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17 February 2019

We're Back Online!! Let's have a Sunday 3-point update [More:]
1. Spring is definitely on its way. My crocuses are starting to bloom and the snowdrops are in full flower. Today I hard-pruned my roses, which had grown a bit leggy. I need to have a good tidy-up and prepare the garden for the spring, but my green bin is too full of rose clippings to get anything else in there.

2. Yesterday I went to see Hamilton. I and a friend do the ticket lottery and we agreed that if one of us ever won, we'd take the other. Well, she won and we had front-row tickets for the most amazing show I've ever seen. It was spectacular.

3. I've had Rudi for three months now and he really is the nicest cat. He's young, so he is full of energy and when I pet him he can get a bit boisterous and bitey. But I always stop immediately once he goes to bite me, so he's learning that this causes the petting (which he loves) to stop. He has some odd little quirks - the cutest of which is that he likes to sleep on his belly with his front paws folded out to the sides and his chin flat on the ground. It looks really uncomfortable, but it can't be, because he sleeps like that all the time. I am so happy that I adopted him. He seems quite content too.
Pizza. So much pizza. We often make homemade pizza but last night my wife wanted to compare the different dough recopies we have used. We had pizza for dinner and for lunch today and soon we will have it for dinner again. We have frozen pizza for future quick dinners and frozen dough for future use.

Weather has been swinging between cold and rainy and freezing and rainy.

I have my shopping done for my wife's next two birthdays and Christmases so that's nice but I need to remember where I hide things because I have lost gifts for extended periods in the past. I hide things so well even I can't find them.
posted by arse_hat 17 February | 17:40
Senyar you have a new cat! I'm so happy for you! He looks like he just could not go a step further. Long life Rudi.
posted by arse_hat 17 February | 17:43
1. I sprained my ankle for the second time in three months last week, but did a much better job in staying off it this time,so it already feels much much better.

2. We have foster bunnies, and they are far different from our last bunny, but are sweet and cute and bring me joy.

3. I have willow tree cuttings that I am going to put into pots tonight, and need to make a plan to start my seeds soon!

Senyar, we saw Hamilton in Atlanta with our niece, and it was absolutely amazing.
posted by needlegrrl 18 February | 08:07
arse_hat, Rudi came to me from Andrew, a colleague at work. His wife had an operation on her nose to straighten a break she'd sustained 20 years earlier. Once she could breathe properly again, she found herself allergic to various things, amongst them poor Rudi. He's only three and she was distraught that he might end up in a shelter with nobody wanting him. But Andrew advertised him on the bulletin board at work, and I snapped him up. I was going to go to the shelter that very week for a new cat, but Rudi came along at just the right time.

He's settled in very well, although I had a bit of a scare when he got out on Day 5 and disappeared. He came back after 15 hours, probably because I had all the lights on and the back and front doors wide open, and in the middle of the night it was the only place he could see to go for shelter - rather than him actually finding his own way back to me. After that I kept him in for a while, gradually getting him used to the garden and taking him out on - literally - a short leash (which he hated). Now he comes and goes through the cat flap and I'm sure he has explored all the neighbouring gardens. He likes to lie on shed roofs and survey his territory.
posted by Senyar 18 February | 16:10
It's funny how cats can find you at the right time. I am glad Rudi found his was back home. He looks like he could be Wen's brother.

Ginger used to be a roof cat too but he has become a Very Big Cat and has given it up. He is very strong and I think he could still get up there but I would fear he would hurt himself coming down.

Heal quick needlegrrl.
posted by arse_hat 19 February | 17:41
I seem to be unimaginably tired..... too little time off.

On the plus side, Ive enjoyed some toffee from the UK, and it is gooood! Such treats keep me going. It's the small things that make the everyday OK.

I see signs of spring all around. Pretty soon, all will be green and lovely. I did a tiny bit of outside work last weekend, and need to really get on the ball to tidy up and ready for the season. We've had so much rain that the ground stays saturated.

This weekend, I will ready the lawn mower (new blade, spark plug, oil change) and mow down the weeds that seem to never go away. That will help with the looks of everything.

My young kitty monsters are now around 4 years old and ever so slightly slowing down - but ever so slightly - they still get into everything. I never know what to expect when I get home.
posted by mightshould 21 February | 06:52
Apparently we have a bank now. || Bunny! OMG!