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10 March 2016

Thursday 3-point update [More:]
1. I started eating low-carb on Sunday, and so far it's going well. I have a lovely beef stew and winter veggies for dinner tonight. Lucy and I have also been enjoying lots of fish (I can't cook a piece of fish without saving some for her, or I think my life would be in danger.)

2. I learned today that work I'm doing in a particular area has come to the attention of RationalWiki. It's nice to see that my judgements on certain things are standing up to scrutiny. (No link, as the cases involve a group of people who are sometimes odd and whose reactions can be unpredictable - e.g. someone who recently criticised them had his name, address, photo and phone number put up on a FB page, with a call to organise a mob, along with comments about how awful it would be if he was hounded into committing suicide. So I hope you'll understand if I don't put the link up.)

3. I'm going bowling tomorrow with a few people from work. I've not been bowling since that time at Chelsea Pier with several of the NYC bunnies. I'm a hopeless bowler, but always enjoy it. And I'm horrendously competitive. Recipe for disaster.
1. I'm continuing to slowly shave off the weight I gained in the fall, and am now down 9.5 pounds. I mostly attribute this to the Lose It! app, on which I log everything, and also to its bluetooth connection to my scale, on which I weigh in every AM.

2. Work is truly tedious this month as I am doing an assignment which is extremely repetitive. Fortunately I move on to my normal interesting and variegated work in April.

3. I can't decide if I am happy that we are moving the clocks ahead this weekend, as that means daylight bike riding, or irked to lose the hour.
posted by bearwife 10 March | 14:45
1. Dealing with the aftermath of a severe wind/rain storm. Trees are down in our neighborhood and i have a shit-ton of branches and pine debris to clean off the roof and around the house!

2. Work has settled down now i no longer have to report directly to crazy boss lady. I love working from home and only have to go in once or twice a month. Nothing beats working in jammies!!

3. Bingo night at ramixkiddo #1's elementary school. Oh joy! (not!!!)
posted by ramix 10 March | 16:16
1. Driving to Cooperstown, NY this weekend! Woo-hoo!

2. Watching Ken Burns' "Baseball" in preparation for the trip. Also watched the movie "42." Think "Eight Men Out" will be next.

3. Getting caught up in the whole "Fuller House" and "Full House Reviewed" saga. Seriously, I have not laughed this hard in years, on both counts. There is joy in the world.
posted by Melismata 10 March | 17:21
1. Brazil has gone batshit insane (I don't know if anyone has noticed), so that has made my job more interesting. Keeping up with the news cycles is feeling a little bit like a crazy soap opera, but scarier. Between America's rather colorful election cycle and all of the madness in Brazil, I have seen my anxiety levels ramp way up.

2. The nail on the big toe of my left foot fell off today when I was doing yoga. Underneath was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Googling would indicate I have some sort of a nail fungus. Googling nail fungus pictures is a great way to ruin your day.

3. On the upside, my dog who has been sick for the better part of a year, would appear to have made a miraculous recovery. Mind you, she's old any way you sort it, she doesn't have too much more time in her; but she didn't die to day, and she is unlikely to die tomorrow. So there's that.

Bonus 4. I bought a beautiful dogwood tree sapling today I am going to plant this weekend!
posted by msali 10 March | 21:13
1. Rehearsal was the last full troupe rehearsal that we're going to have before the convention next week. (Some of the girls are driving down Thursday since they have early Friday morning workshops so they'll miss next week's dress rehearsal.) It's going to be an interesting set and I feel pretty good about my dancing in it, but I'm nervous about a couple of the other girls.

2. It has been super warm in my area these past few days which has definitely helped my mood. (Although I'm worried about what my electric bill is going to look like, eesh.)

3. I'm finally getting into a better post-work routine that isn't just sitting in front of my computer on FB until bedtime and I think it's helping the crazybrain too. :)
posted by sperose 10 March | 23:29
(Yay msali, I'm so glad that the dog is on the mend. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for her!)

1. As anyone in #bunnies will know, I am ridiculously over-excited about the pending arrival of my own dog, a 2-3 year old rescue greyhound called Blu. I will, of course, spam you all with doggy pictures when he moves in.

2. Before that can happen, though, I need to completely re-fence my entire back yard. I had no idea how expensive fences are. I'm currently in the process of getting quotes, and then I'm going to have a little cry and wave goodbye to all my money for the foreseeable future.

3. Work is a mixture of good and bad, and the stress around that and the dog stuff has meant that I've barely done any exercise lately. I've barely cycled at all, and haven't swam or yoga'ed in a week or two. I really need to get back into a routine which isn't just getting home and flomping onto the sofa.
posted by ARobotNinja 11 March | 03:44
(technically, Friday update, but whatever)
1. Happy that I have finally been confirmed permanently in my job, giving me certainty of being able to keep paying my bills and maybe even start saving some money. Also, knowing I won't have to return to a job I was entirely sick of.
2. #1 means I have to get my citizenship finalised as soon as possible, as I need it for a mandatory security clearance.
3. If anyone would like a couple of teenage daughters, I'd be happy to hand them over at the moment. They're sniping at each other and stomping around accusing each other of stealing their clothes, makeup etc. I love them to bits, but some days ...
posted by dg 11 March | 04:35
1. This happens every year: One day the leeks seem unusually tightly-wound and skinny, so I clean and chop two or three of them instead of the one I'd ordinarily use. I add them to whatever vegetable I'm roasting up, broccoli in tonight's case, and notice unusually...vibrant flavors wafting out of the oven. Then only after I've finished the meal and feel tiny faint protests from my GI tract do I realize that it wasn't leeks at all, it was green garlic, and I've just eaten the equivalent of THREE HEADS of it.

2. Dinner last night as a sort of memorial to a former co-worker who died. She was kind of a dawn-of-the-Internet celebrity, and I heard some fantastic stories.

3. New brakes. $$$. I'm treating it as a vote of confidence in my banged-up 2000 Accord, confirming that I expect it to hang on for a few more years. (I take my car to a shop run by a friendly rockabilly couple who keep chinchillas. The chinchillas are literally right there in the shop.)
posted by tangerine 11 March | 05:41
1. My 2007 Accord also needs new brake pads, tangerine, you are not alone! .

2. Putting off invoicing some clients, and I don't know why. It's not as though I don't like money.

3. I have been woken at 6am every day this week by a small boy climbing on me and saying "hello! Is it morning!". No it isn't kiddo, go back to sleep. Good thing he's cute :-)
posted by altolinguistic 11 March | 06:29
1. My stepfather passed unexpectedly last week, which lead to a drive down to florida to try to take care of the arrangements. (Since I work in the funeral industry, I thought it would be easier for me.) The absolute cluster of that experience has led to me preparing all my documents (starting, at least) and telling all my immediate family that I will need them to do the same and will need to meet with them to discuss preferences. I never, ever want to do that again. (especially not with two fighting sisters)

2. In traveling down to FL, we met some very nice folks that were legionnaires with him, and I realized that he had a family and was happy down there, which makes me happy. He passed in his sleep, which is really how I want to go.

3. Gathering the funds for our (unexpected) tax bill, and once that is complete, I get to take the car in for brakes as well! :)
posted by needlegrrl 11 March | 07:58
1. Am awaiting the start of my bathroom renovation and the tiresomeness of having to leave the house to take a shower. Will go and stare at tubs & sinks & vanities this weekend.

2. Work is very dull enlivened by brief periods of something interesting. I spend a lot of time watching kittens.

3. I have so many books I want to read that I feel overwhelmed.
posted by JanetLand 11 March | 08:36
6am for us is "Mommy, it's time to get up. I'm hungry."

1. Kidlet turns 3 next Tuesday. It's gone by so fast.

2. I'm in the middle of making some updates to the bathroom. Family came up to help change out the cabinet and countertop/sinks last weekend. We discovered there are 3 layers of tile on the floor and it would take a jackhammer to get through the cement board so I've been recoloring the grout this week instead. I couldn't find new medicine cabinets that worked in the spot so either we'll need to reinstall the old painted over ones or I'll give up and do mirrors. Still need to make progress on the walls -- I'm going to take down the tile & put up vinyl beadboard to cover up the awful walls. Some idiot used glue instead of thin set for the wall tile. And I will add to the madness by gluing the beadboard up.

3. We're enjoying the spring weather and I'm looking forward to the time change but I'm hoping this doesn't mean summer starts in April.
posted by bluesapphires 11 March | 08:46
1. Jealous of all in the midst of bathroom renovations. One of ours (the one the boys use for baths) is in need of a total overhaul- it smells like there's water damage lurking somewhere behind the blue & pink tile. I should reach out to some contractors via Angie's List to see what they think it would cost.

2. Not being in grad school anymore is awesome. I can watch as much TV as I want! And I do. Who's enjoying The Bachelor? I've also been spending time (don't judge me) exploring LulaRoe and all its crazy Internet communities. Lord help my wallet.

3. Looking forward to spring! Want to start cleaning up the yard, growing grass in the bare parts, getting the boys' sandbox up and running again.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 March | 20:21
1) I quit smoking Dec 7, and have gained about 15 lbs already. On an already too-large body. BUT! I quit smoking!

2) I have a torn meniscus combining with newly-bothersome arthritis and the excess weight to really reduce my mobility. MRI done, awaiting Dr. visit the 22nd.

3) Things at work have been weird for the last 1.5 years at least, and I've been having a hard time putting up with it anymore. Can't go into details, but if you want, you can email me.

(I love my cat Tiny more and more every day.)

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posted by Stewriffic 12 March | 14:07
1. I was just accepted to a writing workshop with Jane Hamilton this summer in the Hamptons. I'm pleasantly surprised I got in, and I'd love to work with her, but I'm not sure I should spend the money right now. Dilemma.

2. Speaking of money, I'm trying to decide if I should buy a new car or not. I have a 2001 Dodge Neon which has been a bit sputtery lately and likely needs tires and brake pads. Low mileage, though, only about 55,000, so I don't know. Considering a Nissan Sentra or Rogue, or a Mazda CX3 or CX5. The larger vehicles might not fit in my parking space, though.

3. Back on the heart monitor next week. Experiencing longer bouts of afib the last couple of months, anywhere from two to twelve hours at a time, all night sometimes. Not fun.

(pinky, yes, the Bachelor! Much to Jon's chagrin-- I figure Lauren's been a shoe-in for a long time now, but I've been surprised before--)
posted by Pips 12 March | 18:17
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