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07 February 2006

Opera 9 Preview! OMG, is it sweet.[mi]The ad-blocking stuff is the shite, the site prefs are a request I hammered at for years, and it has yet more standards support. I heart my Opera.
Although I gotta say I'm a little confused by the new cookie handling. But at this point I think the trick is to disable cookies, and then re-enable them on a site-by-site basis. Ye-e-e-sss.

The blocking stuff is great. I've just whacked a shedload of crap from the sites I visit, simply so they load even faster.

And I'm very happy about site-specific prefs re: plugins, java, cookie handling, all that jazz.
posted by Five Fresh Fish 07 February | 16:08
(I do wish the default layout were more in-tune with productivity, and less to do with showing off all the features.

I customize my toolbars PDQ: move the panel selectors to the top, eliminate the panel title box, get rid of text, and install a skin with small icons.)
posted by Five Fresh Fish 07 February | 16:09
Thanks for pointing this out FFF.
posted by arse_hat 07 February | 16:12
Why did my [mi] not work?
posted by Five Fresh Fish 07 February | 16:34
Its a bug in Opera 9
posted by dodgygeezer 07 February | 17:11
OK, not really. When you click the [mi] button it drops this:
into your text and that's what does the more inside.
posted by dodgygeezer 07 February | 17:17
If you haven't (happily) been using Adblock Plus with Filterset.G Updater for the past few months, and seeing no ads... you are a chump
posted by rxrfrx 07 February | 19:48
What do you find are the main differences between Opera and Firefox, fff? I actually didn't know Opera was free until right now...hah. I think I'll download it at work tomorrow and give it a spin.
posted by iconomy 07 February | 21:31
Opera?! Damn I just got around to downloading Firefox and Greasemonkey, and you cool kids have already moved on.
posted by LarryC 08 February | 01:42
"you cool kids have already moved on."
Larry you are waaaaaaaay behind. Opera long predates FF. :p

"What do you find are the main differences between Opera and Firefox" I just find Opera has less bugs and I really got tired of my FF extensions never working with the new FF upgrade. I love opensource but Firefox was just a pain.
posted by arse_hat 08 February | 01:57
I'm going to try it tonight. I never use FF extensions, so my FF is very fast, and bug-free. When I first downloaded it I did go crazy with the extensions, but one by one I eliminated all of them. So I do love my FF, but I'd also like to try something else, and I'd especially like to see how pages on my site (that I'm updating) look in it.
posted by iconomy 08 February | 09:31
I looooooove my Opera. Thanks for the heads up FFF.
posted by LeeJay 08 February | 14:26
Ah, poop, I just accidently closed the window that had my message in it!


Cookie handling functionality is reduced in this beta. Used to be able to create a whitelist, then block all cookies from any site not on that list. Currently have to leave cookies enabled and blacklist on a site-by-site basis. PITA, but only until the next beta, methinks.

Block content is nšive, and one should use the Details button to double-check the pattern it chooses. Too often the path it chooses is too inclusive; ie. choosing site/images/* instead of site/images/ads/*. On the bonus side, one can View Source, find the Google ad javascript reference, and block that as well. Muuuwhahaha.

Bittorrent isn't working for me. No loss: I use an external client anyway. I don't use Opera's email any more, although it really is quite kick-ass (very similar to GMail, afaik).

Opera's SVG support is kicking ass around the block! It is *so* cool.

I am disappointed that Site Prefs doesn't let me choose User CSS on a per-site basis.
posted by Five Fresh Fish 08 February | 16:16
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