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11 February 2016

Anyone play with arduino or raspberry pi here? I went to a makers event last week, which spurred me to go to one this week, and I spent 2 hours learning about raspberry pi and arduinos, with the hopes of integrating them into my costumes.[More:]

I also took my niece with me, hopefully giving my husband some much needed space, and she asked if she could go back, which was promising!

So today I ordered a raspberry pi, along with a lily pad kit, so that I can work on trying out light up things in costumes.

It was amazing, all that you could do with it, and I'm pretty excited, as this is something I've been wanting to learn about for years.

Also, I went to two strange places where there wasn't anyone I knew, and met new people, two weeks in a row, and it was fine! :) Sometimes it's so hard to get out of my comfort zone.
I have an old Pi that I was using as a file server and print server at home but it's currently not in those roles right now so I might think of something to do with it.
posted by octothorpe 12 February | 09:15
Ha needlegirl that's so cool that you're delving into raspberry pi and arduino.
And also that your niece is interested.

I tried to get my 16-17 yr old cousins interested in programming and computers. But that was met with polite disdain.
I think that's unfortunate because I believe computers and programming will be key to everything in life in the coming decades.

As far as a Raspberry Pi is involved: I recently bought one. Because it reminded me of the dyi vibe of old fashioned 'microcomputers'. And then I had no idea what to do with it!
Even though I'm a seasoned software developer... Hm.
posted by jouke 12 February | 10:23
I am super surprised that my niece is interested- but one of her friends is interested in programming, so she has talked about it with them.

Jouke - the guy I learned from has a 3d printed case for the Pi that fits onto the back of a tv, using the mounting screws, and they use them to program lights, run 3D printers, etc.

I think that is actually why the Pi was invented, according to the guy that I talked to - he said that someone at Cambridge decided to create it to give to elementary school students to use to teach them about computers and programming, and then it really took off!
posted by needlegrrl 12 February | 16:04
I have a pi B+ that I set up just to see what it's like and so I could have a big raspberry on my desktop. Someday, I plan to turn it into a pihole.
posted by Obscure Reference 13 February | 12:01
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