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04 November 2005

Yo Chicago... [More:]There's a possibility that I may be in Chicagoland on November 21st on my way to NW Indiana for the holidays. Anyone available for a beer? (And is there any chance of a spare couch?)

Caveat: This may not work out. I'm trying really hard to make it out there, though, and y'all could be a big help.

Plus, you know, I'm cool and all.
I'm available for beer, possibly a couch. Let me check with the missus.
posted by goatdog 04 November | 23:51
Yes, a couch. Well, a futon. But I don't exactly live in civilization, so if you get an offer on the north side, you should take it.
posted by goatdog 04 November | 23:56
Well, my plan is to get in to O'Hare on the afternoon of the 21st (2:15). I don't necessarily need to stay the night there, provided that I can get to a train that will take me to the Gary area before a brutal hour. But then I'd have to get someone to pick me up there, and I don't know if my family will have arrived from Texas yet. It's complicated, you see.

So anyway, the couch may be unnecessary, but the beer is very, very definitely ON. Me3dia, MrsPants, where are you?? (Who else is there?)
posted by mudpuppie 05 November | 01:07
I have met mudpuppie, and can verify her coolness.
posted by cali 05 November | 03:16
I'll seldom pass up an excuse to drink beer and as of now my 11/21 dance card is free - so I'm in.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 05 November | 09:34
I'm in, especially if we meet somewhere downtown. : )
posted by sisterhavana 05 November | 11:21
I'm on the South Side, and I'm up for a beer. I also have space, but I think I'm too far out of the way.
posted by halonine 05 November | 13:54
(Sorry, I've been waaay busy and not around much.)

Yay! Muddie in Chicago!!!!

I'll be here on the 21st, and we also have a comfy couch, should it become necessary. It's slightly more convenient to public transportation that goatdogs and halonine's, but further away from Indiana.

I'm definitely free to hang out, though.

posted by me3dia 06 November | 13:14
There's a Mefi meetup in the works for the weekend before that. But you're first on my dance card, metachat (and mudpuppie).
posted by goatdog 08 November | 17:28

can't wait to meet you in person mudpuppie!

I'm in like flynn!
posted by Mrs.Pants 09 November | 10:49
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