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05 January 2015

I just deleted Candy Crush Saga from my phone. [More:]no-one I know in real life has any idea how much time I spent playing that damn game over the past 18 months. Now I am free!!! And a bit ashamed.
I'm more of a Farm Heroes Saga girl myself - but my phone is prehistoric and too slow to run games, which is probably a good thing. Instead I'm running it on my iPad, and only use the lives I'm allowed for free. I never use any of my gold to buy extra lives. I find the five lives I get each play are sufficient for a bathroom break ...
posted by Senyar 05 January | 12:29
I still get stuck on solitaire from time to time.
posted by JanetLand 05 January | 14:02
I dumped Blast from my IPad and think Cascade and the slot machine games my husband got me hooked on are next. I am liking returning to my magazines and books and logic games instead.
posted by bearwife 05 January | 14:49
I felt the same way when I deleted it- I'M FREE! Great feeling.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 January | 15:16
Almost everyone I know has one or the other of those games that have captured them and none are giving them up as far as I know. Y'all are the rare examples.

I'm glad that I've never fallen for those pastimes .... my greatest time-sucks are the Metas and reading books.
posted by mightshould 05 January | 16:02
I keep ignoring the persistent 'invitations' from friends to play that and other time-suck games in Facebook. I just know that, once I start, I'd never be free from them.
posted by dg 05 January | 16:52
Eh, there are worse ways to fill in time while waiting for something. I play candy crush, but happily manage to keep it to a few minutes at a time (maybe use one or two lives?) until I get bored. But I do pick it up several times a day.
posted by gaspode 05 January | 17:10
I got rid of it because I was so frustrated that I'd started paying money. By which point it means absolutely nothing.

My husband is still playing. 700-something.
posted by Madamina 05 January | 20:32
Candy Crush made me so mad. It was just that game. I did plenty of the other time suckers for as long as they were fun- Angry Birds, 2048, FarmVille (I had a hell of a farm; it kept me company when my husband was living in Philly and I was lonely).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 January | 22:43
To be clear, my ignoring invitations from people to play Candy Crush (and others) is only to do with me - I know that I would end up spending ridiculous amounts of time playing them because I have one of those 'addictive personalities'. I certainly don't judge others for playing them.
posted by dg 06 January | 04:23
I don't feel judged (I judge myself a lot, though!). I never connected it to Facebook so have definitively lost the game now, as progress was saved locally. The problems started when I downloaded the other games - Farm Heroes, Candy Crush Soda - so there was always another game to play when the lives ran out on one...

It was okay for the first six months of my son's life when I was on the sofa feeding him much of the time. But now I'm re-entering the adult world, it had to go.
posted by altolinguistic 06 January | 06:42
I used to play CCS constantly on my wife's phone. Then I got better, and haven't touched in almost a year.
posted by Thorzdad 06 January | 08:33
On my iPhone 5c I put all my games in a folder labeled Business Opportunities.

I play New Star Soccer: Saminho is TGOAT.

I also play Ascension: Chronicle of Something-or-Other against three computer players a lot. They are a snake named Waxxon, a dog named Kabosu, and a bird named Hoots.

Smash Bandits Racing is quite fun. I'm working on making my Hennessy Venom gold.

Of course I play a lot of cribbage too, and Conquist, which is duded up Risk. Star Traders immersed me for a month or so and will again, to be sure. Auralux is just beautiful. I played Dun Hun 3 and World of Tanks too, but they both become a grind if you don't splash out for upgrades.

The best phone pastime for me is Marvin. I love reading ebooks on my phone. The form factor is ace. I'm eleven books deep into Honor Harrington right now.
posted by Hugh Janus 06 January | 09:25
The only game and only thing I ever paid for was Words with Friends until last year, and I completely blame games for my trigger finger. I'd like to take a moment to bitch about Farms Heroes, which I think was the first thing I got. It was stuck and buggy so I thought I'd redownload it and I lost all my progress, so I've been fighting back through it with this profound deja vu and ass pain, but the most irritating thing is that it keeps trying to connect to Facebook whenever I open it.

I personally find the voice on Candy Crush creepy and it was the last thing I got because Candy Blast Mania takes an hour to refill a life. Candy Blast Mania is a lot like pachinko in that it's making these merry noises as things just fall into place and I don't think I made any effort in how to play until around 300. Any game you can't earn your way through is a rip off. I'm enjoying Candy Crush Soda and Jelly Splash has possibly solved it's disappearing coin problem.

There's this familiar feeling of being high on pot, I find, when I'm curled up playing games while something I don't pay much attention to is playing, this lack of focus and short term memory buzz of flitting between cute things and pleasant sounds. When I can focus, they lose their appeal, but I stopped playing any type of games that need immersion to do well because I found the transition kind of jarring and the time and effort seemed like a huge waste when I feel more accomplished by doing other things. Figuring out puzzles always feels more worth it as I can do more in building a character or a world outside a game, but puzzling something without a clock or opponent is nice, esp. when there are pleasant sounds. I played some type of bejeweled game online just because of this crunchy glass sound it made.
posted by ethylene 06 January | 12:45
I play New Star Soccer: Saminho is TGOAT.

I play NSS off and on until my player gets too sad to play well. My current player, Cash Robot, isn't very good but I like to think she's a pioneer in the sport.
posted by mullacc 06 January | 15:24
Yeah, I love the way when you play as a woman every team in the world becomes coed. Sometimes you can catch your coach forgetting your gender in post-match commentary.

Coed Japan won the World Cup twice with Atsuhime Shimazu as captain.
posted by Hugh Janus 07 January | 08:18
Class in the US (pdf) || Pandas in the Snow.