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29 May 2005

ufo in Vegas --windows media--Prophet Yahweh summons one on cue.

(and you furriners can see what a local lead story on our evening news is)
Hold me!
posted by mr_crash_davis 29 May | 14:41
you don't want an anal probe, followed by an all-you-can-eat buffet? ; >
posted by amberglow 29 May | 14:48
It's a balloon!

I don't know how anyone can put up with that kind of news presentation. The smug smirking would drive me nuts. And whats with the interview? He interviews the guy on camera and then overdubs his answers - can't we hear the man speak for himself?
posted by dodgygeezer 29 May | 15:35
smug smirking is what us uhmurkuns do!
posted by quonsar 29 May | 15:45
Prophet Yahweh has resurrected the lost, ancient art of summoning UFOs on command, and for only $7.95 you can see the proof on his site.
posted by taz 29 May | 19:55
Thanks for the link, I was wondering about this. Why? Uhm, long story.

The short story: I saw something very weird in the desert sky looking from about 25 miles west of Phoenix, AZ, looking towards the south-southwest sky, just a few days ago. Orange ball of light. I'm pretty damn positive it wasn't a fixed or rotary wing aircraft, and at the least I'm an armchair aerospace nut. (Family in the USAF, family worked for Lockheed, MDAC, Rockwell.) Can't really explain it other than by saying "You had to be there."

Getting to the point, after I came back inside from my smoke and lookin' at the weird orange light, I msg'ed a friend and she said "Oh, there's supposed to be some guy summoning UFOs over in Vegas soon." Huh?

Then I found out today that there's been some weird-ass crop formations in barley over the weekend. Not crop circles really. Just weird deformations and flattening and stuff.


Anyways, if some technologically advanced space-faring species wants to come and give me a lift off this planet for a tour of the universe, share their nice toys and otherwise make sure I'm properly fed, I'm down with that, even if it means a little bit of anal probing.

That, or they could come save us from ourselves.

*Actually views video*

Uh, shit. Y'know, if you made that thing light up bright orange and it varied the intensity of it's brightness more-or-less randomly and changed the setting to nighttime, that's pretty much what I saw a few days ago. Damn.
posted by loquacious 31 May | 00:05
weird. maybe the AirForce Base was flying something?
posted by amberglow 31 May | 08:06
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