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06 March 2015

What's going on? How the heck are ya?[More:] I'm pretty good. Still fighting off illness, which, WTF? I've been sick for two weeks. This current crud is pretty mild but I am D.O.N.E. Also see: snow. Over it. Stop ruining my life, bad weather.

Wish I had brought more lunch today, I'm hungry. May need to go out to the carts and find myself a nice donut. Mmm, donuts.

Had a job interview yesterday, for a position with a different department in my same company. The new department had to give my department the heads up, so everybody knows I'm looking, which is so weird? They're supportive, though, and say they want to counter if I get an offer. Nice spot to be in. I don't know if they could match it, though- the other job has stuff this one couldn't match, like being in NJ so I don't have the cross the bridge every morning, and my own little office.

Grad school going well- semester is practically half over! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'll be a master at the end of the year....

On the schedule for the weekend: Chinese takeout, toddler swimming lessons, trip to IKEA for a toddler bed, church
Doing a penultimate show with one team tonight, final show with another team tomorrow. Which means auditions for a new team on Sunday.
posted by Eideteker 06 March | 13:37
All is well here. I'm in the first couple of weeks but on track with my training schedule for a half marathon in mid-May. I've been bringing lunch and fresh fruit/nuts to work and that is solving the urgent desire I was feeling to feast on cookies and chocolate. And I quit alcohol for February and find now that we're into March I'm not feeling much interest even in my favorite, red wine. Work is fine and fairly calm.

And on the agenda for this weekend are an early afternoon with some shopping/advance cooking for next week this evening, sleeping in and errands and a run and maybe a movie with the tomorrow, and a trip to Eastern Washington for an overnight to get set to tour one of the prisons there on Monday, which should be interesting and educational if not uplifting.
posted by bearwife 06 March | 14:19
Movie with the Bear I meant. It is making me crazy that my Mac wants to insert my email address everywhere.
posted by bearwife 06 March | 14:21
At the moment I am trying to turn insane language into sane language. Complication is that I know squat about the subject matter. My brain hurts.

Otherwise, all is as well as it can be in this neverending winter.
posted by JanetLand 06 March | 15:06
I've just come back inside from cleaning snow off my car and out of my parking space. I did a pretty good job (I think) even though I did leave some snow piled up at the front of my car and slightly spilling onto the sidewalk. Oh well. I also spread a wee bit of illicit ice melter around my tires for future use. (The condo association supplied 2 buckets of pet safe/metal stair safe ice melter at the beginning of winter which has been long gone. I didn't spread my stuff around a huge amount since it's not good for pet paws, but I figure if it's just right around my tires and not a huge amount that it might be okay.)

I also checked my oil and windshield wiper fluid and changed my wiper blades. Oh yes. And I got my mail. And took out trash and recycling.

But now I'm upstairs and have a load of laundry washing and am so not interested in doing anything else today.
posted by sperose 06 March | 15:53
Managed to leave the dome light on in the car overnight so that the battery was dead when I went out this morning causing me to be two hours late for work.

Heading out for a happy hour farewell to yet another co-worker who's leaving. This place has some amazing churn. You'd think that those wonderful 2.4% raises would keep people happy.

So fucking sick of cold and snow that I could scream.
posted by octothorpe 06 March | 16:28
Yesterday was such a tease: springlike. Today was more than 30 degrees colder. Please, weather, be nice already ....

Working a bunch. Only playing catch up on laundry and vacuuming in small spurts. I've even resorted to fast food a couple of times.

Cat is lonely without her kittypal. I may have to get my cat a pet but I cannot see doing that till I have a wee bit of time off and I really don't need another expense. But at least another needy kitty would have a home ...
posted by mightshould 06 March | 19:06
Stewing a little. Wishing I could drive to Colorado or somewhere similar and leave everything behind. "Everything" meaning my low-paying job, my old but healthy parents, a few friends, and familiar places. Wishing I had some money or some kind of help to do such a thing... maybe in summer I can take a couple weeks off and just drive.....
posted by serena 07 March | 00:02
It's been a funny old week. Lucy gave me a bit of a scare on Monday/Tuesday, with a bad episode of vomiting clear, foamy puke. She wasn't eating or drinking and was very listless. I had to syringe water into her mouth to stop her dehydrating so her kidneys wouldn't start to fail. The vet couldn't find anything wrong and 24 hours later, she was back to normal. The vet thinks she might have trodden in fox poo and given herself a gastric upset by licking it off.

Work is stressful - change upon change, and some headless chicken management from higher that's impacting on those of us lower in the pecking order. But my immediate colleagues are great, particularly one woman who I really get on well with.

Last night was the Piano Bar 5th anniversary. A really good, fun night. But a guy I work with turned up. This is the third social event I've gone to that he's shown up to, and he's a bit creepy. I made sure I sat with a group of friends and didn't engage with him other than a brief hello. He left early, so I then felt I could relax.

I didn't get to bed until 4am and so woke up at 11am. So the day's nearly gone. But it's warm enough that I think I'll be able to dry my laundry outside, for the first time this year. Yay!
posted by Senyar 07 March | 08:53
Ha. Serena, I'm in Colorado with my son, daughter-in-law, and unbearably sweet grandson. Packing stuff up for the trip back East, stopping to visit family on the way, esp. since I can't really go home while there's 3 feet of unplowed snow at the house. Looking for a job and looking forward to getting home to Maine. Will miss my son, daughter-in-law, and my grandbaby. Rocking a baby to sleep, and holding a sleeping baby are really the best.
posted by theora55 11 March | 17:32
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