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12 March 2016

News, of a sort It's been a long time guys.

I've been ill for a while, no excuse really, but life is what it is.[More:]

I'm going to be going into the hospital next Thursday (Mar 17) for open heart surgery (quad bypass and aortic valve replacement).

I'm terrified, not only because of the magnitude of the surgery, but of the fact that there is a quantifiable, nonzero risk that I will be needing ColdChef's professional services. The surgery is complicated by the fact that I am on dialysis. The VA surgeon flat turned me down. (I think he thought that if he killed me, it would poorly reflect on his performance numbers. Prick.) Fortunately, the cardiology department contracted me out to IU/Methodist, which is the place you want to be around these parts, and I have put my trust in a wonderful doctor, Dr. Saila Pillai, who is as confidence-inspiring a doctor as you could hope to find. She's assured me that she is confident as to the outcome, but she would have to be, wouldn't she?

You guys have there for me in the past, and I just wanted to let you know that while I've been here, I've appreciated you all in many ways. #bunnies forever!

See you on the other side!
You're in my thoughts, pjern. I don't think Methodist will allow us to hold a meetup in your room, though. So, we'll have to schedule one as soon as you're able to get up and about.

Good luck, Thursday!
posted by Thorzdad 12 March | 10:02
Hang in there Pjern -- my dad had bypass surgery under pretty much the same conditions, and it worked out solid. These heart folks, they're pros. Best part was the doctor who referred to the portable dialysis machine they brought into Dad's room as "The RenalMobile."
posted by JanetLand 12 March | 10:04
pjern, I'm sending you sterkte from across the Atlantic!

I can guess at how scary this is. I look forward to you checking in again after the surgery!
posted by jouke 12 March | 11:34
Good thoughts coming your way, pjern.
posted by Senyar 12 March | 12:33
Hey pjern. Just so you know, I have been thinking about you lots. xxoo
posted by Stewriffic 12 March | 13:56
pjern, good thoughts to you. Nice to see you beck here too.
posted by arse_hat 12 March | 14:20
pjern, I was so delighted to see this post and now am thinking of you nonstop.. We need you back among the bunny ranks! Sending lots of good wishes. Sounds like you have an awesome doc in your corner too.
posted by bearwife 12 March | 15:25
Good luck to you!
posted by amro 12 March | 15:35
More good wishes from me; anyone with more serious health issues than mine has my maximum sympathy (and misplaced jealousy). "Bypasses" always make me think of freeway interchanges... at lest they're better than "cutoffs" (From the old Johnny Carson joke "Take the 210 to the 101 to the 405 to the Slauson cutoff... and cut off your Slauson"... okay not a good joke to tell to someone right before surgery...)
posted by oneswellfoop 12 March | 16:27
Strength to you.
posted by brujita 12 March | 16:29
One more thought... if you're going to go in to surgery on St. Patrick's Day, do NOT request the green IV...
posted by oneswellfoop 12 March | 16:34
Love and prayers for you, pjern! Check in during your recovery, please.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 March | 17:06
All the best to you, Pjern-- I hope all goes well with your sutgery-- You're definitely in our thoughts-- Here's to a speedy recovery--

(can I have your jell-o? : )
posted by Pips 12 March | 18:31
Good vibes to your team and most of all, big gentle hugs and loving thoughts to you and yours.
posted by mightshould 12 March | 19:34
Well, I'm firmly on the side of your continued existence as otherwise Indiana's decent human representatives percentage will be taking a serious hit. Pretty sure you are way better off away from the VA.
Keep on keeping on, and that's an order.
posted by ethylene 12 March | 22:04
I am really sorry to hear this, I get why you are scared, and I am scared for you. I hereby deed to you any and all good luck, good karma, and health mojo I may have coming for this week. Jedi hugs all around from all you bunny friends here. We'll hope to hear from you, preferably, as soon as you regain consciousness after your surgery. Jk.
posted by msali 13 March | 08:55
All the best pjern - as scary as it might seem when it's you going under the knife as opposed to some vague 'other person', these things are routine surgery nowadays and you should be as confident as your doctors. Hope to see you back here soon.
posted by dg 13 March | 16:18
good luck and best wishes for a boring surgery and a speedy recovery
posted by bluesapphires 14 March | 05:53
All the best pjern. Sending love and good African juju your way!
posted by ramix 14 March | 11:07
OK, pjern, you're on my mind. Love you.
posted by Stewriffic 14 March | 21:32
Much love to you, pjern. Go for the guinness IV.
posted by gaspode 14 March | 22:46
Best of luck to you.
posted by danostuporstar 15 March | 15:13
Hey, pjern. As dg says, this is routine for them.

Beaming it out for you and looking forward to hearing your report when you feel up to posting again.
posted by tangerine 15 March | 19:42
I know tomorrow is the day. Thinking of you and sending extra strong good thoughts.
posted by bearwife 16 March | 13:24
Thinking of you, pjern, and sending more hugs, strength, and well wishes.
posted by redvixen 16 March | 17:43
When my dad had the valve replacement, it made a big improvement.
posted by brujita 16 March | 19:38
Update from his daughter:

"Hi all. This is Phil's daughter. Dad did great through surgery. He had the quadruple bypass but the valve looked great. Great news!"
posted by Stewriffic 17 March | 18:34
Tx stew. I was wondering.
posted by jouke 17 March | 19:17
Hell yeah Dr. Pillai and daughters who update.
posted by LeppardMessiah 18 March | 01:42
Hurrah! Thanks for letting us know. I was checking this thread repeatedly to see how pjern did.
posted by bearwife 18 March | 14:05
That's so great! Wishing a quick, easy recovery ahead-- so delighted to hear--
posted by Pips 18 March | 15:18
Friday question Not From the Book of Questions || OMG! ARMED BUNNY!