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17 July 2018

Annoying neighbor or Stay home Yankee. A rant. (feel free to add your own)
"Time to look into moving to Canada"

Um. Heard that after Bush II invaded a country and again after he invaded another country. Then it was if Bush gets elected again and then it was if that magic underpants dude got elected. Then Obama got in and it stopped. But then it was if the comb-over gets nominated and then if he gets elected and it just keeps going. Not sure what the person today had chosen as her next line in the sand because I just don't give a fuck.

Lots of people have been fleeing across the border and we are having a bit of hard time housing them. There are a lot of people in the U.S. really leaving with little more than the clothes on their backs. Some who crossed the border in the winter lost body parts to frostbite.

It's tiring listening to your talk about moving to Canada while some people are frightened enough to risk everything to leave. We have problems of our own to deal with without listening to your "look at me!".

Lately I have heard and read things about what to do about "the illegal immigrants" There is nothing illegal about them. They are people who entered Canada asking for refugee status under internationally recognized accords. "But they didn't cross at the proper crossing!" That isn't illegal. If you cross at a point other than a regular crossing you must contact customs and immigration at the first possible opportunity. These people have done that.

My bitching is petty but please privileged Americans, stop with the moving to Canada stuff. That shit's just old.

(Oh and a while back my city was struggling to house an influx of Mexicans because some dirt bags in Texas calling themselves immigration consultants took money from people and sent them here under a nonexistent instant citizenship program. I hope those particular consultants die of boils.)
My rant: the local animal shelters here are full. So many kitties and puppers..... I want to save them all.

Why don't people spay and neuter their pets????

And, I just cannot even consider the orange menace to be a leader - he's a self-serving scumbag. He's a vile and vicious cretin.
posted by mightshould 19 July | 08:22
My rant: Brexit, fucking Brexit. My citizenship of the European Union is being taken away forever and there is NO PLAN IN PLACE for what will happen in terms of trade, immigration, customs, infrastructure, etc.

And as the European Union is increasingly seeing the USA as an adversary rather than an ally (all due to the Orange Shitgibbon) the UK's position is becoming more vulnerable if we are not strongly allied with Europe.

What a fucking mess.
posted by Senyar 19 July | 09:27
My rant: I am out of work for several weeks after FINALLY having surgery for a torn bicep after a work incident. The company tried to deny this incident, requiring me to get an attorney and battle for over a year. NOW they have me waiting for disability checks. It's bad enough to live paycheck to paycheck; they knew this was coming; they had notice for two weeks that surgery was required (and dragged their feet authorizing such). Now it's weeks past surgery and I'm looking at ...nothing in my bank account. Why is it corporations dangle survival over the heads of workers? Why can't they just be reasonable?? (rhetorical question). This stress is killing me.
posted by redvixen 20 July | 20:01
So yeah... about that.... || Just don't grab women.