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17 April 2018

What's the news on the cat colony, arse_hat? And does anyone else have any news? [More:]
I'm hanging onto my job, and should still be there in a year's time, all being well. Too many changes ...

I'm getting my garden ready for spring, planting vegetables and flowers, putting up nesting boxes for the birds, hoping for some decent weather. It's been a long winter.

I have one destination wedding to attend in May (Delaware) and possibly another in August (San Diego). I'm thinking about getting another cat, but probably not until later in the year. It's not fair to get a new cat if I'm going to be away over the summer. But I think an autumn kitty will be a good thing for me.
Been horribly busy at work but staying out of the center of the chaos that seems to happen. Filed my taxes and am hoping for a refund check at some point; which I already have planned to spend on replacing the water well with actual municipal water service.

The kitty monsters in my abode are stupendously healthy youngsters with waaayyyy too much energy to spare so they are constantly getting into everything. Cats are suppose to sleep all day!

Mom's dementia is slowly progressing. I'm taking it as it goes and really cannot make any plans for the future. Theoretically, my brother will visit sometime this year and maybe we can convince Mom to think about getting some assistance that doesn't make my life impossible.

The weather here has been topsy turvy and I have no spring planting done other than a few things. Every time I think it's OK, the cold weather returns. This must end, surely. I usually over-do the planting and maybe this year will be the one year I don't regret planting too many seasonal things to look after.

I have way too many books in line to read; I need a vacation just to have time for that.

The car now has almost 190k miles on it and the transmission is starting to shift a little slowly at times.... a rebuild will be in order sometime before too long; but it's still cheaper than a replacement car.

I did see some friends a couple of weekends ago: it was the youngest one's 50th birthday. We got together for a whole weekend and had a chance to catch up and connect. It was enjoyable. I was really glad but also happy when all of the go-go-go was over and I could have my alone time (need the private time recharge more than ever nowadays.)
posted by mightshould 19 April | 13:10

I was thinking about an update all day today.

Short overview: Ginger and Pan are fine and we have a new guest hanging out.

Longer story:

First the bad news.

Wilson and Ed Sheeran stopped coming round as we headed toward Christmas and I have not seen them since. We had an abnormally bad winter this year and I don't hold out much hope for the two of them.

Pan made it through the winter in the comfort of the houses I built. She prefers one of the wood ones but she made sure to make a nest in both wood ones and both plastic ones just to show that she is Queen of all the things.

She is a neutered female but she is also the most territorial cat ever. She intimidates any other cat that comes around. I have never seen her fight. She just stares at the other cat until it turns away. They always do.

Pan scratches all the trees and 'sprays' the corners of the yard. It not like an unneutered tom be she does it anyway. She tried to run Ginger off but he just kept coming back.

She has not forgotten I trapped her nor has she forgiven me for it.

During the cold and snowy time she could not spend her day wandering off to wherever it is she goes and she would spend an hour or two sitting under cover of the patio and looking very put-upon or sleeping on one of the chairs. No matter the snow or how cold she had to get out for a bit.

When the snow and cold let up she was back to wondering mode.

Ginger is still goofy and curious about everything I do.

Despite the nasty winter he never did use the houses I built. I guess wherever he has been staying all this time is warm enough and still undisturbed but he now spends the 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. time on the patio or in the yard or going around the house or around the garage searching for whatever he always seems to be looking for.

He may be headed for trouble as he has taken an interest in the Blue Jay couple that has been nesting here for many springs. Mama Jay killed a chickadee the other day. She will not put up with your bullshit. The Jays go to bed about the same time Ginger comes out so I hope he gets through the next few weeks unscathed.

I think that some time before the fall Ginger may be ready to make the jump to house cat. He likes to sit in the chair closest to me, especially when there is another cat or a possum around to see him. It's like he is showing off "I get to sit with the food guy!"

He talks to me a lot and I can touch the top of his head and sometimes when I am about to feed him he bumps up against my legs. If he keeps progressing I will have him tested for FIV and either take him in or find someone to do it.

I fear Pan, despite having been a domesticated cat at some point, is far too independent to live indoors anymore.

During the coldest part of the winter I saw Pan sitting next to a black and white cat a few times. That was odd enough but when checking her house out while she ate one day I found two nests pressed together. She had allowed another cat into her house!

I could only see the black and white through the window, as he or she ran off as soon as I opened the door, even plowing though deep fresh snow to get away.

That cat has reappeared and come round for food the last three nights and I have been calling it Wen. If it turns out to be a girl it will be Wendy and Wendell if it's a boy. If it stays for a few more days I'll have to see about TNRing it.

Whitey Ford is looking old these days but he is ok. If Ginger could become our house guest it might be good for Whitey. Other than sun bathing his only real interest in life is me. He just wants to be with me every possible moment. If I'm not here he is with Rosemary. He has always needed to have someone close by and since Kitty's death I am the focus of all his attention.

There are a lot of possums around this spring.

My winter was horrible but with longer days and the ability to be outside and be comfortable I feel a lot better.

Senyar, sorry to hear the job hassles are still going on.

mightshould I am sorry to hear about your mom. I don't know but you might find Jann Arden's book interesting. I have not read it yet but I have read her Facebook postings that lead to the book and found them difficult and lovely.
posted by arse_hat 20 April | 01:28
I almost forgot. We had an earthquake tonight.
posted by arse_hat 20 April | 01:31
Thanks for the update arse_hat. It's an interesting colony you have there. .....earthquake....yikes! Guess it was minor?

posted by mightshould 20 April | 07:19
arse_hat, you write so beautifully about the cats, describing their personalities so well. Whitey Ford is still my favourite internet cat.

mightshould, I am sorry about your mum. I hope she's able to agree to some help, to take the load off you a little.

We've had 28C the last two days. It's been gorgeous. But I really miss Lucy, who used to share my footstool when I sat outside in the garden. I'm really feeling the loss of her at the moment.

In the past week I've received two wedding invitations - one in Delaware and one in San Diego. I'm definitely going to the Delaware wedding, and I'm hoping I can get to San Diego, not least because of Anchorman. ("San Diaaaago") But it's an expensive flight, and it'll only be for a week. If my Ohio 'sister', Diane, decides to go, then I will go too, damn the expense. Life is for memories and experiences.
posted by Senyar 20 April | 09:31
I just realised I repeated myself about the two weddings. My brain is fried, what with the heat and with working since 7am on a really tricky case. Sorry!
posted by Senyar 20 April | 09:32
A bit about the quake. No damage anywhere.
posted by arse_hat 20 April | 09:57
I miss updates about Lucy.
posted by arse_hat 20 April | 16:42
Thanks for the update arse_hat. It's an interesting colony you have there. .....earthquake....yikes! Guess it was minor?

posted by mightshould 20 April | 18:32
Heh...just logged back in and comment sent itself again..... odd.
posted by mightshould 20 April | 18:33
zombie comments.
posted by arse_hat 20 April | 19:06
Twice as good....brains!
posted by mightshould 22 April | 04:54
So good to hear about the kitties - I was wondering about them as well.

mightshould - I'll think good thoughts for you and your mum. it's so very very hard.

Senyar, I've heard San Diego is really nice, but I haven't been.

We're in the last stretch of getting the niece to graduate high school and off to college. It's been really stressful this year, and I often feel as if I am no good at anything. Work has been crazy, and every time I think it's slowing down, it's not. I'm not sure it will. Our lease is up in the fall, and so we will likely move again - this house is pricey because of the school district, but again, niece!

Mr. Munch (bunny) is still doing awesome - we upped his pain meds, as his arthritis seemed to be giving him some trouble. He has responded well to that. He is still mostly blind from the cataracts, but he gets around his area just fine, and comes over for pets when I go to sit with him. (and oh, does he love to chew his sticks!) Pooka (pug) is in need of a bath (but we both hate them so!) and a nail trim, but is otherwise quite happy. She snuggles me every night when we get into bed, and she is very happy that it's finally nice weather outside.

I am hopeful that this is the week my plants go back to being outside plants instead of garage plants!

Also, this morning I got to feed two geese and their 6ish goslings - I had cracked corn in the car, and they were caravaning through the parking lot. They are so very very adorable.
posted by needlegrrl 23 April | 08:59
Hey, there an easy way to donate to your kitty rescue efforts? US currency OK? Anything other than giving a cut to paypal...
posted by mightshould 25 April | 18:35
Mariners pitcher James Paxton vs. eagle || Cat update. (again)