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28 April 2017

Norovirus sucks. [More:]
Man-oh-man was I sick. It started Sunday night with a 102 temp, terrible chills, and painful stomach cramps. You can guess what came next, around 3am (two exits, no waiting), and for the next three days, I pretty much lived in the loo. Then, just as I'm turning the corner, poor Jon takes over. Luckily, he seems to have had a milder case--no fever and shorter duration, but still plenty misery.

Well, Jon's much better, and I finally feel human again today, and it's such a beautiful day outside, a warm breeze from the bedroom window. It's good to be alive. The trees look so green (when did that happen?). I'm able to eat again, a little at a time (helluva way to jumpstart a diet), and maybe tomorrow I'll feel strong enough to finally take a shower (I actually thought about getting a visiting nurse to help me out, I felt so weak; we also really need a cleaning service). Still, things are looking up.

I missed a whole week of work, though, dammit. Right before my AP Literature students take their exam next Wednesday. And right after lecturing them about not missing class/the test. Just too tempting for that jokester god, Irony, I fear. Well, nu, what can you do? At least I didn't get the kids sick, or my co-workers.

Thank goodness for online doctors. Our insurance includes an online service that's very handy in such circumstances. We both needed notes for work, and I can't imagine trying to leave the house under those conditions. The doctor thought I might need I.V. fluids, but I managed to up my water intake enough. I'm still weak, but so much better, if a bit dazed. By Monday I should be good to go. I can just hear my students: We thought you were dead! 😵

So, what's new with you? (Talk to me. Illness is lonely. Bring me flowers--) 🌸
Wow. This place IS dead. You don't bring me flowers anymore....

/frolics naked in the fountain
posted by Pips 28 April | 14:46
Sadly not even a text from anyone at work either. I'm beginning to question my existence... /pinches arm

I think I may have lost my last friend, too.
posted by Pips 28 April | 15:02
I was sick for a few days but nothing like that. Happy to hear you are getting better.

Yup it's dead around here.
posted by arse_hat 28 April | 16:12
Feel better!

Verizon is about to shut down their email--with no way yet to transfer it to AOL who merged with them-- and I was up for more than 12 hours transferring emails one by one (couldn't do it in batches) to my gmail account.
posted by brujita 28 April | 18:06
Ugh! Sounds truly nasty.

I'm sick too. I stayed home today, something I almost never do. Not norovirus, but some sort of cold that's a bit flu-like though not as intense as actual flu. Sniffles, sore throat, coughing, plus fever, dizziness, nausea. Living on Ny/DayQuil.
posted by Miko 28 April | 19:18
Thanks for the well-wishes, folks. I'm not above begging. ; )
posted by Pips 28 April | 20:05
That's rough. Get well soon!
posted by Firas 28 April | 23:35
Good to hear you're feeling better.

Yeah, being ill can feel rather lonely.
I felt rather pathetic when I was hobbling to the ER with a blood clot in my lower leg.
posted by jouke 28 April | 23:35
Norovirus is the actual worst, and I wish I could set it on fire for you.
posted by corb 29 April | 01:28
Long arm Hugs and air kisses..... *you're not contagious, right?...*

It's a terrible thing. I Think the dry heaves are the worst...

Enjoy the beautiful sun-day!
posted by mightshould 30 April | 04:34
A nurse at my grandmother's assisted living said that every March, norovirus goes through the assisted living facilities. It hit hers this year, and they kindly requested she stay in her room and they would come in there and take care of her. My dad caught it, but we managed to avoid it.

Pips, I'm glad you're feeling better - it really is the worst of the regular viruses.

Jouke, are you better as well?

posted by needlegrrl 01 May | 09:13
ha needlegrrl, yes. Tx for asking.
I wear a black compression stocking now. Very dashing.
posted by jouke 01 May | 20:14
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