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19 November 2015

Jeopardy ToC final starts tonight Anyone else watching the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions this week? The finals start tonight, and the match-up is really interesting.[More:]

On one hand, you have Matt, who is this really frantic, mile-a-minute guy, who doesn't wait for Alex to even finish his "Correct" after he gets an question right. The guy is wired.

On the other hand, you have Alex, who is about as distracted, and slowly deliberative a player as can be.

Watching those two go up against each other feels like waiting for matter and anti-matter to meet. One style of play is the antithesis of the other. It seems like a perfect set-up for both of them to throw each others' game off. Which could work out well for the third player in the mix, Kerry.
Yes, we love Jeopardy! and never miss any show, plus I was once on it. I am very, very sure Matt is going to kill everyone as he always does. He is wired, but he is also strategic and careful about when he buzzes in. He never seems to miss daily doubles, either. I think he needs to beware of Kerry, who has the same ability to be patient and careful and a similar wide field of knowledge, I think Alex is going to be third.

So fun to handicap this now!
posted by bearwife 19 November | 16:34
Yes-- I'm so rooting for Matt, my favorite. I loved watching him win game after game during the regular season (I believe he's fourth overall in total games and money won--).

I keep urging Jon, who calls out answers from the other room, to take the test and make us some money!
posted by Pips 19 November | 17:40
Damn, that Alex is good-- fast, fast to the buzzer. Never saw him play before.

(I got the final jeopardy question! : )
posted by Pips 19 November | 19:31
Yeah, Alex is quick on the button, but then switches to molasses-in-winter mode for his answer and selection of the next question. That has to be throwing Matt off his game a bit.

I was surprised that Alex was, for him, dressed-up last night. His normal attire has been as casual as his gameplay.

Disappointed with Kerry's play last night, though she ended-up ahead of Matt. Her style has been to more-or-less keep-up during the Jeopardy round, but then kick butt in Double Jeopardy.

Unless Alex skips his meds tonight, I think he's going to be hard to beat.
posted by Thorzdad 20 November | 11:26
I agree that Alex was awesome last night! I am also impressed with you, Pips, because not only did none of the contestants get Final Jeopardy!, which might have put Matt in a better position, but neither did I, and I'm pretty strong on literature questions. Good for you!

I am surprised Kerry couldn't get ahead in DJ too. It'll be interesting seeing what adjustments everyone makes tonight.
posted by bearwife 20 November | 17:57
Thanks, bearwife. Just popped in my head-- all those years in the dungeon.. (I confess I never actually read Count of Monte Cristo,. Believe it or not, I know the story from the cartoon version I saw years ago. :)

(Jon said Man in the Iron Mask, too.)

Looking forward to tonight--
posted by Pips 20 November | 18:17
That was fun though I rooted for Matt to the end. And wish Kerry had done a little better. I DID get final Jeopardy for the last game.
posted by bearwife 22 November | 19:38
Yeah, Alex definitely dominated. He seemed cool, though. Matt was my sentimental favorite, too, having watched him recenty during the regular season. (I think he may be mildly autistic-- reminds me of a student I had last year. Very smart, nice kid, in my AP Literature class. He did just fine, desite the autism. Even earned a 3 on the exam.)
posted by Pips 23 November | 14:16
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