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22 August 2016

I made a complete idiot of myself today at work [More:]
I always use the same toilet cubicle (stall to Americans) at work, the one nearest the door (it's about the only one where you have room to turn round, the rest of them are just slightly wider than the actual toilet). As is usual in the UK, the toilets are completely enclosed, like mini-rooms, unlike the American partition-style stalls.

Anyway, today I went into the Ladies and 'my' toilet was occupied, so I used the one at the far end of the row. After I'd peed, I went to open the door and ... it wouldn't move. I pulled on the handle as hard as I could, but the door wouldn't budge a millimetre.

After struggling with it for a while I realised I was trapped. By this time, there was nobody else in the Ladies, but I knew someone else would be along shortly. I heard the door open and someone else came in.

"Help!" I shouted, "the door's stuck and I can't get out!"

"Oh no! I'll call Facilities."

Ten minutes later the Facilities bloke turned up, armed with his toolbox. By this time a little crowd had gathered.

To my immense embarrassment, he simply took hold of the handle on his side of the door, and opened the door towards him.

It's the only toilet in the row where the door opens outwards, not inwards. I'd forgotten I was in the 'outwards' toilet, because I never use it.

This is my life today.
Ha. I can imagine how you felt. :-)
posted by jouke 22 August | 16:49
I am so sorry, Senyar, but what a funny story. I chuckled! I will also tell you it took at least 5 visits to the Starbucks on my way to the train before I finally got it through my head that the door to exit opens outward. Fortunately no one seems to have seen my repeated efforts to get it open by puling inward . . . but of course I know.

Despite living with us for the past 12 years, however, our cat has still not figured out which side our front door opens on. So there's that.
posted by bearwife 22 August | 19:11
My method in these situations is Deny Deny Deny. "I pushed and PUSHED, but the door just wouldn't open!"
posted by JanetLand 23 August | 06:55
Oh no, Senyar! I actually knew what your link would be before I even opened it. I share your feels.
posted by msali 23 August | 08:09
Oh my..... at least they'll remember you, fondly, as the absent-minded attorney.

Can bemusedly imagine what your team would create for your holiday gift this year.... but I bet it will be long forgotten by then.
posted by mightshould 23 August | 08:53
I'm so sorry, but that is hilarious. At least you usually work at home, right? A few days away and all will be forgotten.
posted by amro 23 August | 09:42
Hee. : )

No worries. You'll be hailed for your good humor.

(I once split my pants open in front of a classroom full of college students. Taught the rest of the class with my back to the blackboard. Eep.)
posted by Pips 23 August | 10:06
This story just made my day! hahaha
No one can have their brain turned on all the time...
posted by rmless2 23 August | 11:48
I could see myself doing that (esp lately with as much crap I have running around in my head) so you have all of my sympathies and there there hand pats.
posted by bluesapphires 24 August | 19:42
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