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03 November 2005

I'm going to Paris tomorrow night! I'm going to Paris tomorrow night! : >
oh, and guess what?

I'm going to Paris tomorrow night!!!!!
posted by amberglow 03 November | 23:02
Bon voyage! have some wine and frommage for me!
posted by jrossi4r 03 November | 23:02
posted by danostuporstar 03 November | 23:04

now, someone tell me where i put my travel alarm and my ipod charger/foreign adapter thingie, please.

: >

(and, i'm a little disappointed--i wanted to go to that Beurger King place)
posted by amberglow 03 November | 23:05
The travel alarm's in your sock drawer and the ipod thingie's under some stuff on your desk.

Have a great time!
posted by puddinghead 03 November | 23:27
Have a great time, Amberglow. Pretend that you're an experienced traveller that disdains all that "touristy bullshit", then do it anyway when no one's looking.
posted by muddgirl 03 November | 23:32
nope and maybe, pudding...i've haven't gotten that far yet...
(it's such a pain--i usually leave that kind of stuff in my luggage, but not this time i guess)

i always do that, mud--except no cameras : >
posted by amberglow 03 November | 23:46
Have fun! Send postcards. : ) How long will you be there?
posted by sisterhavana 04 November | 00:23
Mmmm... Freedom fries, Freedom toast, and Freedom bread. who doesn't love Freedom cuisine? (btw don't forget to pack your riot gear and stuff... yikes.) enjoy your trip!
posted by Wedge 04 November | 00:23
have fun amberglow!
posted by dhruva 04 November | 00:26
a week

mmm...cuisine de freedom ; >

(i think i'll cheer them on if they come downtown, actually)
posted by amberglow 04 November | 00:28
lucky dog

go hear the organ at the beginning of mass at Notre Dame on Sunday morning. then go for coffee and skip the mass.
posted by rumple 04 November | 00:38
oh, sunday i'm meeting cleardawn--we're gonna wander all day--Montmartre and i don't know where...
posted by amberglow 04 November | 00:50
c'est chouette
posted by Chimp 04 November | 01:19
It is owl?
posted by amberglow 04 November | 01:25
be careful out there, ya hear?
posted by quonsar 04 November | 01:25
pleeeeease drink some fabulous champagne for me. And post pics.
posted by taz 04 November | 01:51
Try the cassis with and without the champagne. You won't regret it.
posted by AlexReynolds 04 November | 02:44
*resists the urge to make a lame Paris Hilton joke*

*develops chest pains*
posted by wendell 04 November | 03:00
DO IT, WENDELL!!!!! Let it out!
posted by taz 04 November | 03:04
Surely your absence will mean an uptick in Bush's approval rating?
posted by stilicho 04 November | 03:04
It is owl?

I recently completed a French course, "c'est chouette" fell in the superlative category, it literally means it is owl but apparently translates to owl does hoot after all, the class was in fits of laughter at the comparison. Ok, i could have said c'est super.

Enjoy Paris!

posted by Chimp 04 November | 03:10
no no no ... hoot? Chouette is an idiom that simply means "Cool!"

cool indeed... How I miss Paris. Please enjoy it for us all amberglow!

p.s. don't forget the nic gum. It's a long flight mate. ymmv
posted by AllesKlar 04 November | 04:06
Safe travel, Amberglow.

Any attempt you can make to speak french will be good, even if you're limited to first person singular.

Friends who live in Paris tell me that many/most Parisians are dismissive of those who make no attempt at all. You'll still get rolling-eye looks for massacre of the language, and fast slangy replies, but you're less likely to be totally ignored.

Memorize this phrase:

"Excuses pour mon mauvais Franšais. Je suis canadien. "


posted by reflecked 04 November | 06:22
I'm jealous, amber! I've never been. Hasve a great time, bring stories back. And watch those riots - be safe.
posted by chewatadistance 04 November | 07:18
Have a *great* time, amberglow (and I'm sure you will without this exhortation!). Bonnes vacances!
posted by gaspode 04 November | 07:34
Yay amber, I'm so excited for you! Hope you have an amazing time!
posted by Frisbee Girl 04 November | 08:52
If anyone talks merd ask 'em if they've seen The Sorrow and the Pity.

Naw, for real, have a great time. And keep your eyes out -- many of the French have bobbing asses that wiggle and shake like a feeding duck's. Tasty!
posted by Hugh Janus 04 November | 09:02
They all speak English. Eat mad crepes. Oh and Hugh's right, the french got ass. If you're out at a party and a tall dude drunks up to you and says (in french and english) "welcome, there's tons of cheese asshole." That's my main man Dr. Jay. He's a good man, say Hi to one arm Antionne and Christopher. Get the blood orange orangina, it's so much better. Be safe, have fun.
posted by Divine_Wino 04 November | 09:31
merci all! : >

(but i still can't find my ipod charger)
posted by amberglow 04 November | 10:10
found it! finally!

(now to iron)
posted by amberglow 04 November | 10:56
have fun, have fun, have fun!!!!
posted by mygothlaundry 04 November | 10:58
Bring me back a baguette so crusty it tears open the roof of my mouth please! Failing that, have fun! :-)
posted by WolfDaddy 04 November | 11:02
Bon Voyage, amberglow! Stay safe, okay?
posted by deborah 04 November | 11:45
au revoir, mon cheres! : >

i'll check in at some point if i can during the trip...see ya in a week otherwise!
posted by amberglow 04 November | 13:55
THIS IS WEIRD.. ahem... damn caps lock Meta ?!?
posted by Mr T 05 November | 21:49
"Is it owl?"

" ... it literally means it is owl but apparently translates to hoot ... "

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by mr_crash_davis 05 November | 21:50
They all speak English.

But they choose not to.

If you like the nightclubs, defo check Batofar - it's a decomissioned military frigate moored on the Seine down by the Francois Mitterand library. Had some fucking bonkers nights there when the Wire was celebrating its 25th anniversary a couple of years back.

Ah, Paris, such a lovely shithole. Or shitty lovehole. Can never decide.
posted by jack_mo 06 November | 10:23
posted by michelob 07 November | 13:52
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