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05 February 2006

Thanks for the birthday thread! I had my computer turned off yesterday because of a crazy windstorm. All the partying was yesterday, but today is my real birthday (also Bob Marley, Carmen Miranda, and William S. Burroughs), so it was really nice to wake up to all the awesome notes from you guys. Love you all *MWAH*!
Ah, I wasn't sure if the thread would be yesterday or today. Happy Birthday!
posted by jokeefe 05 February | 13:38
Oh, by the way:

(mp3 link)

(Jack Yellin / Ted Shapiro)
A Musical Monologue by Sophie Tucker

I've often heard it said and sung
That life is sweetest when you're young
And kids, sixteen to twenty-one
Think they're having all the fun
I disagree, I say it isn't so
And I'm one gal who ought to know
I started young and I'm still going strong
But I've learned as I've gone along.......

That life begins at forty
That's when love and living start to become a gentle art
A woman who's been careful finds that's when she's in her prime
And a good man when he's forty knows just how to take his time

Conservative or sporty, it's not until you're forty
That you learn the how and why and the what and when
In the twenties and the thirties you want your love in large amounts
But after you reach forty, it's the quality that counts

Yes, life begins at forty
And I've just begun to live all over again

You see the sweetest things in life grow sweeter as the years roll on
Like the music from a violin that has been well played upon
And the sweetest smoke is from a mellow, broken and old pipe
And the sweetest tasting peach is one that's zaftig, round and ripe

In the twenties and the thirties you're just an amateur
But after you reach forty, that's when you become a connoisseur
Then it isn't grab and get it and a straight line for the door
You're not hasty, you're tasty, you enjoy things so much more

For instance, a novice gulps his brandy down, he doesn't understand
Observe a connoisseur, the way he holds it in his hand
How he strokes the glass, fondles it, warms it as he should
Smacks his lips, aahhh, slowly sips, hah, boy, it tastes good

Life begins at forty
Then it isn't hit and run and you find it's much more fun
You romance a girl of twenty and it costs you all your dough
But when a forty thanks you, she hates to see you go

And girls of twenty, all they want are big men
Big men with strong physiques
I don't say that it's bad
But you do get tired of those damn Greeks

Life begins at forty
And I'm just living all over again
posted by matildaben 05 February | 13:42
Life begins at 40?

if you're the Highlander, maybe. ;>
posted by jonmc 05 February | 13:47
Oh, I forgot to tell you what else. You know the Orange Guinness Cake that got posted here a while back? That was the cake we had last night at my party. I kept telling everyone that we got the recipe from "this Internet community I hang out on." It was awesome.
posted by matildaben 05 February | 13:54
yaaaay glad you had a good time, 'tilda.
posted by gaspode 05 February | 14:09
Darn-missed that thread.

Belated happy birthday!
posted by bunnyfire 05 February | 17:16
Hey, happy b-day plus one. Sorry we couldn't make the party. 40 was good to me, so I hope the same holds true for you.
posted by bmarkey 06 February | 01:29
I'm way, way late to the birthday party, but for your birthday gift, I tried to find the most bizarre, but not too disgusting image to come up in a "matilda" google image search. Here you go:

≡ Click to see image ≡

(from here.)

Happy sexing the bearded dragon!!!!!!! And maaaannnyy moorrre!
posted by taz 06 February | 04:56
I too wish belated and happy birthday wishes upon ye.
posted by danostuporstar 06 February | 09:19
Here's some photos from my birthday party.
posted by matildaben 06 February | 20:37
I cannot believe you are 40!
posted by omiewise 21 February | 14:32
Cleaning out my attic full of old domain names: || A child heads for school walking through the center of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.