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22 November 2015

It's time for the 8th Annual Mecha Holiday Card Exchange! Signups open now through December 1st, 11:59 p.m. ET![More:]Email me at the address in my profile with your name, MeCha screen name, mailing address, email address where you want the mailing list sent, and anything else you'd like people to know (special mailing instructions, etc.) Please put "Mecha Card Exchange 2015" in the subject line.

I'll send out an address list broken up into groups shortly after the deadline. The groups are generally 6-8 people, but you can send to everyone on the list if you want! Groups generally include at least one person outside the US.
I'm in! Thank you for coordinating!
posted by initapplette 22 November | 15:48
Hooray, thank you for doing this! I already bought my mecha cards.
posted by msali 22 November | 18:40
Ack! Another holiday chore! Having complained, I am IN.
posted by bearwife 22 November | 19:39
I'm in! Email to come.
posted by gaspode 22 November | 20:04
Yay, mecha holiday card exchange! :)
posted by needlegrrl 23 November | 08:39
Yeah, I'm cross about the holidays this year but then I remember how I love getting all the cards, so I'm in.
posted by JanetLand 23 November | 12:27
I'm in!
posted by Senyar 23 November | 14:37
I bought my cards in January because it's hard to get nice, small cards that aren't childish (the UK postal systems charges by envelope size as well as weight). So when I saw some in the sales I bought them. One person may well get the same card as I sent her last year, because it has her dog on it :-)

Last year I cheated and posted my MeCha from Gaspode's while I was staying with her in New York.
posted by Senyar 23 November | 14:48
I haven't done it for the last few years because of that one time when I didn't get them done till Valentine's and ended up having to draw puffy-paint hearts all over the snowflakes and pine trees, and then there was grad school which messed with everything. But this year I'm in.
posted by tangerine 23 November | 15:50
Can't afford it this year but I am very happy it's still alive.
posted by arse_hat 25 November | 15:09
Hey, I'd be glad to send an unreciprocated card to arse_hat -- or really to any of you who'd appreciate a card but who for any reason can't send them out this year.
posted by tangerine 29 November | 22:35
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