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25 August 2015

Condolences to The Pink Superhero [More:]
Sadly, Twinkie, her chihuahua, friend of MeCha, biter of many of us, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and the age of eleven-and-a-half.
Oh, so sorry to hear-- we so enjoyed her visit to our old porch.
posted by Pips 25 August | 15:46
Goodbye little Twinkie. Condolences TPS.
posted by arse_hat 25 August | 16:53
Noooooooo. So sorry, TPS. Also sorry I never got nipped by Twinkie.
posted by bearwife 25 August | 17:14
If a Dog Heaven exists, I'm sure Twinkie will be nipping at the heels of my own beloved Lab/Collie/mix Lollypop (and Lolly will enjoy it). Condolences for now, but let the mourning end soon and New Puppy hunt begin. (And if you want to keep up a consistent 'Hostess snack cake' theme, may I suggest the name "DingDong"?)
posted by oneswellfoop 25 August | 18:19
Awwww. So very sorry to hear your little fur-baby is gone. There's nothing else like the love shared with a pet. Hugs.
posted by mightshould 25 August | 20:24
Ach. I slap you compassionately on the shoulder.

(We Frisian Dutch are not big huggers like US americans. But that doesn't mean we're cold hearted. :-) )
posted by jouke 26 August | 02:01
But who will eat all the underwear?
posted by ethylene 26 August | 07:34
I'm sorry tps.
posted by brujita 26 August | 08:03

Go well, Twinkie.

Hugs to you and your family, TPS.
posted by gaspode 26 August | 09:00
oh no! so sorry, TPS.
posted by needlegrrl 26 August | 11:06
Oh TPS, I am so terribly sorry. My condolences.
posted by msali 26 August | 11:06
Oh no! You were such a good caretaker of that tiny terror, TPS, and Twinkie was lucky to have you.
Thinking of you.
posted by rmless2 26 August | 13:37
Thanks, all. It was a sad day- when we got up she was struggling to breath, and after hours at the emergency vet, she was diagnosed with heart failure. She was so distressed, we knew it was the right decision to let her go. We were all already scheduled to start vacation (we are in Ocean City NJ this week) so weirdly the timing was very good. It'll be so quiet in the house without her- and who will pick up all the food the kids drop?!? How do people without dogs clean their floors, anyway? Maybe I can get the cat to do that. Twinkie was my first baby and she will be missed. They are sprinkling her ashes at a nearby pet cemetery. They also made a paw print memorial for me, which will be nice to have.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 26 August | 16:30
Wishing you all the fond memories (and stories) of Twinkie to see you through this very sad time. I am so sorry for this loss to your family.
posted by redvixen 26 August | 17:02
So sorry to hear this. Such a cutie. She had a long and happy life with you.
posted by wens 26 August | 19:19
So very sorry to hear about your loss.
posted by Splunge 27 August | 14:18
belated condolences and hugs all around
posted by bluesapphires 27 August | 21:08

Sorry, TPS
posted by Obscure Reference 28 August | 13:24
I just saw this and I'm so sorry. Even more hugs.
posted by tangerine 28 August | 22:52
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