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12 May 2017

Update on the campaign to get the Ghost in the Shell score released. I wrote this article to encourage journalists to look into the situation: The biggest Hollywood mystery of 2017 is being questioned online, and ignored by mass media[More:]

Previous editions:
Part 1
Part 2

We've been doing so many things that I can't even detail them all. Suffice it to say:

1) Trying to drive traffic to the petition from Youtube (videos of audio snippets and comments on videos) is working well;
2) I'm trying to get google search traffic for the petition by starting a blog for the campaign;
3) I stopped trying to mass-reply to Paramount tweets about Baywatch, Transformers etc on Twitter because it's tedious to try to get multiple people to do it every day. I might pick it up when we have more followers.
4) I've written to a few bloggers, journalists etc about this campaign but nobody has picked this up and written about it. I really feel like this will take us to the next level if it happens.

Section 2: At This Time

You know, a couple weeks ago the record label PR told me "Unfortunately I donít have any answers to give as I donít know the status at this time." I wrote back yesterday and this time they responded with a curt, "Nothing at this time."

Frankly this "at this time" phrase is kinda annoying. I can't tell whether it's a turn of phrase on the PR person's part or whether it leaves open a door of possibility. I wish they would respond with something clear like "ask Paramount, the decision is out of our hands", you know?

Section 3: Persist

I have to say, 4 weeks in, I've been wavering a bit psychologically:

I post something to Reddit and internally I'm like "ugh, they're gonna think I'm a spammer."

I tag the record label on Twitter and I'm like, "are we just being jerks?" lol

But most significantly, sometimes it gets tiring and frustrating if I just consider the issue in terms of "omg just give us the album." But I remind myself to just be Zen about it. I started the petition with no expectations and just got on board with the ride after it got a couple hundred signatures, so I should just maintain that attitude.

Instead of trying to crack the code of "WTF happened to this album" I should just focus on growing the movement as an external pressure group rather than thinking about what's going on internally in these Hollywood offices. To paraphrase JFK, we choose to get the album released, not because it's easy, but because it's hard!
Oh and this is the link to the petition. We crossed 1,500 signatures a couple days ago.
posted by Firas 12 May | 03:22
I made this heat map of the 91 countries from which people have signed the petition. We're close to covering the whole world but we'd need more people from Africa and Central Asia:
posted by Firas 15 May | 11:42
This is the hardest part: maintaining the stamina to keep going when it's no longer "new" and becomes the slog.

May the forces be with you!
posted by mightshould 16 May | 08:46
So true, mightshould. It's still an enjoyable movement but we just have to keep things fun and keep hope alive. And thanks for the support!
posted by Firas 16 May | 17:33
As soon as I read "Paramount"; it all made sense. Sincere wishes for luck with this endeavour.
posted by buzzman 04 November | 23:57
Al Pacino reacts to Trump (lots of swearing) || Things that bring you joy?