Albany
Booze of choice -- Gin
Chore I hate -- Filing paperwork
Dog or cat -- Cat
Essential electronics -- Triodes! ;-)
Favorite cologne -- Burts Bees Bay Rum
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- (see accent)
Insomnia? -- Yes
Job title -- IT Curmudgeon
Kids -- Fun to borrow, not to own
Living arrangement -- Sleep in bedroom, cook in kitchen, relax in living room.
Most admired trait -- Persistance
Number of sexual partners -- You'll have to join the club to get the members' directory
Overnight hospital stays -- Not this decade
Phobias -- Worms
Quote -- "Don't leave me voicemail"
Religion -- Nope
Siblings -- Yup
Time I wake up -- 8
Unusual talent -- Willingness to post personal details on Internets
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Cauliflower
Worst habit -- Shilly-shallying
X-rays -- N-Rays
Yummy foods I make -- Toast
Zodiac sign -- Virgo
posted by Triode 05 April | 13:02
Accent -- weird. (never knew I had one til I moved to CA- its also possible I just cant talk right)
Booze of choice -- Absolut
Chore I hate -- all of them
Dog or cat -- dog, if I had either
Essential electronics -- laptop jammed with 20GB of mp3s
Favorite cologne -- none
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- Baltimore
Insomnia? -- not usually
Job title -- "sr. technical producer" (day) "writer/director" (night)
Kids -- no
Living arrangement -- roommate
Most admired trait -- "funny" I guess
Number of sexual partners -- no comment
Overnight hospital stays -- nil
Phobias -- not sure
Quote -- "we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" [was this supposed to be a quote from me?]
Religion -- no
Siblings -- one brother
Time I wake up -- 8:30am ish
Unusual talent -- dunno
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- a bunch
Worst habit -- pretentiousness
X-rays -- i suppose
Yummy foods I make -- pasta
Zodiac sign -- Scorpio or possibly Libra
posted by drjimmy11 05 April | 13:02
I think it's cute mgl, I'll play:

Accent - Mid Atlantic skewering to Southern.
Booze of choice -- Icehouse beer
Chore I hate -- putting away the laundry
Dog or cat -- dog. both.
Essential electronics -- in the drawer
Favorite cologne -- light sprays from the body shop or something
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- DC
Insomnia? -- god Yes
Job title -- MSR
Kids -- hell no
Living arrangement -- house, husband, dog, cat
Most admired trait -- intelligence, strenght
Number of sexual partners -- I think 17 total?
Overnight hospital stays -- one stay, two nights
Phobias -- hospital stays
Quote --
Religion -- atheist
Siblings -- 4, all 14 yrs. older or more
Time I wake up -- 6:30
Unusual talent -- hyperflexible
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- brussel sprouts
Worst habit -- Pills? Booze? Lack of conscience? I have many.
X-rays -- yes
Yummy foods I make -- salsa
Zodiac sign -- Scorp.
posted by rainbaby 05 April | 13:03
Until I read this thread I thought it was Tuesday. I am clearly going senile.
posted by dodgygeezer 05 April | 13:07
Accent -- Baseline generic midwestern USA, leavened with west coast/northwest USA
Booze of choice -- Gin
Chore I hate -- Mopping
Dog or cat -- Cat(s)
Essential electronics -- Computer, CD Player, iPod
Favorite cologne -- None
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Insomnia? -- Used to, not much anymore (thanks, pharmaceutical industry!)
Job title -- Software Engineer
Kids -- No; none planned
Living arrangement -- Solo Apartment in dense urban area
Most admired trait -- Smartness, I suppose
Number of sexual partners -- More than 15, less than 50
Overnight hospital stays -- None since infancy
Phobias -- Heights, high-up edges, blood vessels
Quote -- "This movie means two things to me: sheet cake and back fat!" -- Crow, in Laserblast (MST3K)
Religion -- Secular Rationalist with vague Buddhist overtones
Siblings -- One (younger)
Time I wake up -- Earlier than I want to
Unusual talent -- I plead the 5th on this one
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Olives
Worst habit -- Too many to count
X-rays -- Mainly dental
Yummy foods I make -- Takeout
Zodiac sign -- If you insist on believing this crap, go find out my birthday in the wiki and look it up yourself
posted by matildaben 05 April | 13:09
Wonderful! My comments on other peoples will come later.

Accent -- extremely cute.
Booze of choice -- for taste: samuel smiths nut brown; for boozin': natty boh
Chore I hate -- dishes
Dog or cat -- both
Essential electronics -- lappy
Favorite cologne -- happy
Gold or silver? -- white gold
Hometown -- Dunedin, NZ
Insomnia? -- pretty much always. except when drunk.
Job title -- Research Associate
Kids -- 0
Living arrangement -- rented insanely overpriced manhattan apt
Most admired trait -- calm in the face of crisis -- essentially way more laid back about everything than most people I know
Number of sexual partners -- I really don't know. If I had to guess... around 30?
Overnight hospital stays -- zero.
Phobias -- none.
Quote -- "nothing's forever so make sure it's good"
Religion -- Atheist, capital A.
Siblings -- none. a non-spoiled only child.
Time I wake up -- the first time? 6.50.
Unusual talent -- I don't think I have any. I'm a very good bridge player?
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- none. I think. (durian's a fruit, right?)
Worst habit -- procrastination & laziness
X-rays -- just on my wisdom teeth
Yummy foods I make -- I make an amazing vindaloo.
Zodiac sign -- Virgo.
posted by gaspode 05 April | 13:12
We are all very coy about the number of partners we've had. I thought I'd be the only one too shy to say.
posted by essexjan 05 April | 13:12
This is a good one, mygothlaundry. I hope you don't mind but I've lifted it for my Q&A blog, Cheddar X, with an attribution to you, of course.

Accent -- all over, east coast lisp with a west coast whatever.
Booze of choice -- usually what's handy is good except gin. Eww.
Chore I hate --
Dog or cat -- Dog now, cat eventually again.
Essential electronics -- iPod (of course), Clie UX50, Canon SD500
Favorite cologne -- au natural
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- Catonsville, Maryland (just outside Baltimore)
Insomnia? -- Does a kid with a penchant for kidney kicks count as insomnia?
Job title -- Bum
Kids -- One out of the oven, one in.
Living arrangement -- Own half a duplex
Most admired trait -- Patience
Number of sexual partners -- Alot. I was a bit of a serial hump monkey in college.
Overnight hospital stays -- At least five
Phobias -- None really.
Quote -- African proverb - "Somewhere the Sky touches the Earth, and the name of that place is the End."
Religion -- No thanks.
Siblings -- One of each, both older and more successful.
Time I wake up -- Whenever the kicking starts.
Unusual talent -- I can whistle nonstop, both exhaling and inhaling.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Not crazy about parsnips
Worst habit -- Procrastination
X-rays -- Lots and lots of them
Yummy foods I make -- Bruschetta, scrambled eggs, skirt steak, angel hair pasta with garlic, butter and parmesean.
Zodiac sign -- Virgo, whatever that indicates about me.
posted by fenriq 05 April | 13:14
Accent -- fading South Jersey
Booze of choice -- gin
Chore I hate -- they're all okay
Dog or cat -- I have a cat; I like both
Essential electronics -- My laptop
Favorite cologne -- Not really into cologne
Gold or silver? -- Silver and white gold
Hometown -- Marlton, NJ
Insomnia? -- I used to have horrible insomnia, years ago
Job title -- Law clerk
Kids -- Someday
Living arrangement -- Temporary
Most admired trait -- Very perceptive
Number of sexual partners -- None at the moment
Overnight hospital stays -- Not since babyhood
Phobias -- Flying. But that's temporary.
Quote -- "In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible spring." - Albert Camus
Religion -- Agnostic Jew
Siblings -- Sadly, no.
Time I wake up -- Usually around 6 am
Unusual talent -- Hypermobile joints
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- None
Worst habit -- Procrastination
X-rays -- I've had a few
Yummy foods I make -- All of them
Zodiac sign -- Sag
posted by amro 05 April | 13:15
Matildaben, do you still say "Please?" when you missed what someone said?
posted by me3dia 05 April | 13:16
It's having a myspace account that compels me to reflexively do this kind of thing.

Accent -- I say none. Others will laugh at my Parma, OH pronunciation of words like milk.
Booze of choice -- Southern Comfort
Chore I hate -- Ironing
Dog or cat -- If I had to choose, doggies. But I love anything furry.
Essential electronics -- teevee
Favorite cologne -- Tide and Downy
Gold or silver? -- Gold
Hometown -- Parma, OH
Insomnia? -- Frequent
Job title -- Associate writer/editor
Kids -- Scare me.
Living arrangement -- A tiny little 1950's house, each house on the suburban street identical in structure.
Most admired trait -- I keep hearing I have a bubbly personality.
Number of sexual partners -- I need both hands but no feet to count.
Overnight hospital stays -- Two
Phobias -- Not having enough oxygen in my air, being unable to move.
Quote -- "Word to your moms, we came to drop bombs"
Religion -- No.
Siblings -- 3 older brothers
Time I wake up -- 6-6:30ish during the week, 10ish on the weekends.
Unusual talent -- Vintage costume jewelry requisition
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Brussel sprouts
Worst habit -- Picking at my fingernails or pimples.
X-rays -- Dental
Yummy foods I make -- Brownies, cookies, and the yummiest peach-raspberry pie ever.
Zodiac sign -- Pisces
posted by ferociouskitty 05 April | 13:17
I didn't write it, I must confess. I yanked it from my friend's blog and I see she got it here so it's just one of those round making thingies.
posted by mygothlaundry 05 April | 13:17
Accent -- California mellowed by back east
Booze of choice -- beer or vodka
Chore I hate -- mopping
Dog or cat -- BIG dog
Essential electronics -- iPod
Favorite cologne -- none
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- Huntington Beach
Insomnia? -- the falling asleep kind, not the staying asleep kind
Job title -- production editor
Kids -- can you please shut them up or leave them at home?
Living arrangement -- all alone, mommy helps pay my mortgage
Most admired trait -- being a smart boy who can swim fast and follow directions
Number of sexual partners -- at once?
Overnight hospital stays -- 0
Phobias -- going to the hospital, claustro
Quote -- "If you can't say anything nice, sit here next to me."
Religion -- former Catholic, current agnostic
Siblings -- 0
Time I wake up -- 7, on Saturdays I sleep till 8!
Unusual talent -- I can swim fast and talk about swimming pretty much without limit; I can talk about myself without limit, too (ie, narcissism)
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- none, but cauliflower is pretty gross
Worst habit -- nail biting
X-rays -- teeth
Yummy foods I make -- snickerdoodles; I'm a good cook, when I bother
Zodiac sign -- Sag/Cap cusp
posted by dame 05 April | 13:18
Oh, I realize you mean what people most admire about me: intelligence, tush, cynicism
posted by dame 05 April | 13:20
me3dia, that was excellent.
posted by Frisbee Girl 05 April | 13:22
Accent -- People say I have one.
Booze of choice -- bourbon.
Chore I hate -- Socializing.
Dog or cat -- cats, two
Essential electronics -- the powerbook, the phone, the iMac, the clock
Favorite cologne -- I have a nice lavender essential oil I use sometimes.
Gold or silver? -- Silver.
Hometown -- Chicago, Illinois
Insomnia? -- Not.
Job title -- Writer.
Kids -- Not yet.
Living arrangement -- House?
Most admired trait -- Absence of self-aggrandizement. Or you mean the one people admire in me? How would I know?
Number of sexual partners -- Come on, now.
Overnight hospital stays -- Two, both for shoulder reconstruction.
Phobias -- The telephone.
Quote -- 'we're shitting in tall cotton.'
Religion -- None.
Siblings -- None.
Time I wake up -- Eight or nine.
Unusual talent -- I suppose writing is an unusual talent?
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Celery and cilantro.
Worst habit -- Nail-biting.
X-rays -- You're losing me.
Yummy foods I make -- I cook a lot.
Zodiac sign -- I don't follow astrology. It's Aries, though.
posted by rebirtha 05 April | 13:23
Accent -- i don't think i have one (but it's been said i drawl?)
Booze of choice -- single malt scotches (the peaty ones!)
Chore I hate -- MOPPING FLOORS, dusting, and taking the trash out
Dog or cat -- i've had both and i love cats just a teeny bit more than pups
Essential electronics -- phone? i'm not crazy for technology but anything that will play me my music i can learn to love.
Favorite cologne -- currently something by marc jacobs
Gold or silver? -- sackcloth, ashes
Hometown -- can i say chicago yet?
Insomnia? -- sometimes!
Job title -- "designer"
Kids -- none!
Living arrangement -- me, cat, bird, bike
Most admired trait -- it would be ridiculous to admire me in any way
Number of sexual partners -- why would you ask such a thing?! MASHER!
Overnight hospital stays -- none...
Phobias -- getting stabbed - does that count?
Quote -- "..."
Religion -- that's a personal question torquemada!
Siblings -- 1 "whole" brother, and 5 half brothers and sisters
Time I wake up -- kinda early, 6:30 am?
Unusual talent -- the inability to shaddup and siddown!
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- cow
Worst habit -- lack of patience, i'd like to believe it is a habit and not a personality trait
X-rays -- they zapped my chompers once!
Yummy foods I make -- this week: vegan biscuits and mushroom gravy!
Zodiac sign -- water bearing bearded man
posted by Mrs.Pants 05 April | 13:25
Accent -- I used to have a strong Texan accent, worked hard to drop it, and people now think I'm from "back east somewhere"
Booze of choice -- a nice bottle of red, whatever's on sale @ Jubilation
Chore I hate -- mopping, cleaning the litter box
Dog or cat -- one pregnant cat named Maggie
Essential electronics -- phone, computer w/hi-speed, white noise machine by the bed
Favorite cologne -- Ocean by Demeter
Gold or silver? -- depends on the outfit
Hometown -- Portales, NM, population 11,131. Saaaaaaalute!
Insomnia? -- occasionally
Job title -- student; will probably go back to administering some federal program after I finish. Either that or open a deli.
Kids -- one 7-year-old girl, who is a future goth, I'm quite sure
Living arrangement -- live alone with said gothling, shared custody
Most admired trait -- good speller
Number of sexual partners -- one at a time
Overnight hospital stays -- 1) heart problems at 15; 2) tumor surgery at 23; 3) postpartum "bed and breakfast" at 32
Phobias -- that heights thing w/o a barrier
Quote -- "I will not be passed around like a joint in a mid-school boys' bathroom!" (Ex-boyfriend gave tennis buddy his blessing to ask me out. Boy, was I steamed.)
Religion -- constant bewilderment
Siblings -- three 1/2 brothers and two 1/2 sisters, none of whom I have ever lived with
Time I wake up -- 6 a.m.-ish
Unusual talent -- I can write anything upside-down, backwards, and upside-down+backwards, with either hand.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- lima beans
Worst habit -- smoking, jumping to conclusions
X-rays -- I had a CAT scan of my brain for a study correlating structural differences with IQ. And no, I was *not* in the control group.
Yummy foods I make -- gumbo, tiramisu, curry, pho
Zodiac sign -- Aries, Libra moon, Aquarius rising
posted by go dog go 05 April | 13:28
Accent -- MidAtlantic
Booze of choice -- white wine
Chore I hate -- laundry
Dog or cat -- dog person but I don't have one now
Essential electronics -- laptop
Favorite cologne -- none
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- DC
Insomnia? -- sometimes, not now
Job title -- psychotherapist
Kids -- no
Living arrangement -- alone in a crappy messy apt
Most admired trait -- intelligence
Number of sexual partners -- yes
Overnight hospital stays -- several for broken bones
Phobias -- no
Quote -- "He who fucks nuns will later join the church." The Clash
Religion -- no
Siblings -- a wonderful sister, younger and better
Time I wake up -- ~7
Unusual talent -- I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. (see # of sexual partners).
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- frisee
Worst habit -- procrastination
X-rays -- a ton
Yummy foods I make -- sourdough bread, etc. I'm a good cook.
Zodiac sign -- scorpio
posted by omiewise 05 April | 13:29
essexjan: I love Daddy Long Legs. They are the most fun to catch!
posted by dame 05 April | 13:30
Oh, you mean someone else's quote. Anything by Dorothy Parker, then.
posted by go dog go 05 April | 13:30
Most admired trait -- it would be ridiculous to admire me in any way

That is the bullshittiest thing I have ever heard in my life.
posted by mudpuppie 05 April | 13:30
Accent -- Eastern Seaboard with the tiniest trace of TX sometimes
Booze of choice -- good bourbon
Chore I hate -- laundry (it never ends)
Dog or cat -- Like both, have a cat
Essential electronics -- Turntable, these days
Favorite cologne -- Caswell-Massey lavender
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Red Bank, NJ
Insomnia? -- Yes, and more so recently, dammit
Job title -- Director of Education
Kids -- None yet
Living arrangement -- Rent half a Cape Cottage in a quiet neighborhood just a mile and a half from a fun city
Most admired trait -- Random knowledge of how many things came to be
Number of sexual partners -- some would say too many, some too few, I say just right
Overnight hospital stays -- 0 (unless I was sitting up with someone in the hospital)
Phobias -- Heights, planes
Quote -- "Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." -Helen Keller
Religion -- Raised in a free-thinking household, became a Quaker by choice in my 20s
Siblings -- One younger brother
Time I wake up -- 7/7:30 weekdays, sleep in weekends
Unusual talent -- Uncanny ability to smell things (seriously; I missed my calling as a flavor/scent analyst)
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- beets
Worst habit -- stress-related junk-food-eating
X-rays -- Yes, but I promise I won't use them on you.
Yummy foods I make -- Arroz con pollo, sweet potato pecan pie, seafood with orange ginger soy sauce
Zodiac sign -- Leo
posted by Miko 05 April | 13:35
Accent -- Philly with a touch of Kentucky (my mom was born there.)
Booze of choice -- anything but gin
Chore I hate -- All of them.
Dog or cat -- Love dogs, but have a cat
Essential electronics --computer w/internet, my beloved TV
Favorite cologne -- Chanel Allure
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- Philly
Insomnia? -- Chronic
Job title -- freelance writer
Kids -- one, and she's a wack job
Living arrangement -- roomy old house in the country with the husband and kid
Most admired trait -- the ability to laugh at anything, no matter how awful
Number of sexual partners -- a fair amount
Overnight hospital stays -- a few
Phobias -- snakes, vomiting
Quote -- "I used to be with it, then they changed what it was. Now what I'm with isn't it and what it is is weird and scary to me. It'll happen to you."--Abe Simpson
Religion -- agnostic Quaker (going to my first meeting on Sunday.)
Siblings -- four younger sisters
Time I wake up -- 7ish
Unusual talent -- superduper fast reader
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- none
Worst habit -- smoking, being incredibly judgemental
X-rays -- a few
Yummy foods I make -- I can't cook. But my chili's not bad.
Zodiac sign --Sag/Cap cusp
posted by jrossi4r 05 April | 13:35
Accent -- American, sometimes slightly southern. (A "y'all" will slip out on occassion.)
Booze of choice -- red wine, scotch, beer, gin, sake, etc.
Chore I hate -- putting away clothes
Dog or cat -- Fish, fin rotty. But 'd love to have a doggie.
Essential electronics -- music playing device
Favorite cologne -- Premier Figuier
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- Gainesville, FL
Insomnia? -- only when highly stressed
Job title -- interior designer
Kids -- want 'em real bad
Living arrangement -- nice old apartment, alone
Most admired trait -- warmth
Number of sexual partners -- 17-ish
Overnight hospital stays -- 0
Phobias -- enclosed, airless spaces ( get anxious even typing those words)
Quote -- Barn's burnt down. Now I can see the moon.
Religion -- Hindu (I'm spiritual, but not religious.)
Siblings -- One brother, one sister, both younger. They are awesome.
Time I wake up -- 6.30 o'clock in the fucking morning
Unusual talent -- I can sing the Greek alphabet to the tune of Yankee Doodle.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- none, gimmie it
Worst habit -- laziness
X-rays -- Yes: glasses, please.
Yummy foods I make -- fried chicken, enchiladas
Zodiac sign -- Sag, of course.
posted by Specklet 05 April | 13:36
Wow lookit all the lotta non sleepers. I should send you all a UL manual, that should do it.

Accent -- mild southernese
Booze of choice -- good red wine or black & tans
Chore I hate -- scrubbing the tile shower
Dog or cat -- 2 of each
Essential electronics -- PC
Favorite cologne -- oxygen
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- raleigh
Insomnia? -- rarely
Job title -- creative problem solving facilitator
Kids -- never. ever. NO. none.
Living arrangement -- condo in an old railroad bldg
Most admired trait -- contagious insanity
Number of sexual partners -- 1
Overnight hospital stays -- 0
Phobias -- tornados, spiders
Quote -- "I bet the Chinese food here is terrible." Marisa Tome (sp?), My Cousin Vinny
Religion -- mother nature ish
Siblings -- 3 older sisters
Time I wake up -- with the sun
Unusual talent -- can tie my hair in knots with one hand
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- okra
Worst habit -- overcommitting
X-rays -- not with me
Yummy foods I make -- cream of sweet potato soup
Zodiac sign -- add another scorpio to the pile
posted by chewatadistance 05 April | 13:37
I thought of another worst trait: always assuming the worst of people, especially those who love me best.

Also, guys, you know you can take your laundry to these places & pay people to do it & fold it, right? (As long as you live in a city, I guess.)
posted by dame 05 April | 13:37
'we're shitting in tall cotton.'

I am so borrowing that.
posted by go dog go 05 April | 13:39
Accent -- None that I know of
Booze of choice -- I actually haven't found a liquor I didn't like (except rum)
Chore I hate -- Groceries
Dog or cat -- Cats, Lance & Kaylee
Essential electronics -- iPod, TiVo, PC
Favorite cologne -- N/A
Gold or silver? -- gold, i guess
Hometown -- Born in Rota, Spain - lived about half my life in Virginia Beach
Insomnia? -- None
Job title -- Senior Consultant
Kids -- 1, Hunter
Living arrangement -- Live alone with cats in an apartment I don't really like but need to stay in another year at least. Hunter is here quite often as well.
Most admired trait -- Intelligence
Number of sexual partners -- Not as many as I'd like
Overnight hospital stays -- 6 that I remember. 4 for my broken leg and subsequent screw removal and 2 for Hunter's birth
Phobias -- None that I know of
Quote -- "Nothing gets in the way of progress like process."
Religion -- N/A
Siblings -- Jenny, 4 years younger
Time I wake up -- 6:30 most days
Unusual talent -- I can do that entire Michael Winslow line from Spaceballs about the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps. With sound effects.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Are beans vegetables?
Worst habit -- Procrastination.
X-rays -- Yep
Yummy foods I make -- I cook just about any meat I try to perfection. It's a gift. I need to find someone to cook side dishes.
Zodiac sign -- Aries
posted by mike9322 05 April | 13:39
Accent -- sort of central North Carolina mush-mouth
Booze of choice -- beer a little more potent than water
Chore I hate -- vacuuming: if I could sweep carpet, I would
Dog or cat -- ah hell, I can't choose
Essential electronics -- laptop & a radio (an actual radio)
Favorite cologne -- they make me sneeze
Gold or silver? -- um, silver because I like tinfoil
Hometown -- oh boy, right here, Greensboro
Insomnia? -- sometimes, used to be chronic then I fell asleep for a week
Job title -- For money: English instructor/tutor/take what I can get & for no money: writer
Kids -- nope but I love the holy heck out of my niece & nephews
Living arrangement -- w/hunny kortez, 2 dogs: Severn & Buddy Black, 2 cats: Nicodemus (shower howler) & Maizie (one-eyed lovergirl)
Most admired trait -- my scary suck-breath voice
Number of sexual partners -- does kissing count?
Overnight hospital stays -- none for myself, lots sitting there w/other folks
Phobias -- bridges but I'm getting over it
Quote -- "I'm a friend of Xanderrr's"
Religion -- raised Primitive Baptist & had some Lutheran bible schools & godawful teen beach trips forced on me
Siblings -- 2 brothers, 1 sister
Time I wake up -- sometimes 5:30, sometimes 8:30, sometimes I don't go to sleep
Unusual talent -- see most admired trait above
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- like most all vegetables but if I had to say one, I don't cut flips over fennel
Worst habit -- head-spinning worry
X-rays -- nope but I like 'em
Yummy foods I make -- I make good salads
Zodiac sign -- Gemini the Twin but it freaks me out
posted by frances1972 05 April | 13:51
Accent -- More Canadian than I think. Also awfully nasal.
Booze of choice -- Vodka.
Chore I hate -- Doing the dishes.
Dog or cat -- Cat.
Essential electronics -- iPod. That's all.
Favorite cologne -- None.
Gold or silver? -- Silver. The Mrs.-to-be and I have decided on white-gold wedding bands, though.
Hometown -- Edmonton.
Insomnia? -- Not as bad as it used to be.
Job title -- "Commissioning Assistant." Specialized technical writer.
Kids -- None yet.
Living arrangement -- With the aforementioned Mrs.-to-be and her menagerie.
Most admired trait -- Empathy.
Number of sexual partners -- Six. (In a row?)
Overnight hospital stays -- I was a guest of the psych ward last summer for about a week; I also had chronic respiratory problems as a wee Zo.
Phobias -- Arachno-, claustro-, social.
Quote -- Epictetus: "To the rational being only the irrational is unendurable."
Religion -- Reason.
Siblings -- A brother and a sister.
Time I wake up -- 6:45, unless the cat decides otherwise.
Unusual talent -- Deep reserves of empathy and a great deal of (outward) emotional control.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Zucchini. It's almost pathological.
Worst habit -- Swearing as much as I do.
X-rays -- Dental.
Yummy foods I make -- Lemon meringue pie.
Zodiac sign -- Cancer I.
posted by Zozo 05 April | 13:52
Accent – not sure
Booze of choice -- whisky
Chore I hate – putting away laundry
Dog or cat – 3 dog 2 cat
Essential electronics – laptop, ipod, Tivo
Favorite cologne -- none
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- Philly
Insomnia? -- not so much
Job title – chief dude
Kids -- no
Living arrangement – home with Mr. Betty and pets
Most admired trait -- humor
Number of sexual partners -- 2 dozen-ish
Overnight hospital stays -- 1
Phobias – small spaces
Quote -- Dalton's the best bouncer in the business.
Religion – no thanks
Siblings -- 3
Time I wake up -- ~6
Unusual talent – fart on command
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- eggplant
Worst habit – can be too judgmental
X-rays -- teeth
Yummy foods I make -- lots
Zodiac sign -- scorpio
posted by betty 05 April | 13:56
postmodernmillie, with my blessing. It was one of my charming old dad's expressions along with 'shit or get off the pot' and other total winners.
posted by rebirtha 05 April | 14:00
Accent -- Very Southern
Booze of choice -- It's all good
Chore I hate -- Cleaning the bathroom
Dog or cat -- 3 cats: Bijou, Banjo, and Oreo
Essential electronics -- DVD player and tv, shortwave radio
Favorite cologne -- None
Gold or silver? -- Gold if it's a bracelet, silver if it's a spoon
Hometown -- Impossible to answer. I was born out west but the first place I remember is New Jersey but I mostly grew up in Virginia.
Insomnia? -- Never
Job title -- Legal Proofreader
Kids -- None
Living arrangement -- Solo
Most admired trait -- Brains
Number of sexual partners -- 9, I think, but only 1 at a time
Overnight hospital stays -- None
Phobias -- Mice, rats, bats
Quote -- Better Living Through Technology
Religion -- Former Episcopalian
Siblings -- Sharon, David, and Phyllis
Time I wake up -- 5:30 a.m. weekdays
Unusual talent -- I can make a great pig noise!
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- None
Worst habit -- Chewing gum
X-rays -- Mostly just dental, once my lower back. And mammograms.
Yummy foods I make -- Cincinnati Chili, Zucchini Bread
Zodiac sign -- Gemini
posted by JanetLand 05 April | 14:03
So, all you people with under 10 partners, do you just not get much or is it lots of long-term relationships?
posted by dame 05 April | 14:15
Accent -- Ever seen Fargo?
Booze of choice -- Newcastle, Summit, or Maker's Mark
Chore I hate -- bathroom scrubbie
Dog or cat -- 2 enormous cats; working on a dog
Essential electronics -- ancient-but-trusty laptop, iPod
Favorite cologne -- biological
Gold or silver? -- my favorite bike is aluminum
Hometown -- from Blair, NE, but have pretty much gone native in Minneapolis
Insomnia? -- every now and then. triggered by writing, drawing, or playing Civilization before bed.
Job title -- Operations Reports Manager
Kids -- nope.
Living arrangement -- live with wife and two overbearing cats in a duplex underneath the flightpaths of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport
Most admired trait -- Ihave schocking articulation of my eyebrows. they can express anything.
Number of sexual partners -- for the last eight years, one.
Overnight hospital stays -- Medically active as a kid, but no overnight hospital stays since 1986
Phobias -- I hate having to be the one to do the talking when we go into restaurants
Quote -- "I refuse to knuckle under to Big Dental."
Religion -- nein
Siblings -- sister, estranged.
Time I wake up -- 6:30
Unusual talent -- I can give strangers directions to anywhere.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- I'd rather eat cat shit than celery
Worst habit -- laughing at gas, mine or otherwise.
X-rays -- You name it, it probably got x-rayed when i was a kid. These days, just my teeth.
Yummy foods I make -- I'm told my ziti's not too bad.
Zodiac sign -- I put a big sign on the Zodiac that says "astrology is bunk."
posted by cobra! 05 April | 14:17
Accent -- very mild Virginny
Booze of choice -- beer, anise from San Miguel
Chore I hate -- cleaning the cat box
Dog or cat -- 2 cats
Essential electronics -- ibook, novation basstation, ipod
Favorite cologne -- Ol' Factory
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- Dumfries, VA
Insomnia? -- nope
Job title -- web specialist (whatever that is)
Kids -- no
Living arrangement -- renter, 4 roommates
Most admired trait -- cooler than a refrigerated Fonzie; bullshitiness
Number of sexual partners -- yeah right
Overnight hospital stays -- 1 night, broken leg
Phobias -- Cancer, having a retarded child, destroying my laptop, getting killed by a bus
Quote -- "I'll try anything 500 times"
Religion -- Evolitionism
Siblings -- 1 bro
Time I wake up -- 8:30 on weekdays, much later on ends
Unusual talent -- sniff out nerds, beat up
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- eggplant, squash, okra, Christopher Reeve (when he was alive of course)
Worst habit -- lazier than a lazy thing (too lazy to think of anything)
X-rays -- knee, brain, ankle, leg, hand, nose, mouth
Yummy foods I make -- you can make food??
Zodiac sign -- taurus
posted by Hellbient 05 April | 14:23
Quote -- Dalton's the best bouncer in the business.

posted by eamondaly 05 April | 14:24
me3dia - Actually, I never used that locution ("Please?"), even growing up.

mgl - You actually have quite a lovely southeastern accent, by my estimation.

Specklet - I have had more sexual partners than you? Hard to believe! Well, you're young yet.
posted by matildaben 05 April | 14:34
Accent -- I sound just like Tony
Booze of choice -- Guinness, Licor 43
Chore I hate -- wiping shit from the seat of the toilet after my housemate somehow streaks it up
Dog or cat -- neither, but both
Essential electronics -- something that plays music
Favorite cologne -- fuck cologne, if I wanted to smell like someone else I'd fuck them
Gold or silver -- people out there turning music into gold
Hometown -- central MD
Insomnia? -- no
Job title -- temp (preferably spat out the way that dude from The Office does)
Kids -- no
Living arrangement -- room in a shared brownstone
Most admired trait -- self-sacrifice
Number of sexual partners -- stay the fuck out of my business
Overnight hospital stays -- I don't much like them
Phobias -- not really
Quote -- "Dogshit!"
Religion -- ?
Siblings -- my brother
Time I wake up -- 7:15
Unusual talent -- causing offense
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- none
Worst habit -- zpurb
X-rays -- yes
Yummy foods I make -- Yak'nit Bahmeh
Zodiac sign -- Gemini, what else?
posted by Hugh Janus 05 April | 14:35
fuck cologne, if I wanted to smell like someone else I'd fuck them

*scribbles down this line for use next Christmas at the department store*
posted by Miko 05 April | 14:38
But really, what I wanted to answer was:

Accent -- alligators all around
Booze of choice -- bursting balloons
Chore I hate -- catching colds
Dog or cat -- doing dishes
Essential electronics -- entertaining elephants
Favorite cologne -- forever fooling
Gold or silver? -- getting giggles
Hometown -- having headaches
Insomnia -- imitating Indians
Job title -- juggling jellybeans
Kids -- keeping kangaroos
Living arrangement -- looking like lions
Most admired trait -- making macaroni
Number of sexual partners -- never napping
Overnight hospital stays -- ordering oatmeal
Phobias -- pushing people
Quote -- quite quarrelsome
Religion -- riding reindeer
Siblings -- shockingly spoiled
Time I wake up -- throwing tantrums
Unusual talent -- usually upside down
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- very vain
Worst habit -- wearing wigs
X-rays -- x-ing x's
Yummy foods I make -- yackety-yacking
Zodiac sign -- zippity zounds
posted by Hugh Janus 05 April | 14:40
*kisses Hugh*
posted by dame 05 April | 14:42
Accent -- Nevada (not Nev-AH-Duh)
Booze of choice -- Vodka
Chore I hate -- Yardwork
Dog or cat -- Cat!
Essential electronics -- mobile phone
Favorite cologne -- none
Gold or silver? -- platinum
Hometown -- Las Vegas
Insomnia? -- Rarely.
Job title -- Strip Mall Heiress
Kids -- No Thanks. I'm sure yours are lovely.
Living arrangement -- Engaged and shackin' up!
Most admired trait -- Big Fat Beautiful Hair
Number of sexual partners -- [intentionally left blank]
Overnight hospital stays -- one, for 5 days which sucked, except for the dilaudid.
Phobias -- heights
Quote -- "richer than a hug salesman in retard town"
Religion -- Not really
Siblings -- 1 of each
Time I wake up -- 8am
Unusual talent -- finding lost items in plain sight
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- onions
Worst habit -- snacking out of boredom
X-rays -- MRIs please, CT scan drink makes me puke
Yummy foods I make -- shortbread cookies
Zodiac sign -- Aries
posted by krix 05 April | 14:43
Specklet - I have had more sexual partners than you? Hard to believe! Well, you're young yet.

Wait just a minute, missy! Are you calling me slutty? Because you should know I don't give it out to just anyone. Or... are you calling me so deliciously attractive that you couldn't possibly see how I wasn't taking a new lover every week from the hundreds that flock to me?
posted by Specklet 05 April | 14:58
What's wrong with being slutty?
posted by gaspode 05 April | 15:03
It's fun to read these without seeing who it's posted by, and trying to guess.

I'm also amused that a significant number of us don't seem to know what day it is.

Accent -- teensy southern. maybe.
Booze of choice -- wine
Chore I hate -- pretty much all repetitive chores.
Dog or cat -- cat (but I also love doggies!).
Essential electronics -- computer!
Favorite cologne -- Hm. Well it was First, by Van Cleef & Arpels for many, many years.
Gold or silver? -- gold.
Hometown -- none. New Orleans is the closest.
Insomnia? -- rarely.
Job title -- er. Freelance designer?
Kids -- no.
Living arrangement -- apartment, but it's actually like a clever small cottage at the very top of an 8-story building, with my husband.
Most admired trait -- don't know.
Number of sexual partners -- don't know, really. Not many.
Overnight hospital stays -- none.
Phobias -- small, close spaces, crowds, anything covering my face, hospitals &tc. .
Quote -- The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. (Bertrand Russell)
Religion -- no.
Siblings -- one younger sister.
Time I wake up -- between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. - usually around 6 or 7.
Unusual talent -- really, really good hearing?
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- brussels sprouts.
Worst habit -- procrastination, but I can't really call that a habit - it's more a way of life.
X-rays -- Oh, I think I had to get some in order to get my papers to live in Greece.
Yummy foods I make -- gumbo! And other stuff. But gumbo.
Zodiac sign -- leo.
posted by taz 05 April | 15:04
dame: A little of Column A and a little of Column B.
posted by Zozo 05 April | 15:04
Accent -- Generic Eastern Seaboard
Booze of choice -- Beer
Chore I hate -- All Of Them
Dog or cat -- Dog
Essential electronics -- Stereo, PC
Favorite cologne -- None
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Bridgeport, CT(Physical), New York (spiritual)
Insomnia? -- Sometimes
Job title -- Data Editor
Kids -- None, but I'd some. Can you get me some?
Living arrangement -- In Sin. Venal only, though.
Most admired trait -- Friendliness, Humor
Number of sexual partners -- 11
Overnight hospital stays -- 2 (eye operation at 7, kidney stones at 34)
Phobias -- Heights
Quote -- If your aunt had balls, she'd be your uncle. Or a sporting goods saleswoman.
Religion -- Culturally Catholic
Siblings -- Two sisters, one three years younger, one fifteen years younger.
Time I wake up -- weekdays 7, weekends 11
Unusual talent -- mixtape making
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- raw tomatoes
Worst habit -- smoking
X-rays -- yes, I can see through you. you need to wear underwear some of you
Yummy foods I make -- Tuna Melts
Zodiac sign -- Sagittarius
posted by jonmc 05 April | 15:10
Specklet: deliciously attractive, and appealingly flirtatious to boot.

I actually tried to count, when I was in the shower just now, and I came up with 15 from my admittedly faulty memory (and not being able to see how many fingers I was holding up because my glasses were off). So how's about I say 15-20 and we can be about even?
posted by matildaben 05 April | 15:16
Specklet: The second one.
posted by Triode 05 April | 15:19
Okay, mats, we're even. *smooch*

And Triode, you get a smooch too. *smooch*
posted by Specklet 05 April | 15:31
Accent -- When speaking Danish: Frederiksberg/Hellerup/Copenhagen accent. Makes me sound a bit upper class. When speaking English: A hint of charming Scandinavian meets pan-Atlantic very much depending on who I speak to.
Booze of choice -- Whatever's around. I used to be a beer snob until I realized how good a cold Carlsberg can taste on the right occasion.
Chore I hate -- Doing dishes.
Dog or cat -- Dog. Althoug cats are cute too.
Essential electronics -- My iPod. I need music.
Favorite cologne -- Armani Code.
Gold or silver? -- Platinum.
Hometown -- Copenhagen, Denmark.
Insomnia? -- Yes.
Job title -- I don't have a title but I'm running the kitchen in a nursery. Come summer this space will say 'Student'.
Kids -- None that I know of.
Living arrangement -- I live alone in an apartment in a suburb of Copenhagen.
Most admired trait -- Extremely good taste in music, clothes and women. No? Well, I'm a pretty good cook.
Number of sexual partners -- That's none of your business. And to be honest, I'm not sure.
Overnight hospital stays -- None that I can remember.
Phobias -- I don't go to the doctor.
Quote -- "Leaky old ceiling / repairing is not my job / but still I am wet" --Anonymous
Religion -- None.
Siblings -- An older sister and a younger brother.
Time I wake up -- 6:50 AM.
Unusual talent -- I can fit the bottom of a 1 ½ liter bottle in my mouth.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- None. I like all foods except raw cheese.
Worst habit -- I walk around when I'm on the phone. If I'm seated when it rings I'll get up and walk around. People find it annoying.
X-rays -- None. See phobias.
Yummy foods I make -- Chicken satay with peanut sauce. Lasagna. Salads. Omelets. I love to cook.
Zodiac sign -- Cancer.
posted by sveskemus 05 April | 15:31
Accent -- None that I know of, but I do mumble.
Booze of choice -- Guiness
Chore I hate -- Um, going to the ATM for money to leave the housecleaner
Dog or cat -- Dog (well, parents have dogs, I have no pets)
Essential electronics -- iPod, iBook
Favorite cologne -- Creed Green Irish Tweed, but I don't usually wear anything
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Phoenix, AZ
Insomnia? -- Yeah, can't fall asleep. But I can sleep forever once I do.
Job title -- Private Equity Associate
Kids -- Nope
Living arrangement -- Single, live alone
Most admired trait -- Well, for most audiences I'd say intelligence, but I feel intimidated in this crowd.
Number of sexual partners -- Just a few, not enough
Overnight hospital stays -- 0
Phobias -- Cockroaches, heights in certain scenarios
Quote -- "The only thing you can waste in your life is time" - my father
Religion -- weak athiest
Siblings -- One younger brother
Time I wake up -- 8am on weekdays, 2pm on weekends
Unusual talent -- Good in the low-post
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Green beans
Worst habit -- Eating, sleeping in
X-rays -- Ankle most recently (8 years ago)
Yummy foods I make -- I don't make foods
Zodiac sign -- Pisces? DOB is 2/19
posted by mullacc 05 April | 15:40
Accent -- Straight up middle class North Atlantic, with hints of New York (daawg) and a tendency to say Y'all and Yiz.
Booze of choice -- The Bird, Beer, Cognac, and who the fuck am I kidding, anything not in the Ouzo/Pastis family, although if you're having one...
Chore I hate -- Doing the accounts.
Dog or cat -- Love both, currently have two cats.
Essential electronics -- Ipod and Computer.
Favorite cologne -- Garlic, Cigar and Girl Hair.
Gold or silver? -- White Gold.
Hometown -- New Jack City.
Insomnia? -- Yes please.
Job title -- My business cards are blank in that slot because I edit, account, am the IT department, liase with distributors and throw out the garbage.
Kids -- I have a stepdaughter.
Living arrangement -- rent a too expensive apartment and live in it with my lady and her kid.
Most admired trait -- Shit Talking.
Number of sexual partners -- A number, yes. Just one at a time though, serial monogomy.
Overnight hospital stays -- Nope.
Phobias -- no.
Quote -- "We don't punch girls and we don't punch a clock" and "Let me go to hell, that's all I ask, and go on cursing them there, and them look down and hear me, that might take some of the shine off their bliss." S.B.
Religion -- Is not something I have, but I mention God and his son a bunch cause I was raised by ex-catholics, atheist quaker.
Siblings -- a little sister.
Time I wake up -- 5:15, 6:30, 7:05 and then for good at 7:15.
Unusual talent -- Golden Ass.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Eggplant.
Worst habit -- Slack.
X-rays -- Just the grill area.
Yummy foods I make -- Lots and lots, check me on the roast chicken with cornbread stuffing and braised brussels sprouts though.
Zodiac sign -- If the arrangement of the planets and stars determine our personalities and fates then I want my money back. Libra.
posted by Divine_Wino 05 April | 15:42
Accent -- iambic tetrameter
Booze of choice -- Macallan 18 (When I can afford it)
Chore I hate -- cleaning the tub
Dog or cat -- cat (though I've apparently killed a few)
Essential electronics -- my beloved mac
Favorite cologne -- Irish Spring (manly yes, but I like it too)
Gold or silver? -- silver
Hometown -- Bridgeport/Fairfield (explains the confusion)
Insomnia? -- sometimes (three a.m. speed bump)
Job title -- lion tamer (aka, Bronx English teacher)
Kids -- no, but would love some
Living arrangement -- happily coupleized
Most admired trait -- smile
Number of sexual partners -- two, but we're accepting applicants
Overnight hospital stays -- four, I think (I'm a big fan of lime jello)
Phobias -- tarantulas, scorpions, cheese cake, scorpion cheese cake
Quote -- Catch-as-catch-can
Religion -- ??
Siblings -- three half brothers (about a brother and a half in all)
Time I wake up -- 2046 (will there be scorpion cheese cake??)
Unusual talent -- Yiddish curses
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- turnips, though I feel I must give them another try
Worst habit -- TV, and butt-stinkin' up the couch
X-rays -- I have ten extra bones apparently
Yummy foods I make -- elbow macs with Campbell's tomato soup (my mom's invention; don't knock it)
Zodiac sign -- Cancer
posted by Pips 05 April | 15:42
dame, I can only speak for myself, but it's the 11yr LTR that, despite being open, eventually closed the doors on the desire for more.

hellbient, I know what that is! We might work for the same organization. freaky.

taz, nice quote.

Everyone else, the anchor links are just too much work, but know that you're wonderful! OMG, I must've been bit by something.
posted by safetyfork 05 April | 15:50
*backs away from computer*
posted by safetyfork 05 April | 15:51
Hey Pips, where are your extra bones?
posted by Specklet 05 April | 16:19
Accent -- General American
Booze of choice -- Jack Daniels
Chore I hate -- Window washing
Dog or cat -- Shrimp!
Essential electronics -- Treo 600
Favorite cologne -- Dove Body Wash
Gold or silver? -- Platinum
Hometown -- Lake Villa, IL
Insomnia? -- Boring
Job title -- CTO
Kids -- Yes, please!
Living arrangement -- Sweet!
Most admired trait -- Fearless
Number of sexual partners -- Depends. 15-20 or 1, I think.
Overnight hospital stays -- 0
Phobias -- Having blood drawn
Quote -- "I have always loved to use fear, to take it and comprehend it and make it work and consolidate a situation where I was afraid and take it whole and work from there."
Religion -- Previously Catholic, probably Protestant
Siblings -- One, in Romania at the moment
Time I wake up -- 7:30
Unusual talent -- High fat tolerance
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Squash
Worst habit -- Nose picking!
X-rays -- Knee, finger, ribs
Yummy foods I make -- Fried turkey
Zodiac sign -- Scorpio
posted by eamondaly 05 April | 17:01
Unusual talent -- Hypermobile joints

me too amro! my claim to fame is that i can put my foot behind my head.
posted by flopsy 05 April | 17:35
I very rarely post here (or anywhere else for that matter), but anyway, here's mine:

Accent -- Latin
Booze of choice -- Bacardi Aρejo
Chore I hate -- Cooking
Dog or cat -- Dog
Essential electronics -- Cellphone
Favorite cologne -- None
Gold or silver? -- Silver, probably
Hometown -- Monterrey, Mexico
Insomnia? -- All the time
Job title -- Let's say General Manager
Kids -- Hell no
Living arrangement -- Currently thinking about buying a house
Most admired trait -- Kindness
Number of sexual partners -- No idea
Overnight hospital stays -- 2 I can think of
Phobias -- Cockroaches; those little fuckers freak me out
Quote --
Religion -- None
Siblings -- 3 brothers and a sister. I'm the oldest.
Time I wake up -- 7:30
Unusual talent -- None that I can think of
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- None
Worst habit -- Smoking. A lot. I really want to want to quit.
X-rays -- Many
Yummy foods I make -- I can't cook anything. At all.
Zodiac sign -- Taurus
posted by Penks 05 April | 18:43
Taz: nice quote. So true!

sexual partner clarification/answer to dame: I thought it meant right now. history = 8, one at a time. into 6th year w/ mrs chewy.

I know all you insomniacs will be cured now. heh
posted by chewatadistance 05 April | 18:52
Accent -- none/generic
Booze of choice -- mojitos! I like mixed drinks
Chore I hate -- all of them
Dog or cat -- currently have 2 cats, want a pug
Essential electronics -- computer
Favorite cologne -- Tea Rose oil from The Body Shop
Gold or silver? -- silver, white gold, platinum!
Hometown -- Seattle (not born there, tho')
Insomnia? -- yes, dammit
Job title -- Annoyer of Cats
Kids -- none for me, thanks
Living arrangement -- married, two cats, RV
Most admired trait -- in me or others?
Number of sexual partners -- currently? one
Overnight hospital stays -- one (tonsils and tubes in my ears)
Phobias -- bugs, falling, burning to death, society (SAD), being underground
Quote -- "What?"
Religion -- none, test results: UU, Reform Judaism
Siblings -- four brothers, I'm next to youngest
Time I wake up -- whenever
Unusual talent -- none that I'm aware of
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- most of them
Worst habit -- self-hate
X-rays -- most recently? my teeth
Yummy foods I make -- too few to mention
Zodiac sign -- Sagittarius/Year of the Horse
posted by deborah 05 April | 19:05
flopsy, the hypermobility certainly does come in handy, if you know what I mean. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* Unfortunately, at the moment it's just making my knees hurt.
posted by amro 05 April | 19:33
Application of regression analysis showed that the total lifetime number of sexual partners in both surveyed years was related to age, living outside marriage/cohabitation, living in a large town, falling in love many times, early timing of the sexual debut, frequent sexual intercourse, present masturbation, the use of alcohol before the last sexual intercourse and regarding religion as only slightly important. A large number of sex partners is thus associated with aging, independence, a lively and versatile sex life and a secular lifestyle.

-from Eamondaly's link.

Yeah, that about sums up my reasons (except for the "early timing" bit - I was actually a late bloomer).
posted by matildaben 05 April | 19:34
Accent -- gree-nglish as in "Big Fat Greek Wedding" but I will happily use any word or accent that strikes my fancy
Booze of choice -- depends on the occasion, baby...
Chore I hate -- if it's a chore, I hate it
Dog or cat -- none: that's all I need right now. I like big dogs, tho'
Essential electronics -- computer with internet connection
Favorite cologne -- it varies, right now: Stella
Gold or silver? -- anything very expensive or hilariously cheap, simultaneously.
Hometown -- Αθηνα (ok, ok, Athens, Greece)
Insomnia? -- I thrive in it
Job title -- slave in science
Kids -- 2 age 2
Living arrangement -- he! he! University subsidized delicious housing. With someone who claims to be my husband. And his entourage.
Most admired trait -- nobody admires anything in me.
Number of sexual partners -- "enough!" or "not enough..." I forget which.
Overnight hospital stays -- some, minor
Phobias -- uhh, anyone touching my belly button
Quote -- " ... "
Religion -- none
Siblings -- the finest younger sis ever
Time I wake up -- as late as I can, as long as I can feign it (about 8:30 am)
Unusual talent -- puhhleeze! I have none!
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- actually, I like them all
Worst habit -- biting, my fingers (no! not the nails, yuk!)
X-rays -- some
Yummy foods I make -- anything greek you like or you don't
Zodiac sign -- Libra and Horse. I hope you don't believe in this shit.
posted by carmina 05 April | 21:20
Most admired trait -- nobody admires anything in me.

That's the second most bullshittiest thing I've ever heard.
posted by mudpuppie 05 April | 21:30
why why why? puppie? tell me! have you heard otherwise?
posted by carmina 05 April | 21:37
(Carmina, there's lots I admire in you. You'll have to take my word for it, though. Too much to type out. Sure I'm not the only one.)
posted by mudpuppie 05 April | 22:15

Accent -- Monosodium glutamate, but seriously, I just feel fortunate I never picked up a 'Valley Dood' accent; I've been told I sound like Wallace Shawn but I was a little stuffed up at the time...

Booze of choice -- "Do not consume alcohol while taking this medication", which is fine, I never actually enjoyed the effects booze had on me; I'm am really much more fun sober

Chore I hate -- All of them, but mostly anything requiring bending over, and now laundry since moving to where the nearest pay washer is over 2 miles away

Dog or cat -- Still mourning the 14 year old dog I lost 2 years ago; grew up with a father allergic to cats - considered getting a cat just to keep him from visiting

Essential electronics -- desktop computer w/DVR hooked up to cable and 19 inch screen; no-frills laptop w/wifi; used to be into radio but after a string of non-functioning and/or stolen car radios I now just talk to myself in the car; last on my block to get a cell phone, my current model is obsolete TracFone with 500 minutes that'll take me a year to use

Favorite cologne -- since breaking up with she who picked my colognes for me, I have proudly stunk my own stink, but I still like tropical fruit scented soaps and shampoos

Gold or silver? -- I prefer white shiny to yellow shiny, but have worn no personal jewelry since throwing the wedding ring into the Pacific Ocean

Hometown -- Cleveland, Ohio, specifically the suburb of Lakewood; my daddy's job was transferred to L.A. when I was 5, so I'm a near-native Californian; San Luis Obispo is the hometown I always wanted

Insomnia? -- sometimes I wish; recently I've been sleeping 10-12 hours at a time and my biological clock is on a 25-26 hour cycle so I'm always confused

Job title -- Disabled/Independent Contractor/Writer/Former Accountant/Former Data Analyst and Computer Users Liaison/Former Radio Sidekick

Kids -- null set; never proud enough of my DNA to want to pass it on

Living arrangement -- alone in a studio that's a converted motel room, but with separate kitchen; bed behind sofa facing desk; the less room the less that needs cleaning

Most admired trait -- my sense of humor, most often because people consider it non-threatening; I used to be a lot more quick-witted

Number of sexual partners -- The lead singer bunny on the "Everybody Else Has Had More Sex Than Me" video - that's me

Overnight hospital stays -- 2 before the last 5 years (tonsils and a hernia), 6 in the last 5 years (flesh-eating bacteria, a voluntary psychiatric admission, and 4 for congestive heart failure, one way too recently)

Phobias -- I'm not phobic of anything in particular, but I'm warily cautious of most animals, people and machines; and after a 1990 incident when I was almost blown up while on the 7th floor of an 11-story building, I have no desire to get into buildings taller than they are wide

Quote -- Elvis ("He's the REAL King") Costello said it best: "I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused..."

Religion -- Brought up a flabby Presbyterian; my ex was Catholic for all the wrong reasons; nowI have gotten a surprising amount of peace and comfort out of giving up any claim to anything divine

Siblings -- none; my parents weren't too proud of my DNA either

Time I wake up -- see "insomnia"

Unusual talent -- nothing that'll ever get me on "Stupid Human Tricks", but I once had to ad-lib an act on a radio show so I did "Ground Level Tightrope Walking" on an outstretched cable, great for radio but thanks to an overzealous news crew, it ended up on TV

Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Mushrooms; don't know why, but I've always been edible-fungus-resistant; CAN'T eat peanuts, allergic but not life-threateningly

Worst habit -- Some would say laziness, but I've learned to love my sloth; unhealthy eating habits got me where I am today heathwise; I finally quit biting my fingernails just over a year ago, but it took major dental problems causing big time tooth loss to make it happen

X-rays -- several chest jobs in recent years related to CHF and difficulty breathing, plus one broken foot 2 years ago

Yummy foods I make -- mostly things I'm no longer allowed to eat, like a gringo Aztec Pudding casserole I call "Enchillasagna" and holiday Green Bean Caserole without Cream of Mushroom soup

Zodiac sign -- "Don't Drive a Taurus", but seriously, I always preferred Son of Sam to the Zodiac, BUT SERIOUSLY, Libra , but if I've given up on any God, why should I give a frak what the stars say?

Why am I telling this to you people? Probably because I've seen many of the other MeChatters open themselves up so much recently and the last time I was really open was my Thanksgiving '03 Marriage Rant.
posted by wendell 05 April | 23:26
Accent -- generic Midwest USA
Booze of choice -- wheat beers
Chore I hate -- cleaning most anything
Dog or cat -- dog, unquestionably
Essential electronics -- laptop, cell phone
Favorite cologne -- adidas moves
Gold or silver? -- I'm not really one for bling
Hometown -- Ft. Wayne, IN
Insomnia? -- when I was younger, and now it seems to be creeping back
Job title -- student/unemployed
Kids -- none yet
Living arrangement -- rent a house with friends
Most admired trait -- I'll skip modesty and admit it's wisdom and intelligence
Number of sexual partners -- one
Overnight hospital stays -- none
Phobias -- being the only one to show up at an event or meeting, growing up
Quote -- "Non illigitamus carborundum (Don't let the bastards grind you down)"
Religion -- anabaptist pacifist Christian
Siblings -- one, whom I only claim occasionally
Time I wake up -- too late, every day
Unusual talent -- my vast reserves of trivial knowledge
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- mushrooms, lima beans, brussels sprouts, peppers, onions (except onion rings), others I can't recall
Worst habit -- laziness, procrastination, and chewing my fingernails
X-rays -- teeth of course, spine for chiropractor
Yummy foods I make -- pasta, pork chops in citrus marinade, various vaguely oriental chicken dishes, mexican rice, cheeseburgers
Zodiac sign -- is bullshit, but it's Capricorn
posted by kyleg 06 April | 02:50
Accent -- I've a slight drawl in casual conversation, but it tends to disappear when I need to speak intelligently
Booze of choice -- vodka
Chore I hate -- motherfucking dishes
Dog or cat -- dog!
Essential electronics -- laptop, 8bit nintendo, digital camera
Favorite cologne -- don't wear one
Gold or silver? -- argento
Hometown -- connersville
Insomnia? -- sleep like the dead
Job title -- Senior Editor in charge of beating the shit out of you.
Kids -- I like 'em but don't have any yet.
Living arrangement -- Got my own place
Most admired trait -- sense of humor?
Number of sexual partners -- niner
Overnight hospital stays -- never
Phobias -- I don't have irrational fears of anything, really. Maybe falling?
Quote -- “Isn’t every human being both a scientist and an artist; and in writing of human experience, isn’t there a good deal to be said for recognizing that fact and for using both methods?” -James Agee from Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
Religion -- Roman Catholic
Siblings -- i'm an only
Time I wake up -- 6:25 5 minutes before my alarm goes off
Unusual talent -- i can wrap my arms in a pretzel shape and stick my head through the hole they make
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- cooked spinach
Worst habit -- I'm fidgety
X-rays -- thumb, kneecap a couple of times after dislocating it, teef
Yummy foods I make -- fudge, lemon leek and mushroom risotto
Zodiac sign -- scorpio
posted by sciurus 06 April | 06:47
I just want to clarify. I read "most admired trait" to mean "trait I most admire" not "my most admirable trait."

Making macaroni.
posted by Hugh Janus 06 April | 07:49
Ok, I'll play!

Accent -- Midwestern?
Booze of choice -- Sam Adams Light
Chore I hate -- Laundry or cleaning the shower
Dog or cat -- Both
Essential electronics -- Ummm, computer I guess
Favorite cologne -- Aveda men's Purefume
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Zion, IL
Insomnia? -- Rarely
Job title -- ANALyst
Kids -- Not yet, next spring we'll start things rolling
Living arrangement -- Married
Most admired trait -- Dry sense of humor
Number of sexual partners -- Ummmm, around my age
Overnight hospital stays -- Never
Phobias -- Clutter
Quote -- "Shut the fuck up Donny!"
Religion -- Unitarian/neo-pagan/Buddhist something or other
Siblings -- 3 - two sisters and a brother
Time I wake up -- 5:00 a.m.
Unusual talent -- Cracking my thumbs at any time, or smacking my penis against my forehead (no, not really)
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Mushrooms
Worst habit -- Biting my nails; drinking too much
X-rays -- Three broken toes a few years ago was the most recent
Yummy foods I make -- Veggie chili, spinach ricotta pie
Zodiac sign -- Caprincorny
posted by tr33hggr 06 April | 08:10
Late to the party as usual, but I'll play anyway:

Accent -- I don't think I have one. But people tell me I have a strong Chicago accent, with a touch of New York thrown in.
Booze of choice -- Green Apple Pucker.
Chore I hate -- Cleaning of any kind
Dog or cat -- Dog. You've all seen pictures of Barney. : )
Essential electronics -- Computer, stereo, TV, Ipod
Favorite cologne -- Right now it's Extraordinary by Avon.
Gold or silver? -- Depends what I'm wearing.
Hometown -- Bolingbrook, IL
Insomnia? -- Since I can remember.
Job title -- Real Estate Advertising Client Service Rep. It's a mouthful!
Kids -- Never had 'em, never will.
Living arrangement -- Suburban home.
Most admired trait -- My sense of humor
Number of sexual partners -- I can count them on both hands and part of a foot. But I haven't had one in - um, way too long.
Overnight hospital stays -- Loads of them in grade school, none since.
Phobias -- NEEDLES.
Quote -- "There ain't no answer. There ain't gonna be any answer. There never has been an answer. That's the answer." - Gertrude Stein
Religion -- Jewish
Siblings -- One younger sister
Time I wake up -- 5:15-5:30 weekdays, as late as possible weekends. : )
Unusual talent -- I used to be able to lie on the ground, arch my back, and take my glasses off with my feet.
Vegetable I refuse to eat --Most of them. I am a picky eater.
Worst habit -- Procrastination
X-rays -- Get 'em at the dentist twice a year.
Yummy foods I make -- Things that come in boxes and you can stick in the microwave. : )
Zodiac sign -- Scorpio
posted by sisterhavana 06 April | 08:42
Number of sexual partners -- 3,197
posted by mcgraw 06 April | 10:05
Is that the sum of mcgraw and dfowler or just you mcgraw?
posted by sciurus 06 April | 10:43
The fact that I missed this bodes well for overcoming my MeCha addiction. The fact that I am now answering it rather than taking a nap does not.

Accent -- I can do about a hundred different ones, and do so often. I've forgotten what my "natural" speech sounds like.
BoozeBeverage of choice -- Water goes with anything. (Booze is for escaping reality; I embrace reality... xXxstr8xedgexcorexXx)
Chore I hate -- Cleaning
Dog or cat -- Pet? Allergic. Which am I most like? A cat.
Essential electronics -- All of them.
Favorite cologne -- None, or my own manly pheromones (they seem to work alright)
Gold or silver? -- Nah. I hate jewelry.
Hometown -- KC, MO
Insomnia? -- Of course.
Job title -- N/A
Kids -- N/A
Living arrangement -- Rent, 1BR, NO ROOMMATES.
Most admired trait -- In me, or others?
Number of sexual partners -- Who ever's up for whatever. Never done more than two, though.
Overnight hospital stays -- N/A
Phobias -- N/A
Quote -- "N/A" - anonymous
Religion -- Nope.
Siblings -- Yep.
Time I wake up -- 7AM (trying for six, some day it'll be 5 again)
Unusual talent -- All of mine are unusual.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Tomatoes are fruits.
Worst habit -- MetaChat when I should be napping.
X-rays -- shoot from my eyes.
Yummy foods I make -- Bees make honey. I go to the store.
Zodiac sign -- Monkey
posted by Eideteker 06 April | 11:38
;) sciurus

i'm the side that's an ascetic.

the mcgraw side of our split personality is the wilt chamberlain side.
posted by dfowler 06 April | 13:10
Okay, here we go:

Accent -- Canadian although I'm told its not strong
Booze of choice -- Beer, then a dirty martini, extra dirty with four olives (Grey Goose only please)
Chore I hate -- Ironing...I will take it out the dryer and flatten it instead
Dog or cat -- Both!
Essential electronics -- Computer and iPod
Favorite cologne -- Estee Lauder's Exotic and the Frangipani solid perfume I got in Australia
Gold or silver? -- Platinum
Hometown -- Born or where I live now? I was born in Hamilton and have lived in many places.
Insomnia? -- sometimes
Job title -- Lab Money Extrordinaire
Kids -- none yet...we'll see
Living arrangement -- Apt with one housemate
Most admired trait -- me
Number of sexual partners -- 5
Overnight hospital stays -- none!
Phobias -- mirrors...its completely irrational
Quote -- "Hell is other people"
Religion -- Jedi?
Siblings -- one younger sister
Time I wake up -- 8-ish
Unusual talent -- again, no idea...I'm good with DNA
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- none, veggies are OK
Worst habit -- I interupt people :(
X-rays -- neck and hand
Yummy foods I make -- Shrimp Pakoras!
Zodiac sign -- Aries
posted by LunaticFringe 06 April | 13:44
Catching up...

Accent -- I claim I have none, but once while on vacation in Florida a stranger correctly pegged me as being from the Chicago suburbs with at least parent from the SouthSide - based on my accent!
Booze of choice -- Mezcal or Sol in summer and British beers in the winter
Chore I hate -- changing the litterbox
Dog or cat -- Currently have 2 cats, but I grew up with dogs - my schedule currently makes it hard to keep a dog
Essential electronics -- I just need a computer and something to play CDs on - I'm not fussy
Favorite cologne -- Alfred Sung Paradise
Gold or silver? -- Silver - I hate gold
Hometown -- Many different Chicago suburbs
Insomnia? -- light sleeper, but I fall asleep quickly
Job title -- Sales Representative
Kids -- none, ever.
Living arrangement -- me and the mrs.
Most admired trait -- in others, a sense of humor
Number of sexual partners -- less than most professional touring funk bands but more than most comic book convention attendees
Overnight hospital stays -- none
Phobias -- nothing I can think of now, but when I was a kid for some reason I was afraid of somebody breaking my knees
Quote -- "90% of everything is crap." But I love the remaining 10% with a passion.
Religion -- I'm a skeptic.
Siblings -- 3 older brothers
Time I wake up -- between five thirty and six thirty - depending on how many times I hit the snooze button
Unusual talent -- I can draw a dog pooing
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- cauliflower
Worst habit -- trying to finish other people's sentences - I'm getting better at not doing it, but I have to work at it.
X-rays -- pro.
Yummy foods I make -- stuffed peppers, onion soup, and my wife swears I make the best chocolate chip cookies even though I'm just following the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag
Zodiac sign -- cancer.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 06 April | 20:00
Better late than never (and it's Friday, fuck it!):

Accent -- mostly Kiwi, with some Aus that has crept in over the years
Booze of choice -- Scotch, but I likes me some nice chardonnay
Chore I hate -- all of them
Dog or cat -- No thanks
Essential electronics -- iPod, Intarweb
Favorite cologne -- keh?
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Auckland, NZ
Insomnia? -- Not so much nowadays (see answer re kids)
Job title -- Senior Auditor
Kids -- 4
Living arrangement -- Live with partner of 10 years and 3/4 kids
Most admired trait -- Dependable (god, that sucks)
Number of sexual partners -- a couple
Overnight hospital stays -- 1 when I was about 5 (tonsils)
Phobias -- nil
Quote -- "People are no damn good"
Religion -- No idea, kind of agnostic, but this new thing called Deism I discovered here sounds about right
Siblings -- 3 sisters, all younger
Time I wake up -- 6 a fucking m
Unusual talent -- nothing
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Chokos
Worst habit -- Procrastinating
X-rays -- umm, CAT scan (head), left hand, both knees, chest, right foot, teeth, right shoulder. I think that's all.
Yummy foods I make -- Ha! she cooks, I clean
Zodiac sign -- Leo
posted by dg 06 April | 22:57
Accent --Indian. ish.
Booze of choice --Beer
Chore I hate --Laundry
Dog or cat --Cat
Essential electronics --Cellphone. radio.
Favorite cologne --meh
Gold or silver? --gold
Hometown --bangalore, India
Insomnia? --it comes and goes
Job title --Student. Phd
Kids --nope
Living arrangement --Live in with GF
Most admired trait --Im very calm
Number of sexual partners --not a lot
Overnight hospital stays --none
Phobias --I hate things flying into my face. Insects, birds bats, whatever
Quote --Every silver lining has a dark cloud
Religion --Agnostic, but hindu born
Siblings --2 (theyre twins)
Time I wake up --left to myself 11. otherwise 8 ish
Unusual talent --finding patterns where there are none
Vegetable I refuse to eat --Radish
Worst habit --Laziness (i prefer to call it indolence)
X-rays --a few times, mostly dental.
Yummy foods I make --heh. an omlette. and indian style tea (chai)
Zodiac sign --gemini
posted by dhruva 06 April | 23:26
Accent -- Radio english, and a bit posh I am told
Booze of choice -- Amaretto if I have to, prefer cannabis
Chore I hate -- Clearing up warm cat vomit.
Dog or cat -- A small herd of 5 cats, and I miss having a dog.
Essential electronics -- PC
Favorite cologne -- None, most make me gag.
Gold or silver? -- gold
Insomnia? -- yeah, too damn often
Job title -- I teach humane equine management.
Kids -- No thank you.
Living arrangement -- With S.O and small herd of cats.
Most admired trait -- Standing up for the underdog.
Number of sexual partners -- best not to ask eh.
Overnight hospital stays -- 4, all horrible but worth it for the morphine - yum.
Phobias -- None
Quote -- Money will buy a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of its tail.
Religion -- No thank you.
Siblings -- None
Time I wake up -- 7am
Unusual talent -- Nope, can't think of one.
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Okra
Worst habit -- Disappearing up my own arse
X-rays -- Far too many, I now have a half life of 150,000 years.
Yummy foods I make -- Broccoli soup, spicey millet balls, veg' stroganof
Zodiac sign -- Gemini
posted by Arqa 07 April | 05:24
This is way, way late but screw it, I'm doing it anyway!

Accent -- Baltimorean when angry or drunk, bland "generic American" otherwise, I think
Booze of choice -- Beer
Chore I hate -- Laundry
Dog or cat -- Dog
Essential electronics -- Computer, TV
Favorite cologne -- The new Vera Wang. Yum!
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Annapolis, Maryland, USA
Insomnia? -- Occasionally
Job title -- Administrator
Kids -- None
Living arrangement -- one dog, four birds and moi at the moment
Most admired trait -- Fierce loyalty to close friends
Number of sexual partners -- Around 12, I think. I'm too tired to figure up an accurate count
Overnight hospital stays -- None, but I have one coming up in the very near future
Phobias -- Lightning, spiders
Quote -- I can never remember any good ones
Religion -- Open-minded agnostic
Siblings -- three step-brothers
Time I wake up -- Between 6am and 10am depending on if I'm working or not
Unusual talent -- I don't think I have one
Vegetable I refuse to eat -- Plain cooked cabbage
Worst habit -- I smoke
X-rays -- Many
Yummy foods I make -- Lasagna, brownies, shrimp scampi
Zodiac sign -- Aries *headbutt*
posted by LeeJay 29 April | 00:46
GTD Prayer || My lunchtime fortune cookie said,