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14 January 2016

Journalism (and related fields) people - I need your advice! [More:]My daughter has been accepted into a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Journalism major) at QUT and must choose either a second major or two minors. She's leaning towards either a second major of Creative and Professional Writing or Media and Communication or minors that more or less add up to the same thing. She doesn't have a clear idea of a career path but wants to maximise her job prospects in the area of communications/media.

Any suggestions welcomed - big decision time and, although she can change major/minors later, they both start in semester 1 so a change later would likely result in having to do extra units.

Thanks in advance :-)

post by: dg at: 19:47 | 5 comments
No hard evidence to back this up but I think a Communications degree seems versatile. Many companies I've worked with and for have had a lot of people with a Communications degree in a wide range of positions.
posted by arse_hat 15 January | 00:04
What offers the broadest variety in the field.

Here in the states I wish that I had gone to Emerson College for all 4 years because the BFA required more courses for the major than the BA. Besides the usual poetry and fiction courses they offered them in other genres:comedy, children's, travel well as the noncreative side :publishing, editing, marketing, publicity and design.
posted by brujita 15 January | 00:07
One big factor in this decision may be your daughter's personality type, particularly how outgoing she is and how much she likes team-based work. Here is the reason I say this. Even though almost all writing work - creative, journalistic, or otherwise - involves lots of human contact, there is a general difference between the work styles of professional writing and media/communications. People who work in professional writing will spend more time generating content and narrative on their own, and then maybe pitching it to clients or reviewing it with a team in rounds of edits, and then going back to further craft and edit until the product is satisfactory. Meanwhile, people in media and communications are far more often in a public-facing and team-based role from the get-go. They will be doing press contacts and pitches regularly, hashing out and settling on message in team meetings, working on media campaigns with collaborators and outlets, and sometimes being the mouthpiece of an organization rather than the creative brain behind the scenes. It's impossible to predict where her career may take her specifically, and certainly there are lots of good opportunities in both directions, but perhaps this will be a helpful consideration to throw on the pile.
posted by Miko 15 January | 11:16
Media and Communication sounds more versatile, since she'll have various types of writing with her journalism major. Maybe try to get internships, too, in whatever specific areas she might want to work in, make connections and try things out in the "real world," so to speak. Good luck to her, in any case-- exciting times!
posted by Pips 15 January | 13:55
So, double major in journalism/media and communications it is. Thanks for the feedback :-)
posted by dg 19 January | 05:59
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