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09 December 2016

Any Westworld fans? I made a montage of Dolores talking about the beauty of this world in the first episode.[More:]

I barely watch TV but in the last couple months I got sucked into Stranger Things and then Westworld. Will try to avoid venturing further... I have things to do! lol
I watched the first two episodes, but it didn't grab me. It all looks beautifully done though.

I just started watching This Is Us, which started here on Tuesday. It looks like "thirtysomething" for Millennials. But I loved thirtysomething, and I also like films that have an ensemble cast whose stories intertwine, so I'm sure I'll enjoy This Is Us too.
posted by Senyar 09 December | 08:43
That was intriguing. I might check it out.
posted by arse_hat 10 December | 04:37
Nicely done. Evan Rachel Wood was so amazing in that series; the casting on that show is so good that Anthony Hopkins was probably only the forth or fifth best actor in it.
posted by octothorpe 10 December | 11:53
Soooooooo slooooooow. We gave up on it, despite excellent acting and camera work, about 4 episodes in. Far too much rape murder and torture too, despite being on humanoids.
posted by bearwife 10 December | 18:02
I AM hooked on Gotham, which has nailed the Batman vibe.
posted by bearwife 10 December | 18:04
I enjoyed the first episodes of Westworld immensely. While watching you muse about things like determinism vs free will, how we experience our life as a narrative, when is something conscious or not, do experiences matter if they're not remembered etc.
Really amazing.

Then as I watched more episodes I got a bit weary of the unreliable narrator tricks. "she didn't experience that; she was built to remember that" "he's really a robot" "this happened in another time". It started to feel like 'deus ex machina' tricks.
I just started to glaze over and do other stuff while watching.

Still an amazing series.
So I'm rather sceptical over further seasons.
posted by jouke 11 December | 05:25
Yeah I dig this general Frankenstein/A.I. type theme a lot.

A great essay on it based on Her, Ex Machina etc: The Robots Are Winning!
posted by Firas 11 December | 07:36
I made another montage, this time of Dolores in the finale (spoilers abound.)
posted by Firas 11 December | 07:38
Edit: whoops, it got blocked for copyright. Let me see if making it a few minute shorter helps.
posted by Firas 11 December | 07:42
Tx for that article Firas.
Nice hearing from you again. Grtz from the NL!
posted by jouke 11 December | 08:27
Glad to hear from you, jouke! Hello from getting-cold-and-wintery Delhi.

So for those who have seen the series (or don't care about spoilers) I made my finale montage under 5 mins and Youtube has let it stay for now: link.
posted by Firas 11 December | 12:03
Happy birthday to Tom Waits a day late. || Holly Cole - Christmas Blues