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26 January 2016

Hope for the next generation [More:] So you may remember the right wing brother I mentioned earlier this month. I was pleasantly surprised to find out his future daughter-in-law is leaning toward Bernie. She posted the linked picture to her FB page and when someone challenged her (not sure if it was in jest or not), with,

Tim: Trump for pres

she replied

Christina: C'mon Tim! You're a better person then that lol dumpy trumpy

I think she's on board. :)
Heh. Nice.
posted by gaspode 27 January | 22:33
I watched a documentary on Channel 4 about Trump last night. When I say I can't believe people will elect him, I have to remember the US electorate also elected Reagan.
posted by Senyar 28 January | 09:01
I can believe very easily that Americans could elect Trump. I can just as easily believe thst Australia could elect his antipodean equivalent as PM. He has a quality that is generally a positive trait in that he 'calls it as he sees it' that dramatically contrasts with most politicians, who everyone knows (even if they won't admit it) always tell the tale that will get them elected. It's a pretty horrifying peek into someone's head, sure, but it's closer to the real person than we would normally see with a politician. It's fortunate there is someone in Sanders on the other side that also calls it as he sees it but speaks for the world of the sane. Trump vs Clinton could well be a landslide simply because nobody trusts her.
posted by dg 28 January | 16:21
Trump / Palin

What could go wrong?
posted by mule 29 January | 02:50
I saw an interview of John Oliver that called it a hostile take over of the Republican party, which is very apt but i wonder how possible it is, mostly because I don't know how many of his supporters are registered or know that they would have to be in order to put him forward or anything about what a president is. His supporters seem to cull from the pool that think "president is a job that pays millions and why would they vote for another person to be paid millions? But he's already rich so...hmm" and "I just want to be an out and proud racist."

See, the out and proud racist thing would be very interesting. Maybe we need to get them out of the closet.
posted by ethylene 30 January | 19:40
So why is the time stamp 2 minutes off? Possible an hour and 2 minutes off, I forget what it was set to.
posted by ethylene 30 January | 19:42
Photos of the Month : January - will be this coming Friday || OMG! BUNNY TONGUE!