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14 January 2016

Up and at'em, advance prep edition! [More:]so tomorrow, I don't have much work, and I intend to use the power of self-employment to stay home and Get Shit Done.

This will entail:
1. Doing that thing to husband's PC
2. Clearing out a load of books and shelving properly or taking to Oxfam
3. Putting paperwork in filing cabinet instead of all over the house, and getting rid of a load of stuff we don't need to be keeping

Your best tips for ensuring a successful day of shit-doing, please? I will check in throughout the day (GMT) with progress reports which may help keep me on track. If anyone else would like to put their to-do lists here, feel free!
I work out what I need to do, e.g. clear out a chest of drawers, and I do that one thing and finish it before going on to the next thing. I find that once I start, I have to keep going. NO breaks for cups of coffee, until I've finished the task.
posted by Senyar 14 January | 15:11
Task 3. is too big, I feel, so I will just pledge to start that process. Also

4. Sort at least 2 bags of clothes to take to charity shops, which will give me space to
5. Do laundry and actually put the damn clothes away afterwards.
posted by altolinguistic 14 January | 16:43
Successful days of shit-doing for me usually involves some good, loud music and some tasty things to drink and snack on throughout the day.
posted by Foxhat 14 January | 20:01
The hardest thing is getting started on doing the things instead of lazing around for a leisurely start, so get up and running as if it was a work day.
posted by mightshould 14 January | 23:38
Timely advice, mightshould, as it's 8.45 here and I am drinking my coffee having taken my son to daycare. It all starts now!
posted by altolinguistic 15 January | 03:46
Progress report! Thing 1 done. Significant progress on thing 2. Now have 4 bags of books to take to charity.

Will go into town and drop books off, and pick up tasty things for lunch in order to follow Foxhat advice. Heating goes on now as well, so the place is tolerable when I get back (it's near freezing here).
posted by altolinguistic 15 January | 07:22
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