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24 February 2006

Come to IRC & help me wallow in my misery. The wife 'n I? Very, very over. Come watch me get fucked up on stuff that I didn't get from a doctor.

C'mon - it'll be fun!
Uh oh. I sincerely hope some variation of "I told you I was hardcore" is not uttered.
posted by danostuporstar 24 February | 23:40
Can't do the IRC from work, but I'm sorry just the same. Go easy on the self-medication, OK? I know that's easy for me to say...
posted by bmarkey 24 February | 23:41
Aw, item, I'm so sorry to hear it. Please treat yourself well, and... yeah - what bmarkey said.
posted by taz 25 February | 00:13
Sorry to hear it, item. Truly.
posted by fenriq 25 February | 00:31
I'm sorry I missed you.
posted by Feisty 25 February | 01:14
Same here. I was in a real bad way 12 years ago when my (ex-)wife left me. A lot of people think that internet friends aren't "real" friends, and I wouldn't even say that you and I are even internet friends, but I sure as hell would be happy to talk with you on the phone if you get to feeling really down. I know that other people here and elsewhere care, too. So keep that in mind.
posted by kmellis 25 February | 02:36
Awwww item, I am so sorry :-(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 25 February | 11:17
Thanks, guys. I'm feeling a bit better now that I've formulated a plan - and after last night's IRC love. I'm moving to Austin in a few days, with a decent job and a free(!) place to live.

I'm in Dallas right now, broke as a spoke as my bank's Commerce and the bastards haven't heard of westward expansion. So I'm waiting 'til Monday for the bank-to-bank transfer to go through. If anyone's in the D and want's to get together in the next, say, 72 hours, lemme know. I doubt my email's in my profile, but it's itemitemitem at yahoo.

Thanks again. Dallas is a lonely city, despit how fucking huge it is. I have a lot of friends and support down in Austin, though.

To top it all off, and I don't mean this at all to sound mean or unwarranted, but the girl's being a total bitch about it. She won't send me my cat - MY cat. I want my cat.
posted by item 25 February | 13:28
Damn, item. Dallas is bad enough all by itself, without all the other pain. I pretty much turned into a zombie when I lived there for six months. Seriously.

Yes, by all means, and by any means, get ye to Austin. And we'll hope that your wife will cool down and facilitate a kitty reunion.

Things will get better.
posted by taz 25 February | 13:54
Bummer. Get to Austin, get your cat.
posted by matildaben 25 February | 16:59

I live in Dallas. Saturday night (or Sunday) I'll buy you a drink if you want to set something up. I'll sneak away from the old ball and chain and have a couple.

Just let me know.
posted by dios 25 February | 17:43
dios, I emailed the address in yr profile. I'm thinking 8:30.
posted by item 25 February | 19:04
I showed up.

I was at the Grapevine Bar from 8:45 to 10:00.

I think there was a fundamental flaw in the plan, though.

I looked around for a "meetup" (that is, a sign or people getting to know each other). I didn't notice one. All the people appeared to be there with friends. I talked to the few people who appeared to be looking for other people as well, and none of those people were there for any sort of meetup.

So I hung out. Drank a couple crown and cokes. Watched the Olympics on the television.

A failed attempt for me. That's a shame. I was looking forward to meeting new people and buying a round.

Oh well, maybe next time.
posted by dios 25 February | 23:22
Good luck bro,

Been there, dealt with it. Things will get better, for what it's worth. And I got my cat, thank goodness. I know how that could have felt...
posted by hyperlith 26 February | 00:09
Good luck.
Feel better.
posted by omiewise 26 February | 08:19
Item, good luck. It gets better eventually, especially since you have A Plan.
posted by theora55 26 February | 13:03
undule and I were there from 9 to about 10:30. We were vocal with our cries of 'DIOS!' to everyone and anyone. I think people thought we were witches.

Anyway, sorry to've missed you. Maybe next time we can all get matching MeFi puffy-paint sweatshirts.
posted by item 26 February | 13:07
Dear Internet, I'm really sad. Please cheer me up. || morning sky