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15 January 2015

Tips for using a ceramic knife? [More:]One of the cooler Christmas gifts I received was a ceramic chef's knife from my son and his girlfriend. It's a fantastic new kitchen tool, but I'm a bit unsure as to how to take care of it.

I already know all about using it on a receptive surface, like wood or plastic, so that's covered. And, I keep it hand-washed off, and store it in the nifty little cage that came with it.

Today, as I was preparing garlic for dinner, I used the ceramic knife as I would my other knives. I put the flat of the blade against a clove and struck down with my hand against the blade. Nothing happened, but I immediately though about how fragile ceramic knives can be if handled wrong.

So...Could a ceramic knife break if subjected to the sort of use I put it through in smashing the garlic clove? Did I dodge a bullet, and should never do that again? Or are ceramic blades sturdier than that?
These guys say that was a no-no. However, I find that garlic crushes nicely with just pressure on the blade, without whamming it.
posted by JanetLand 16 January | 15:51
I'm a long way from my gourmet kitchen days (and expensive kitchen stuff) but I always think of kitchen knives as work horses for everything from butchery to bludgeoning. Manslaughter aside, a knife that could shatter lives in the world of impractical things I don't want to clean and am afraid to wear outside.

I always wondered how you kept one of those safely. I don't know what a knife cage is but my mental imagery is delighted.

Is it super cool and expensive?
posted by ethylene 16 January | 19:39
The knife cage is just a ventilated plastic sleeve that slips over the entire blade to protect it while not in use. I just called it a cage. Sleeve or protector is probably more accurate, I guess.
posted by Thorzdad 18 January | 09:01
I meant the knife. Was pretty positive my imagining would far outstrip any practical "knife cage."
posted by ethylene 18 January | 16:36
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