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26 December 2015

I just caught up with Season 2 of Transparent [More:]
Whilst Season 1 introduced us to the Pfefferman family and focused on Maura's decision, Season 2 was much darker and had more of an emphasis on the children. I loved the complexities of the storyline, particularly the Berlin scenes.

Unlike The Affair, where the characters were all utterly dislikeable, the Transparent characters were equally flawed and difficult, but I felt a lot of sympathy for them (apart from the mother, who was a fricking nightmare). I used to hang out with radical feminists in the early 80s, and I'd forgotten how uncompromising they are. The juxtaposition of this in Transparent with the raid on the Berlin Institute was striking.

I hope we have another season of Transparent. But not The Affair. Oh no, The Affair characters can all DIAF for all I care.
Yes, Transparent has turned out to give me more value for Amazon Prime than the free shipping. And Jeffrey Tambor is a national treasure and he somehow makes all the performances around him better... going back to the first time I saw him as a snobby neighbor in the "Threes Company" spinoff "The Ropers" (and making anything Threes Company-related watchable was an accomplishment!!! And that was 1979... how has he only aged 10 years in the last 35?) His IMDB credits page is such a memory flogger... attorney-turned-judge on 29 episodes of Hill Street Blues, check. Murray, the one character on Max Headroom who grounded everything else, check. "Mr. Sunshine"? He headed his own sitcom for 11 weeks in 1986? Why don't I remember... oh, '86. I was, ahem, quite distracted then. Hank Kingsley, the Larry Sanders Show sidekick who out-Ed-McMahoned Ed McMahon, the human BRPD agent in Hellboy who wasn't afraid to tell off the superhumans, and of course, Arrested Development (there is ALWAYS money in the banana stand). And the short-lived-and-almost-forgotten ironically titled "Twenty Good Years" where he played an excellent Yin to John Lithgow's scenery-chewing Yang. And he has done a couple of the funniest "Funny or Die" videos in total deadpan style promoting movies that were not all that funny. He has done guest shots on so many shows, and the first time I saw Dr. Phil, I thought he was Tambor doing a funny character (I will forever condemn Dr. P for stealing his mustache). I don't get to gush my praise for character actors as often as I used to (most of my favorites from my youth have retired or died or both), so thanks for letting me spout off some Tambor love and especially thanks to Transparent for helping me come to terms with certain uncomfortable feelings about Jeffrey Tambor.
posted by oneswellfoop 26 December | 17:31
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