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25 March 2006

yup--he rocks

Blondell as Goddess tho? No way.It should be Carole Lombard or Harlow.
posted by amberglow 25 March | 13:31
or Mariah!
posted by matteo 25 March | 14:29
(I love Mariah!)
posted by matteo 25 March | 14:30
Studs Terkel is one of my heroes. Someday, I'd like to be like him. There is no higher praise I can give.
posted by jonmc 25 March | 20:17
Terkel’s Working is one of my three favorite books. Here are some excerpts (pretty much randomly chosen) from the interviews:

With a spot-welder:
“You got some guys that are uptight, and they’re not sociable. It’s too rough. You pretty much stay to yourself. You get involved with yourself. You dream, you think of things you’ve done. I drift back continuously to when I was a kid and what me and my brothers did. The things you love most are the things you drift back into.

Lots of times I worked from the time I started to the time of the break and I never realized I had even worked. When you dream, you reduce the chances of friction with the foreman or with the next guy.”

With a housewife:
“I think a lot. (Laughs.) Oh sure, I daydream. Everybody does. Some of ‘em are big and some of ‘em are silly. Sometimes you dream you’re still a kid and you’re riding your bike. Sometimes you daydream you’re really someone special and people are asking you for your advice, that you’re in a really big deal. (Laughs.)”

With a proofreader:
“If there’s a lull in the work, the kids’ll go in the main office, which is plush, where the big boss works – and they’d sleep on the couches. The big boss complained to my boss that people were sleeping on the couches on Saturdays. He asked if I would pass the word along not to sleep on the couches any longer. I said, ‘Why? It doesn’t make any sense. If there’s nothing to do and it’s the middle of the night and the people want to grab a nap and the couch is there . . .’ He said, ‘Well, that’s what the boss said.’ I just told him, ‘No, I wouldn’t feel right telling them. You’ll have to tell them yourself.’ It’s really stupid. If the couch is there and somebody’s tired, he should just lay down on the floor to keep this guy’s couch neat for next Monday?’”

posted by sophieblue 25 March | 23:14
One of my most treasured possesions is an autographed copy of Working.
posted by Divine_Wino 26 March | 00:14
[Wedge] a few years ago... Studs Terkel was confronted by a burglar in his bedroom. Chicago police say Terkel handed over his cash, then told the crook he was flat broke and could use 20 bucks. The armed burglar handed him a twenty before his escape.

[Wedge] heh i ♥ studs.. now THATs class

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posted by Wedge 26 March | 17:05
Blue Penes || Anyone up for IRC this fine morning?