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18 November 2005

"There was an error recording your vote." Anybody else having this problem?[More:]
I logged out and logged back in and everything, but I can't vote.
Welcome to black America.
posted by gigawhat? 18 November | 12:23
I haven't been able to vote yet, and I duly reported this in the two Meta threads that supposedly addressed the problem, and yet it is not fixed. So I guess I don't get to vote.
posted by mygothlaundry 18 November | 12:30
I wish goodnewsfortheinsane would post his album to projects. I'm really enjoying it, especially A Slight Change of Plans.
posted by danostuporstar 18 November | 12:38
Yesyesyes. I have the same problem, I reported it in meta, I am still having the problem. I'm disenfranchised.

posted by Uncle Glendinning 18 November | 12:51
I can vote. Hmm.

Honestly I find the whole thing confusing, but anyhow.
posted by selfnoise 18 November | 12:54
I have no scruples and am willing to sell my vote to anyone who wants it. Thank you.

In fact if I set up a website selling my votes I could put it on Mefi Projects. Hmmm....
posted by dodgygeezer 18 November | 13:00
well, i'd be tempted to snark about teh howies cluelessness here, but somehow i managed while fucking with file and directory permissions to totally bork my gnome login. after some wonking around with su from a terminal i managed to log back in but most of my installed apps have lost thier config info and refuse to function. back on winders for the time being. so much for the linux geekery.

*blushes shamefully*
posted by quonsar 18 November | 13:04
*pats quonsar on shoulder*
posted by me3dia 18 November | 13:08
all seems not lost. fixing a few of these files one at a time and logging back in, renaming old profiles to the new profile name, and i've got my mail and browser back.
posted by quonsar 18 November | 13:57
*pats quonsar on butt*
posted by stilicho 18 November | 14:00
things are looking way up. note to self: don't fuck with permissions in home directory.
posted by quonsar 18 November | 14:05
Yeah, I started a MeTa thread a little while ago and Matt said he was looking into it. Haven't heard anything since.
posted by LeeJay 18 November | 14:11
there's a new meta thread.
posted by quonsar 18 November | 14:14
Could everyone vote for my new project? It's a site that exposes what a sham Dodgygeezer's vote-selling site is.
posted by iconomy 18 November | 14:47
It's fixed now!
posted by melissa may 18 November | 17:24
Oh joy! It is fixed.
posted by Uncle Glendinning 18 November | 18:01
Spin the string. || Note to self: Quit taking notes on personal audio rahcorder...(mp3s)