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27 August 2016

Weekend plans 3-point bulletin [More:]
1. A French market is coming to town, so I'm heading over there in an hour or so with a friend to check it out. Apparently, as well as French food there's also clothes, shoes, handbags ...

2. I really need to clean my windows this weekend. I had a mishap with the hosepipe the other day and so my patio doors are speckled with water spots. It never takes me long to clean all the windows, but it's a job I hate doing.

3. It's a holiday weekend here - and I really need Monday off, my first day off in three months. I feel exhausted.

Bonus 4. Our very own chrismear is getting married tomorrow, with many friends from all around the MeFi/MeCha world gathering to wish him and his lovely bride happiness.
1. Trying to begin potty training my daughter. First thing this morning she peed all over her feet and the family room floor, then my oblivious son (almost 4) crawled right through it while playing. Sigh.

2. My husband has been working nights for almost four years (6 p to 6 a, or 7 p to 7 a). The plan is (was?) that he will finally go to days in 2017 and I can't wait. Then yesterday he raised the possibility of working a 3 p to 3 a shift, which is literally the only shift worse for a family than night shift. I'm so aggravated and I hope I made it sufficiently clear that this is not an idea I endorse.

3. Managed to gain back the 10 pounds I lost.

posted by amro 27 August | 06:33
Congrats to chrismear! Wishing the newlyweds many happy years.

1. Bathroom remodel almost done, it's coming along so well. Can't wait until it's done and we can get our house properly clean; so much dust!
2. On Wednesday we go to the shore! Can't wait, can't believe I have to work for two days first!
3. Can't believe summer is almost over :( it's so depressing when the pool closes for the season.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 August | 06:38
Woot, chrismear! Very best wishes to you both.

1. Very little planned this weekend, which is nice. And the kiddo has decided she wants to drop one of her hobbies, which means that our weekends will stay reasonably easy in the foreseeable future. Yay!

2. Long run tomorrow with a local running club. 15-16 miles. Marathon training is getting real, yo.

3. One more full week of summer vacation. Kiddo is back to school on Sep 8th. Sad and happy at the same time.
posted by gaspode 27 August | 10:07
congrats chrismear

1. Not doing much of anything this weekend other than read and wraggle kidlet and continual cursing of placental hormones.

2. So very much looking forward to next weekend since I'm making it a 4 day one. Not much relaxing planned though between driving to see my family & my bff's daughter's birthday party.

3. Starting to shift things around to free up the 3rd bedroom. Then it needs to be painted before I can move kidlet in there. Then I can start getting the 2nd bedroom ready for the baby.
posted by bluesapphires 28 August | 10:20
1. First day of the semester tomorrow. Dreading it a bit.

2. Trying to rehab a shoulder impingement that came out of nowhere and is gruntingly painful. I sometimes need help dressing because I can't twist my arm behind my back. I'm grumpy from the pain and because I had a daily yoga practice before it happened that I am missing. A LOT. It's been two months now.

3. We had to buy another car this weekend, 9 months before we planned. So YAY, new car but BOO, two car payments for 9 months.
posted by initapplette 28 August | 20:32
1. Grudgingly updating my resume to apply for a promotion at work. I *probably* will get it, and will make a bit more money and have more interesting things to do, but I'm not very enthusiastic because I don't really want to have a job at all. The interview will require my best acting skills.

2. Went to a rally in honor of Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman in Needham, MA on Saturday. Great fun -- she rode in on a fire truck.

3. Successfully avoided getting stuck on a Boston Harbor cruise ship for 4 hours with a bunch of Brazilians. It's been kind of a weird week.
posted by JanetLand 29 August | 08:09
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