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27 December 2019

From a distance, California politics has seemed like: [More:]2002: CA is ungovernable
2005-2015: CA is booming
2019: CA is ungovernable

Maybe Arnold The Governator was underrated?

(The 2002 thing is complicated by the fact that the power outages for which people blamed Gray Davis involved Enron messing up things on purpose...)

Interesting recent article: "The fires and the blackouts are connected to a larger problem in this state: a failure to live sustainably."
Rule #1: The New York Times is not a reliable source.
Rule #2: The New York Times treats California like Fox News treats Democrats.
The State of California is not unmanageable, it just has never been managed at all. Sometimes that unleashes large amounts of economic energy; other times it just unleashes large amounts of pure greed. A lot of the current problems are just like 2002 only with PG&E instead of Enron. I lived a few miles from PG&E's last nuclear plant for over a decade and am still amazed it hasn't gone Full Chernobyl. Others are because California's largest center of economic activity has relocated from Hollywood to Silicon Valley. Yes, Hollywood is very crooked, but its crooks believe in long-term planning. Most of Silicon Valley is much closer to Enron and the bubble it has inflated is much bigger and will cause more damage when it pops. And Schwarzenegger was much closer to Reagan (except ineligable for the Presidency), even to having the same guy, Jerry Brown, succeed him as Governor. My greatest fear is that with Trump and Company opening the entire state to oil & gas exploitation (by any means possible), when the Silicon crooks finish looting the state, it will just become a subsidiary of the State of Texas.
posted by oneswellfoop 27 December | 17:17
It's funny you say that the NYT has antipathy towards CA because I feel the same way about how NYT covers 'tech'.

I think the focus on SV as villains distorts some issues. For example, even tech companies are being priced out of the Bay Area now, which I think is because of a big issue that this linked piece also talks about--restrictive zoning that caps the supply of housing.

I also think it's pretty ironic that the recent AB 5 bill ("limits the use of classifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees"), which was meant to target Uber, is instead hurting freelance writers by making online publications commission writers from outside the state. Again an example of what I see as misplaced/counter-productive antipathy towards tech....
posted by Firas 27 December | 20:45
The Atheist Christmas Carol - Vienna Teng || Just a cat that looks like Adam Driver.