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14 March 2006

The mother-fucking POGUES! So, I'm going to one of their NYC concerts this Thursday... anyone else going to be there?[More:]

It totally took me by surprise, too, because it turns out that a friend bought a ticket for me and I had no idea because she had complained about not being able to get as many as she thought she could.

This will be my first concert, ever in NYC.

Isn't that fucking awesome?

Oh, and here's my current favorite song by them: Fiesta.
*fumes with envy*

(the Wino is gonna be at one of the shows, too, remember. my friends are gonna be indulging in rum, sodomy, and the lash, while I sit at home darning my socks. *sigh*)
posted by jonmc 14 March | 09:27
Nah, I'm going to see The Bats play at the knitting factory wednesday night, and can't handle that many nights out. Jealous, though. (not enough to change my plans though :) Bats are the band that made me love music)
posted by gaspode 14 March | 09:30
The Wino's going on Sunday, though. That's cool, though. It probably would have been impossible to find him.
posted by TrishaLynn 14 March | 10:09
Oh, come on, it's a Pogues show. How many drunken hairy Irishmen in work clothes could there be?
posted by jonmc 14 March | 10:12
Wow. Have fun! We expect a full report!

Hmm, Mar 16th, day before Paddy's Day. I hope the Irish-American Green Beer crowd doesn't ruin it all by starting fights and puking all over everything. Then again, it IS a Pogues concert, so how out of character would all that be? But they're GREAT musicians, and it'd be a pity not to be able to enjoy the show.

At least you don't have to worry about the concert being called off early when Shane MacGowan passes out on-stage. I hated to see him go, but it probably makes live performances a little more... reliable.

"Back in the day":
≡ Click to see image ≡

Has he put on some weight?:
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by shane 14 March | 10:48
By the way, my username back on the Delphi Forums was (is) "Pogmo"
posted by shane 14 March | 10:49
I just bought a ticket for Saturday night. Thanks for mentioning this - I would've never known about it.
posted by mullacc 14 March | 15:55
I would have loved to have seen them when Joe Strummer toured with them for awhile. It just couldn't get much better than that.
posted by King of Prontopia 14 March | 16:24
Man, I would love to see them live! I didn't even know they were still touring. Lucky lucky you TrishaLynn! And may I say, what a delightfully jaunty current favourite you have. Mine will always be Dirty Old Town.
posted by nomis 14 March | 16:55
fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck...I suck.
I always miss this stuff. I should really pay more attention. Why don't I have friends that tell me about this stuff!!

Strangely, I've been going through a Pogues thing lately.
It's totally sold out...if anyone hears about any tix coming available, please let me know.
Have fun TrishaLynn.
posted by Hellbient 14 March | 19:38
hellbeint I bet you could get some tickets on craigslist, you're just going to pay a shitload of money. I'm doing one arm pushups and drinking straight poteen in preparation for sunday.
I predict a right fucking hurley as my dear sainted grandmere used to say.
posted by Divine_Wino 14 March | 21:41
I bought my ticket through a broker for $165. Seemed to be plenty available, but the price does sound ridiculous.
posted by mullacc 15 March | 09:21
yeah, i'm looking at tix on ebay now. It looks like $100 and up. I put a request in on Craigslist.
I just don't know about spending over $100 on something like this.
But god, it'd be so great to see them.
Perhaps I'll head down to the Old Main Drag and see if I can raise enough money.
posted by Hellbient 15 March | 11:08
okay, $122.50 later, I'm going! This sunday. I'll look for you Wino, even though I have no idea what you look like.
fuck yeah. MacGowan fuckin' better not blow this.
posted by Hellbient 15 March | 13:42
Must. Not. Look. At. Craigslist.


*cues up rainy night in soho*
posted by gaspode 15 March | 14:01
my rationalizations:

- MacGowan will probably be dead soon. Or at least back on the sauce, either of which will put him out of commission.

- listened to "Wild Cats of Kilkenny". Just have to hear it live.

- original lineup. Haven't toured in over a decade.

- fuck it. just work an extra day soon.

- it's The fuckin' Pogues. Now i have to have kids, so I can tell them about it.
posted by Hellbient 15 March | 14:18
If I were there, I'd hit it. Mr. and I have had many drunken nights of dancing and laughing and crying with the mother-fucking POGUES, but never in person.
posted by taz 15 March | 14:23
my rationalization:

- I have no concept of the value of money.
- "The Pogues" sounds like a fun name for a band - I wonder if they'll be good?
posted by mullacc 15 March | 17:33
They will be awesome. Not that I've seen them live yet. But they're a great rock group, I'll know most of the songs, I get to dance my version of an Irish jig...

It will be sweet.
posted by TrishaLynn 15 March | 19:13
It's astounding || Happy Pi Day!