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27 October 2020

That one kid, you know, the one that was a little slow [More:]So by random chance I looked at the neighborhood where I grew up on and saw the house across the street from my parents' house was on the market. I used to play with the kid that grew up there. He was a little developmentally challenged but pretty much a good kid, and we all used to play together. He was okay, just a little slow. When he was grown, and my mom had a slip and fall in the driveway (and broke her leg), Bobby was the first person to find her and call 911.

So with the house up for sale I looked Bobby up on Facebook. I found him. I saw that his mom passed away in May, which is why the house was up for sale (his dad passed quite a while ago). I sent him a friend request and he was really happy to hear from me. He's had a tough year. His mom died in May, his dog died the next day, and his older sister died a month later. He's had a rough go of it.

On the plus side, he's living in an assisted living place, has a life coach and an art teacher. The art thing is significant. Besides a menial labor job he has through a charity agency, he makes money as an artist, and has written 3 children's books that will be hitting the market soon. He actually started a charitable foundation where proceeds of his art sales go to help other people with developmental disabilities.

It was really kind of neat reconnecting with someone I knew when I was a kid and haven't heard from in a long time (like almost 40 years). And I have to admit that I'm amazed and proud of the progress he's made in the world.
Oh how nice that you took the extra steps to reconnect. Good going. And it's also great that he has a nice living situation and is doing okay.

I wish for more nice stories like this.
posted by mightshould 28 October | 18:32
That's a great story. I recently heard something pretty terrible about someone I was close to back in high school, so this is heartening.
posted by JanetLand 29 October | 09:16
That's really great of you to reach out to him like that. I'm sure it's meant a lot to him to know that you were thinking of him.

I was looking at my old childhood home on Street View yesterday. It's still a fucking dump.
posted by Senyar 01 November | 16:03
Something good in 2020. Thank you.
posted by arse_hat 16 November | 13:58 which my imaginary bike commuter friend || a moderator's note in the crock pot group