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14 August 2015

Weekend! What's everyone up to?[More:] We have my sister & (future) brother in law staying with us, and my husband's parents will be in town as well. So it will be a very family weekend. Going to the Mets game on Sunday. Hope they can keep up this great momentum!
Had a call last night from a Raleigh friend who wants to bring her sister down this weekend. Of course I said yes, but warned her about the new kitten chaos and that there would be no cleaning, etc.

I can do this since she's pretty chill and that's just the rules of my place - I provide lodging for those who want to visit and go to the beach; they have to take it as it is.

So, I'll be picking up local shrimp tomorrow after work tomorrow afternoon and we'll have shrimp and fixings tomorrow night. Since I have to get up early for work on Sunday, it will hopefully not be a late night. She's a great person and I always enjoy seeing her.

Sunday after work I'll finally clean and figure out if I can get the tasks done that I had planned.
posted by mightshould 14 August | 08:53
Pretty much nothin', and I must admit I'm looking forward to it after the big family visit from my brother and his wife, and the annual family barbecue. Manicure tonight, sleep in tomorrow, then work on continuing to transition from my old PC to my new gorgeous iMac and trying to sort and post/email my Holocaust trip pictures, dog walk with friends on Sunday. I might lobby for a movie -- we haven't been in ages.
posted by bearwife 14 August | 11:00
Overtime. I have five cases to clear.

I'm also going to a dress rehearsal tomorrow morning - a performance of Lord Arthur Savile's Crime. It's a production at a local school where my friend is Head of English. Next week the production is going to the Edinburgh Festival, a big deal for a school play! It'll be odd to be at a theatrical performance at 10am, in a largely empty auditorium. But I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

I also need to get some more bird food. These blimmin' birds are eating me out of house and home. From dawn til dusk the feeders are swarming with greedy little birds.
posted by Senyar 14 August | 11:56
Nursing a sore lower back. I put a new roof on my garage and now my back is getting back at me.
posted by arse_hat 14 August | 16:33
Nothing much; my husband works overnights Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and sleeps much of the days, so I am a single mom most of the weekend. I am just not brave enough to go out many places alone with a one year old and a two year old.
posted by amro 14 August | 17:16
We don't have much going on, I think we'll watch Rosewater tonight, I saw it's on Netflix now. Tomorrow I'll work, maybe put up some new blinds, bake a loaf of bread. Sunday more of the same. Maybe go see a movie?
posted by msali 14 August | 20:07
We're out in Long Island for the weekend for a family thing. The beach is pretty but it's very weird here.
posted by octothorpe 16 August | 08:30
Took an excursion from Brunswick to Rockland on this train. Really fun, plus time to spend looking at the ocean.
posted by JanetLand 16 August | 08:46
Deep Philosophical Question -- can a baby elephant not be cute? || Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions